Cruiser crash remains under investigation

Sgt. Todd Corbin has not returned after accident.
Scott Seitz
Jun 29, 2013


The investigation continues into a Huron County sheriff’s cruiser crash early Wednesday.
According to a report from the state Highway Patrol, which is handling the incident, Sgt. Todd Corbin was traveling eastbound on Ohio 162 when his cruiser swerved to avoid striking a deer. Troopers said the cruiser traveled off the right side of the road, came back on to the roadway, went off the left side of the roadway, coming to rest in a field.
The crash took place about 1:55 a.m.
Corbin was transporting a Berlin Heights woman who had just been arrested at an Ohio 99 traffic stop near Holiday Lakes by Deputy Shannon Lyons.
Lyons was transferring a separate prisoner from the same traffic stop.
Corbin and the woman were treated for “bumps and bruises” at local hospitals.
Maj. Mike Cooksey is handling the internal investigation of the crash.
Officers removed the diagnostic modules and an air-bag sensor from Corbin’s cruiser on Friday. By reviewing these devices, troopers can determine if the air bag was deployed, seat belts were used, brakes applied, and possibly how fast the vehicle was traveling.
“We willingly allowed the patrol to remove those items,” Chief Deputy Ted Patrick said.
It hasn’t been determined if the car is “totaled.”
“We haven’t gotten an estimate yet,” Patrick said. “We should have that by early next week.”
Sheriff Dane Howard said the patrol is conducting a complete crash reconstruction, which could take up to three weeks.
Corbin has not yet returned to work after the crash.
“Other deputies will fill his shifts, most likely on overtime,” Patrick said.
Corbin’s cruiser was a 2007 Ford Crown Victoria and had 172,000 miles at the time of the crash.
Neither Corbin, nor the prisoner, had been interviewed about the crash as of Friday.
Patrick said deputies do receive both field and classroom driver’s training.
Corbin’s personnel file was reviewed Friday after a public records request and did not contain any information regarding his driving, but it did indicate he needed to improve in the area of drug enforcement. It also stated he received two unpaid weeks off work in early 2013 due to a Dec. 14, 2012 incident where he used profanity against two supervising officers.



Two weeks off for swearing at superiors. I bet the miltary would not have tolerated these actions! In order to get two weeks off from a county job this must have been pretty serious...


Not at all. Other employees of this office have done far worse without two weeks off.

Gun. Disappear. Accusations. Denial. Reappear. Vindication.
Bus run over.


Silence or rid those that dare to question.


Corbin arrest you or embarrass you in front of your girlfriend or something? Don't measure up? Or are you just another relative of the bus?


Seriously, your comments concerning Sgt. Corbin are indicative of a personal vendetta or something along that line, not the sincere concern of a member of the community. So, basically all you ar doing is making yourself look like a jacka** and providing me with a LOL each and everytime I see your screen name. Thank you for that! LOL


"Take me to the brig, I want to see real Marines." Opps forgot you don't own a Navy Cross like Corbin or Chesty. Therefore you can ** ** *****.


Amen brother


See it for what it is, Corbin is a credible threat in the next election. Whether he wants it or not it sure does look like some folks at the SO are going to great lengths to get rid of him before then. The command staff at the SO has no military experience and are threatened by those who do and have been out of the fish bowl that Huron County is.
I don't have a dog in this fight but if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and talks like a duck........


The man is a hero. Like it or not. He has done more and seen more than most. For you sorry sob's to sit here and bash him for swerving from a deer is just pathetic. He has saved many American lives and for you to just act like its nothing is pathetic. WTF you ungrateful pieces of crap?! Freedom isn't free and HE has paid the price to give you the freedoms that you so comfortably enjoy to be able to bash him like you do. Maybe you should move to the other countries that would track you down and inprison you for speaking bad of those in authority. You people make me sick. Sometimes those that are superiors deserve to be sworn at when the superiors are in the wrong and the subordinate is tryin to bring them to their senses. Especially when the subordinate has been through more than his superiors!


They aren't his equals - they are less. They exist because hard men destroy s*i*t. They are parasites existing off those who work & support a system. They are weak. Mustang.


I don't usually bother to comment on most articles but after watching Todd Corbin for years and seeing a person I can truly respect I take personal offense to seeing him shown disrespect. I am glad to see that there are others willing to stand up and be counted in support of an honorable person. Thanks.


