Deputy crashes cruiser

Sergeant and prisoner taken to hospitals after wreck.
Scott Seitz2
Jun 26, 2013


A Huron County sheriff's deputy and prisoner were injured early Wednesday in a one-vehicle crash on Ohio 162 near Mill Road in Greenfield Township.

Sgt. Todd Corbin was transporting Telisha M. Washington, 24, of Berlin Heights, from the scene of a traffic stop at Ohio 99 and Greenfield Road when Corbin's cruiser exited the roadway to avoid striking a deer and crashed.

"We don't have many other details about the crash," Sheriff Dane Howard said. "The state Highway Patrol is handling the incident. Chief Deputy Ted Patrick has been assigned the internal investigation."

The crash took place about 1:55 a.m.

The Highway Patrol reported Wednesday Corbin was traveling eastbound on Ohio 162 when his cruiser swerved to avoid striking a deer. The cruiser traveled off the right side of the road, came back on to the roadway, went off the left side of the roadway, coming to rest in a field.

Charges are pending, according to Trooper Bryan Dail's report.

Corbin was transported from the scene by troopers to Fisher-Titus Medical Center where he was treated and released.

Washington was taken to Mercy Willard Hospital by Willard EMS where she was reportedly treated and released.

"They had bumps and bruises," Patrick said.

Washington was originally a passenger in a vehicle driven by Jeremiah D. Brogan, 24, of Collins, which was stopped by Deputy Shannon Lyons at Ohio 99 and Greenfield Road.

During that traffic stop, Brogan pulled his vehicle into a residential driveway and he and Washington attempted to flee on foot, Patrick said.

"The male subject, Brogan, was ordered to the ground and did not comply," Patrick said. "So, he was taken to the ground and apprehended.

"Washington fled as well and was found about 20 yards away," Patrick said.

Corbin arrived to assist with prisoner transport.

Brogan was charged with operating a vehicle while intoxicated, speeding, failure to comply with the orders of a police officer and obstructing official business. Lyons transported him to the county jail.

"We're having the damage evaluated to the cruiser to see if it can be repaired," Howard said. "Overall, we're thankful. This could have been a whole lot worse."

Washington was charged with disorderly conduct by intoxication.



@77...If you were 10% of the person that Officer Corbin has been in his life, you'd be considered one lucky person. Total coward you are.


jump77 really? How does his Veteran staus apply here? Let me guess in your mind you think he saw a Taliban Deer and swerved to kill the Taliban Deer? (you say loose canon) Get a life. People like you who have no clue what combat is like. Just a Simple minded scumbag who has lived in Huron county all their life talking down on a Marine and his service to the USA.


I can smell a lawsuit from the passenger.

called out

Corbin is a wonderful man and I'm so happy he is OK. and to the idiot who says he needs evaluated because hes a "loose cannon" get a life. I have known corbin for years and have had many conversations with him, he is a wonderful man, police officer, marine, husband, and father. So in other words shut your face tool bag.


I predict the crash investigation will prove that he was driving like a maniac...


Maybe she was giving him a "hand?"


Hope he does not have to go back to Certain-Teed to work :)


The county should file a law suit against the people they were transporting and chasing. It was their fault the deputy was traveling that road when the accident happened. I know things don't work that way but it sure would be nice if it did....


No the lawsuit should be filed against Corbin who was operating the cruiser at what I predict will be exceeding the speed limit. The taxpayers will end up paying for this, but it should come out of Corbin's paycheck.


If the idiot he was transporting wasn't being an idiot to begin with then he would have not been on that road at that it's HER fault he wrecked and she should have to pay for it.

Sitting In The ...

I want to see the dash cam video ....


Well that could clear alot of things up. I vote for the Reflector to get the dash cam.


Dash cam videos are not running 24/7. Only at a traffic stop or when they are chasing someone.

Sitting In The ...

I would think the way technology is they could store GB's of video in case something like this happens and it erases every month or so. Just have it turn on when the car turns on that way you can verify his story. I mean what if something happened while the cameras off what good is it?


