Man faces meth charge; child removed from home.

Second Wakeman resident arrested in drug investigation.
Scott Seitz2
Jun 27, 2013


A second arrest has resulted from a Huron County sheriff's office drug investigation of a U.S. 20 residence in Wakeman.

On Wednesday, Christopher Hembree, 31, of 5810 U.S. 20, Lot 151, was arrested by deputies and charged with possession of methamphetamine.

"It was found in the residence and he (Hembree) made admissions to abusing methamphetamine before," Detective Sgt. Josh Querin said.

Hembree was transported to the county jail.

"He was cooperative," Querin said. "No meth-lab equipment was recovered, just the suspected meth (residue) and smoking device."

On Tuesday morning, Elizabeth Lee, 26, of the same address, was arrested and charged with possession of heroin as she allegedly drove to Lorain and purchased heroin. She was stopped by officers as she came back into the village.

Querin said Lee permitted a search of the residence on U.S. 20.

"Inside the residence, we found a number of drug-related items such as marijuana-smoking devices, marijuana and a suspected meth-smoking device with residue," he said. "There were also prescription pills."

Lee and Hembree's 7-year-old daughter was with Lee at the time of her arrest Tuesday.

"Children's Services took custody of the child," Querin said.




Wow they look really healthy. Why would you do this to yourself. And your poor child. When will you wake up and care about her and her needs.


If you want to mess up your life, fine . . . but the child deserves better.


He looks like one of the guys from the Lollipop Guild in the Wizard of Oz.


& the parent of the year award goes to....

Windy, I completely agree. If an adult wants to mess up their lives, that's fine... that's their choice to make. But to have drugs & drug paraphernalia around your kid? Come on. What if the child would have gotten a hold of something and put it in her mouth?

Not to mention, taking your child, who's SEVEN years old, to go buy drugs? At that age, they're very curious, so they're going to ask what's going on.. and eventually, they'll figure it out. Way to set an example for your very impressionable child.

...I hope the child ends up somewhere safe, since the mother can't provide a safe and stable living environment.

Yall Make Me Sick

These 2 should be poster children for what drugs can do to you.....

Cause to me I'd def wouldn't be going near them IF this is what you'll look like after words. Good Lord if you want to mess up your life that's your choice BUT give the child a chance at a good life for Pete's sake. If you perfer being & looking strung out all the time don't put this child through hell because your only thinking of yourself. Do something right & give this child A FIGHTING CHANCE.


Gee he looks like he needs to see a Dermatologist for his face, and his teeth are probably decayed from the METH Why do people not face reality and understand what METH is and what it does to their bodies