Deputy crashes cruiser

Sergeant and prisoner taken to hospitals after wreck.
Scott Seitz2
Jun 26, 2013


A Huron County sheriff's deputy and prisoner were injured early Wednesday in a one-vehicle crash on Ohio 162 near Mill Road in Greenfield Township.

Sgt. Todd Corbin was transporting Telisha M. Washington, 24, of Berlin Heights, from the scene of a traffic stop at Ohio 99 and Greenfield Road when Corbin's cruiser exited the roadway to avoid striking a deer and crashed.

"We don't have many other details about the crash," Sheriff Dane Howard said. "The state Highway Patrol is handling the incident. Chief Deputy Ted Patrick has been assigned the internal investigation."

The crash took place about 1:55 a.m.

The Highway Patrol reported Wednesday Corbin was traveling eastbound on Ohio 162 when his cruiser swerved to avoid striking a deer. The cruiser traveled off the right side of the road, came back on to the roadway, went off the left side of the roadway, coming to rest in a field.

Charges are pending, according to Trooper Bryan Dail's report.

Corbin was transported from the scene by troopers to Fisher-Titus Medical Center where he was treated and released.

Washington was taken to Mercy Willard Hospital by Willard EMS where she was reportedly treated and released.

"They had bumps and bruises," Patrick said.

Washington was originally a passenger in a vehicle driven by Jeremiah D. Brogan, 24, of Collins, which was stopped by Deputy Shannon Lyons at Ohio 99 and Greenfield Road.

During that traffic stop, Brogan pulled his vehicle into a residential driveway and he and Washington attempted to flee on foot, Patrick said.

"The male subject, Brogan, was ordered to the ground and did not comply," Patrick said. "So, he was taken to the ground and apprehended.

"Washington fled as well and was found about 20 yards away," Patrick said.

Corbin arrived to assist with prisoner transport.

Brogan was charged with operating a vehicle while intoxicated, speeding, failure to comply with the orders of a police officer and obstructing official business. Lyons transported him to the county jail.

"We're having the damage evaluated to the cruiser to see if it can be repaired," Howard said. "Overall, we're thankful. This could have been a whole lot worse."

Washington was charged with disorderly conduct by intoxication.


Everyone is fam...

The more I think about this story the more I'm wondering WHY this girl got a lil ticket when she tried to flee? I don't know the girl personally but I know some girls who do and they've described her as a train wreck. Again, I don't know her. But if you're in the back of a police car, you most likely messed up. Friends on facebook are encouraging her to sue and asking about the dash cam because she claims she didn't see a deer. #1 you were drunk off your rocker. Of course you didn't see it. #2 If you do sue and get rich quick, you are a drunk and you'll piss the $$ away. You got some bumps and bruises. Ask for your medical bills to be paid and don't be a greedy leech. #3 Dash cams don't run unless they are ticketing someone, pursuing someone, or on a call of some sort.

And I can't believe the nasty things posted about Corbin on here. He's arrested many people so I imagine there are a lot of butt hurt people that can't wait to voice their opinions.


The comments section is nothing but a cesspool of ignorance. I can imagine, those sitting around their Rent-A-Center laptops, like vultures around road kill, foaming at the mouth and waiting to comment on any story that will make their own miserable existence seem worthwhile.

Any MAN who served his country, laid his life on the line to rescue how many Marines? 5? CARRIED OVER HIS SHOULDER.... deserves just a little break, hmmm????

Oh but then again, it is MEN like Corbin who sacrificed themselves so the scumbags of America can sit anonymously behind their computer and spew out all the free speech they want.


Why in the world would the HCSO want to push Todd Corbin out? I have known him since grade school. He is a living testimony to his own credibility. I voted for Dane Howard because Todd Corbin wanted me too. We are lucky to have him. I am positive he would have no problem securing another job if he wanted to leave Huron County. I certainly hope he doesn't. I would sincerely hope he runs for the office. He will have my vote and many more I am sure. Also, if you
have never had a deer in your headlights you have no right to pass judgment. I have swerved and braked many times because of my reflexes. It happens so fast you don't always think: "now what should I do?" You just react. Todd Corbin deserves nothing but respect in my book. Can't say that about some of the others!!!


Completely agree, and I too voted for Howard, in part because of Todd's backing. Big mistake and I will never make that error again. Now Corbin, like some before him (Annette/Bob Mclaughlin, etc) is being run over by the bus. I hope Huron County doesn't lose him either but I would not blame him for leaving the S.O.


If Corbin were to run he'd garner many votes. I was reserved about Howard...but because of Corbin's contemporaries I voted for him. Later I regretted it. btw. Dane I know M.W. He can tell you about me.


Corbin as a sheriff...that is one scary day for the citizens of Huron county!


Todd Corbin should be our sheriff, who else has the Respect, and Integrity, and cares for his fellow human being more than a man who is a decorated war hero.. It can not be any more frightning than Dane Howard, who has shown his true colors,to our citizens, his employees,those who stood by him, only the blind,deaf,and really stupid voted for him in this last election. Just watch his groomed nephew Josh Q be our next sheriff. Heaven Help Huron County!


Bingo! Well put :)


Just read in the reflector edition today that after a review of Corbin's personnel file that he received two weeks off for swearing at his superiors. Sounds like a real professional guy to me....NOT!


You sure do have it in for Sgt Corbin don't ya? You keep making a fool of yourself with your comments, the two weeks off for swearing is a big enough story as it is, if the details were known all would know how you just embarrassed yourself.

Go find a mirror, and repeat: I cannot hold a candle to Todd Corbin. I never will. But that's OK, cuz I'm good enough and smart enough to stop making a fool out of myself and get a life of my own.
Come on, you can do it! :)


If Todd Corbin got 2 weeks off for swearing at his superiors I would like to know just what the reason was that made him lose his temper?
Am sure there is a whole lot more to this story to cause Todd Corbin to swear. He is a good man and deserves respect for the service to his country, his county and each and everyone of us. So OK Reflector now what is the rest of that story?


You are exactly right. There is much more, and Sgt. Corbin is being unfairly treated to say the very least.

lol as if this paper will ever say anything against the S.O. and its administration, never gonna happen.


Gun. Disappear. Accusations. Reappear. Denial. Vindication. Bus run over.


That Bus is taking a real bad turn if it has Todd Corbin in it's sites. Sounds real low-down.


See most don't know about Chesty. Most never had a set. Most are weak. Peter cursed & denied Christ.

Scranton Tibbs

kURTje...take a break're making the rest of us look like hilljacks. set....Come on man, I used that line in the 90's w my boys. I identify with your service, but please stop embarrassing The Corps.

R U Kidding me

I have very little respect for the police dept or I should say there system. If he is not charged I will have no respect at all for law enforcement. whats fair is fair. I have been ticketed for reasons that I should have not have been. and he deserves this one as well as the county should be sued