I have dealt with Corbin and I have never seen him as a loose cannon. He is a fine deputy one of my favorites. Jump77 have you been arrested by him and that is why you dislike him? I have had police officer friend get evalutaed just because of thing they have seen or because they had to draw a weapon on someone. Evaluated doesn't mean your a nutcase

Yall Make Me Sick

Jump77 is a "LOOSE CANNON" buddy your just off the wall. You have no proof of anything your saying. You prolly was arrested by Corbin & now your all salty! His "military" background has NOTHING to do with it. Your just trying to nit pick on someone who has authority cause you just can't handle you've been prolly been arrested by him before! Get over it dude!


Horvatich was a war hero, it messed him up


Was Horvtich the Norwalk cop? If so, I heard the something. Anybody that thinks Corbin is normal must be on drugs....guy is ready to snap at any given moment


Officer Corbin is a great guy. Jump, since you are so irritated by this incident, I'd say that YOU are the loose cannon.


And as usual when law enforcement is involved in the headline everything becomes a personal battle of the postings, on personal opinions and who believes they have the most important thing to say. But let me just say this, first and foremost, we should be glad everyone's ok especially Sgt. Corbin. I've stood with him in a stack and I know the caliber of man he is, despite the fact he does drive by the seat of his pants...its just his nature. However that being said, stating that someone would be just be "decapitated" by a deer strike under what I assume would be normal driving conditions is absolutely absurd. A vehicle would have to be operating at extreme speed with almost laser like precision to even hit a deer with enough force for this to occur. Taliban deer R truth


If most in L.E. had a fraction of Corbin then they'd really have something. Loose cannon? You are a **** ***.


Maybe what we should be looking at is the laws and citations given when accidents occur. I hit a deer once and was not sited, yet my brother was barely moving on black ice, went in the ditch, and received a reckless operation citation.

Some of the comments do make it sound like somebody's kid wants his job.




Big people talk about things,little people talk about people.It is a unfortunate reaction to try to avoid an animal.


Show some respect.

Todd Corbin
Lance Corporal, United States Marine Corps

For Services as Set Forth in the Following

For extraordinary heroism as Medium Tactical Vehicle Replacement Driver, Weapons Company, 3d Battalion, 25th Marines, Regimental Combat Team 2, 2d Marine Division, II Marine Expeditionary Force (Forward) in support of Operation IRAQI FREEDOM in Hadithah, Iraq. On 7 May 2005, enemy forces ambushed Lance Corporal Corbin's platoon using a suicide vehicle borne improvised explosive device, rocket-propelled grenades, and machine guns. Instantly, three of the four vehicles were severely damaged and eleven of sixteen Marines suffered casualties. Lance Corporal Corbin immediately repositioned his truck directly between the enemy and many of the wounded. He radioed the situation to the battalion and leapt into the enemy fire, directing Marines to engage and marking targets. He ran to his fallen patrol leader, threw him onto his shoulder and carried him to safety while firing at the enemy with his off-hand. He re-crossed the kill zone, made his way to his fallen corpsman, bound his wounds and began carrying him. As he began to move, the enemy engaged at close range and Lance Corporal Corbin threw himself on a wounded Marine and shielded him as friendly machine gun fire suppressed the enemy. Organizing Marines to suppress and repel the ambush, he then, on five occasions, ran through enemy fire, recovered dead or wounded personnel, and returned them to his truck. When the casualties were loaded onto his heavily damaged vehicle, he activated its emergency systems and drove it out of the kill zone and through the city to a battalion aid station five miles away. Due to his heroism, no Marine lost his life after the initial attack. By his outstanding display of decisive leadership, courage in the face of heavy enemy fire, and utmost devotion to duty, Lance Corporal Corbin reflected great credit upon himself and upheld the highest traditions of the Marine Corps and the United States Naval Service.


I've read this account several times, and each and every time I get goosebumps. Thank God for soldiers like Corbin and all our military; our freedom and history is so under-appreciated anymore that it breaks my heart.


I agree.


Wow magine that a pig avoidin a deer. Its normal you all need to watch the outdoors channel and quit scrotumnizing


Some day you may squeal and be glad to see that pig !


I won't get into any issues that I have with people thinking they're above the law or getting treated like thus, but I will say this...Maybe, just maybe, the fact that Telisha looks like a "bearded lady" could have distracted him enough to cause him to swerve. He just was so dumbfounded/ scared/ etc. because he had never seen one before, he just lost control. Really, I think that he just blamed the deer because he didn't want to admit that he'd never seen a "bearded lady" before... NR, you lose my respect more and more everyday.