It's very frustrating as a Marine to have to listen to idiots that have never put their life on the line in defense of others criticize those that have. Especially when that person is defending the one doing the criticizing. In my opinion, these idiots that think they know exactly how they would react in theses exact same circumstances should actually go through these exact same circumstances so they would know how they would react and then so rate to have criticism should they react in a better manner. Otherwise, stfu.

Scranton Tibbs

I served. More time than most. kURTje, please stop. You're making the rest of us look like uneducated jackwagons. Appreciate you wearing the hoo-rah gear and being proud but your're overdoing it. Take a break bro.


Apparently Todd Corbin is the proverbial martyr.


Todd Corbin has a lot of friends because he earned them. He is not asking anyone for anything. He can stand on his own accomplishments. Not many in HCSO can do that. I would think HCSO would take pride in having him as part of their team. He worked to get Dane Howard elected. If I needed backup he would be my choice. This railroading issue is a real big disappointment.


Major Mike Cooksey???????? when did he get re-hired and why?????


Yep retired and rehired, double-dipper along with Ted Patrick and possibly one or two more that I only heard as a rumor. If memory serves, I thought when Dane Howard ran against Bracken he said he was against double dipping?

Major and Chief, titles come with big raises. Why not retire those positions if there was always the claim of no money? Regardless, the positions and money are very small concerns when you have Corbin and the other exceptional employees being railroaded out.


double post sorry


What CoopersHawk72 said + more. Contact me if you want more documentation.


I sincerely hope that Todd reads the crap some people are posting about him and is laughing his a$&@ off. I've had the pleasure of meeting Todd many times and its always been a great experience. He is charismatic, caring, professional and above all: HONORABLE. The fact that he may have cursed at superiors, oh well. How many of you have had the urge to do so, but were too chicken s"@$ to do so. Carry on Todd and get back to work safely!!!


There has been more comments on this the last 3 days than I've ever seen! And you can tell what a** holes live in the community by their comments! Corbin is a good cop and a respected member of the community. Why the hell bash him for wrecking a cruiser? He didn't shoot himself in the leg, shoot someone in the foot, or let two murderers go on their way! He didn't even block the road off with his cruiser and kill a speeding motorcyclist for speeding! Let it go! It was a freaking deer!

unknown user

i hope corbin has a speedy recovery and get back on the force i have and stil have no problem with him or 3 other officers he needs to get back in the force it dont matter he did one little accident i would of did the samething this officer is my hero and always will be he is one tough officer who wont stand for all this b,s abd all the mean comments its not about what he did wrong its about speedy recovery and get back on board and be thankful he still alive til this prayers go out to corbin and his family for him to have a speedy rcovery


I have never heard anything negative about Corbin. In fact, he has a reputation as a fair, honorable, and brave man. I wish him good luck.


Indeed he is, too bad the admin at the S.O. doesn't feel the same as you or I.


Sgt Corbin is a hero who served his country. Avoiding a deer elicits this kind of vitriol against someone who defended the rights of the moronic to be their true selves? really?


I have personally known Todd for over 30 years. He is about the only person I would even trust from that Sheriffs Office. He is as trust-worthy as they come. I have nothing but respect for Sgt. Corbin. He has always been fair to me over the years, unlike some others from that office. Why is everyone bashing him on here? It's not like he was texting while he was driving and about killed two innocent motorists. What did that other deputy get when be blew that stop sign out there on Miller & Egypt Rd's anyways? Now, he should have lost not only his job, but his licence as well!! All Todd did was try to avoid a deer, he did not break any laws!! This was an accident, plain and simple. Get better soon Todd, we need real cops out there like you!!!


I'm sure he is great guy rom everyone I have heard from and read...just tell him to watch out for the BIG layout in the Sandusky Register...known for throwin good guys under the bus!!


SERIOUSLY?? Matt isn't ALLL over this?? After all it's related to LE??? He hasn't hung him in front of ALL colleagues and even those that don't know difference? Hang on..he'll smell the blood and be on it QUICK!! Just breathe a sigh and will be in SR and Matt will be a hero in his own shorts AGAIN!! So sad for the situation....but work it out before MW gets s hold of it cuz ...then it's NOTHING but rhetoric for the rag!