UPDATED WITH VIDEO: Norwalk woman expected victim

She left a detailed suicide note.
Joe Centers
Jul 1, 2013


Authorities believe a body found in a van consumed with flames on Lovers Lane early Sunday morning is that of a 33-year-old Norwalk woman, who apparently committed suicide, Erie County Sheriff Paul Sigsworth said.
The owner of the van, Roberta L. Vick, 17 E. Willard Ave., hadn’t been seen in about a day, he added.
Sigsworth said investigators located a license plate in the debris, and learned the vehicle’ owner’s identity.
Sigsworth said while authorities believe the person, who has yet to be identified, committed suicide, Erie County Coroner Dr. Brian Baxter will rule on the official cause of death —  a process Sigsworth said “will take some time.”
Sigsworth said deputies called the Norwalk Police Department, who contacted the suspected victim’s parents. Authorities were granted permission to search the home and found a suicide note on a living room table.
The “very detailed” note  contained “some indication that she intended to kill herself and how she intended to do that,” Sigsworth said.
“It’s consistent with what we found on Lovers Lane,” he added.
When asked about a possible motive, Sigsworth said the note referred to “personal issues.” Sigsworth said NPD records indicate the woman has made prior suicide attempts within the last nine months.
The body will be sent to the Lucas County Coroner’s office in Toledo for an autopsy.
The Huron County Sheriff’s office received a 9-1-1 call at about 6 a.m. Sunday from a passing motorist who reported a vehicle on fire in the Milan state wildlife area. Firefighters from the Huron River Joint Fire District and Milan Township Fire Department responded. It was then determined the incident happened in Erie County.
Erie County Sheriff’s deputies responded. Sigsworth said initial signs pointed to a homicide — the body was in the back of the Ford Windstar minivan, the vehicle was “completely consumed” and the license plates weren’t visible. Sigsworth added that based on the level of heat and comments from the first people on the scene, that an accelerant might have been used.
Sigsworth said officials from the state fire marshall’s office, who responded, will send samples of debris found to the state arson lab. Technicians there will try to determine if traces of an accelerant are present.



Read my comment above-what is your primary motivator of talking trash about her after she;s dead? Make yourself feel better? I'm fully aware of her personal problems and I know she wasn't a saint. but seriously is your point to bringing up all this crap? Make her kids feel worse than they already do? To convince us she had her personal demons she'd been fighting for a while? For what purpose do you continue to do this? Are you really that insecure with yourself? Didn't you read what I wrote last night? Or you just don't care about how this is affecting her kids as it is? My daughter and I were talking yesterday because she knows I've gone through severe depression before myself and someone's child had the b***s to say to one of the kids a very cruel and just downright evil comment concerning her mom and what happened- was that your child, because I'm seeing the apple not falling far from the tree. Again, why do you feel it's necessary to continue making these comments? You don't feel anything for her children or family- if you did, you would just STFU about it already!


happyfeet I am gonna respectfully bow out of this peeing match thank you very much for your spirited comments obviously you know more than anyone, maybe you should have reached out maybe you could have helped unfortunately everyone was de-sensitized long ago and her death came as no surprise it was just a matter of when.... I am for the kids lady thats why I am soo mad at her for not doing everything she had to do to make it right with them.. You are simply making excuses dont kid yourself...... no more from me pray that the good lord saves your friends soul


I didn't know her, I do know her kids. My spirited comments weren't a pissing match -it was me calling you out on your comments. Whether they were true or not, there was no necessity to share them with the community.As for me knowing more than anyone, no I don't but I do feel compassion and heartbreak whenever I see another person lost like this. If I would've known her then yeah I probably would've made the effort to help. I understand your frustration and anger but sharing all the negative things about her after she's gone(which alot of people do on here).... what's the point? I just can't do that. Whether everyone who knew her thought it was only a matter of time etc. Well I guess I'm just different- I'm not that kind of person.And I'm not making excuses, I have no need to, I was offering an explanation from personal experience,which you obviously have no understanding of what it's like to be that effed up in the head- good for you.


No matter what issues this poor woman had with her life, it is still a tragedy that it to end, especially the way it happened. People!! think of her kids, mom and dad and family. Think about what they are feeling- yes she probably did hurt her kids and family but now they will never get the chance to see her again.


Looking at all the negative comments about this women absolutely makes mewant to vomit. Let this woman rest in peace. Let her family grieve without seeing all this trashtalk. Has she really done something so bad to you personally?.

swiss family

I did not know her personally, but I have to comment on how cruel and selfish some of the comenters are on here. Think about it... think of how she died... do you think that it would be horrendously painful, and devastating... now realize that she thought that of all of her options, that way would be the best.Obviously she was suffering, obviously she was in that downward spiral, where she got down to a point in her life where not only did she think that this was her best option, but ,I have to believe that she felt that this way would help strengthen her loved ones, because she obviously felt that she was not worthy to live another day. Some foolish people see this as being selfish, I disagree, I think it is sometimes the most selfLESS act that a person in a state of confusion can do..I think she honestly believed that she was lost and maybe even felt that she shamed the family by her flaws, so she was trying to "right" a "wrong" that lived in her head.it is difficult if not impossible to try to make sense out of the thoughts and actions of someone in so much distress, I am saddened that she could not find the right path to the help she needed, and I hope that those affected by this tragedy will learn from this, and seek the help they need to cope with her loss. I just really wish that the commenters would be a little bit compassionate and try not to make this awful time, MORE difficult for them.


"Some foolish people see this as being selfish, I disagree, I think it is sometimes the most selfLESS act that a person in a state of confusion can do..I think she honestly believed that she was lost and maybe even felt that she shamed the family by her flaws, so she was trying to "right" a "wrong" that lived in her head."

Thank you for saying this. Not every act of suicide is a result of the person being selfish. Sometimes, as in the case of my own father, the person sees themselves as such a burden on those they love most and they truly do see their act as one of love. It's completely backward from the way people with healthy minds think, which is where all this anger comes from. Difficult to understand the mind of the mentally ill.


@SWISS FAMILY.......... you would think it was selfless.. she took the cowards way out... just like several in the past couple of years has... just plain selfish!

swiss family


Kottage Kat




Suicide is very selfish especially if you have children and family. I don't care how much pain she was in. Now her kids are motherless. The family is left to pick up the pieces.


And maybe, just maybe she didn't feel like she was doing her kids and family any good. Who the hell knows what was in this poor girls head. You are right Swiftshot, her kids are motherless and in pain, but also maybe Berta was thinking in her own way. We will never know.


I am so sorry to the children of this woman. I couldn't imagine your pain! God bless you all and I hope you can pull through this rough time. As for the rest of her family I am so insincerely sorry for your loss. Hopefully your loved one found what she was looking for.. May God be with you now more than ever! <3


As for the people posting the hateful and unnecessary comments.. I hope you feel better about yourselves as well.. You seem to be in need of attention or conversation, not really sure which, but either way.. Thanks for your input on the matter. God bless you also!


How dare anyone say that she is selfish!!! Until you have been there you have no right to sau that. Roberta was my cousin and i can tell you now that she was a good person. No, i am not saying she was perfect, but then again nobody is. Judge not lest ye be judged. If any of you that are commenting in a negative way have ever done anything wrong in your life or something you regret than please keep your comments to yourself. I know this is hard on my huaband and i, so i cant imagine how her kids feel. Rest in peace, berta and happy fourth of july to her kids and the rest of the family!!!


I have been there. My kids and my family kept me going. I recieved help. I will say again, it was selfish to leave her kids behind to pick the pieces up. Don't think for one second that I don't understand wanting to give in.