More drug related arrests made at Firelands Manor

Pair of women accused of being heroin dealers.
Scott Seitz
Jun 28, 2013


A pair of Lorain women were arrested Wednesday afternoon at the Firelands Manor mobile home park -- the location of a number of drug-related arrests this week.

Sarah E. Crabtree and Katherine R. Frioud, both 24, are in custody at the Huron County Jail.

Frioud was charged with trafficking in heroin, while Crabtree faces a complicity to trafficking in heroin charge, both fourth-degree felonies.

"They were both out on bond from Lorain County for possession of drugs there," Huron County Sheriff's Detective Sgt. Josh Querin said.

"They both advised us they had their home raided in Lorain and a substantial amount of heroin and crack was seized a month ago," he added.

"Today (Wednesday), they thought they were selling drugs to individuals in Wakeman," Querin said. "But when they arrived in Wakeman, they were stopped by authorities from the sheriff's office and Wakeman police."

Firelands Manor is located at 5810 U.S. 20.

The arrests took place at 2:14 p.m.

"They were taken into custody and found to be in possession of several doses of heroin," Querin said. "Along with syringes and spoons."

Officers seized the vehicle during the operation and Querin noted police will file for forfeiture of the vehicle through the court.

Huron County Sheriff's Detective Eric Bardar conducted the investigation.

"I'd also like to thank Wakeman Chief Tim Hunker and all the members of the sheriff's office who assisted," Querin said.

Sheriff Dane Howard said he and command staff also assisted with the arrests due to the fact the suspects were from Lorain and could provide a "higher threat level."

"Detectives Querin and Bardar did a fine job with the investigation," Howard said.

Howard said if county residents notice drug activity in their neighborhoods, call the police.

"When that occurs and they call, it normally ends in a positive result," Howard said. "Sometimes it takes a little bit of time, but we need the residents' help. We're calling out to folks who know about these drug problems to contact us."

Two other arrests were made at Firelands Manor this week.

Elizabeth Lee, 26, of Lot 151, was arrested and charged with possession of heroin, while Christopher Hembree, 31, same address, faces a possession of methamphetamine charge.



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