Humane Society checking whether feral cats killed by poison

Authorities investigating whether someone violated Ohio’s animal cruelty law.
TNS Regional News
Jun 23, 2013


The Humane Society of Ottawa County is investigating reports that feral cats in Lakeside are being killed by poisoning, which violates Ohio’s animal cruelty law.

At least two cats have died under suspicious circumstances in the past several weeks, said Humane Officer Matt Koser.

The Humane Society is waiting for the results of necropsies to verify how they were killed. In order to be able to charge anyone for animal cruelty, necropsies must be performed on each deceased cat that is found to prove that it was poisoned, he said.

“Otherwise they could be dying from feline leukemia or something else,” Officer Koser said. “The average lifespan of a feral cat is about two years, maximum.”


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How about we poison the heroin dealers? If you you kill a cat they fine the he** out of you, yet the heroin junkies poison our kids everyday and nothing happens....


I agree... I agree...


Wow, that was a stretch.......what? Stay on topic please.


Re: "Stay on topic,"

Why? You didn't Cupcake. :)




Here kitty, kitty, kitty..want some Prestone?


Leave the feral cats alone, the coyotes love 'em.


got money to give dead feral cats a death check, but no money for our American soldiers supplies???


Keep an eye on the guy that lives in a big yellow house between Jo&Ed's and Bouscay....he likes to shoot cats!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, he shoots them in city limits!! Hope they catch that A-hole some day and he gets his...


If you kept your cat in your house, you wouldn't need to worry about it. My dog is in my house or on a leash and has NEVER BEEN SHOT!


Hey! Watch us in Sycamore! If your cat comes into my yard, it is fair game. Keep it on a leash or in your house. I hope he shoots more of them!! If it's your "pet", then treat it like one! I have no sympathy for your cat. Tough.


The amount of money wasted on feral cats is absurd! Autopsies, are they serious? They are so concerned that someone has committed animal cruelty by poisoning these cats, but the cruelest thing we do to these animals is to allow them to breed into outrageous numbers. A while back I remember reading that Norwalk wanted to do a catch spay and release program for feral cats. Now what the hell is the point of that? There is no quality of life for these feral cats on the streets, why would we waste our tax dollars on spaying them and releasing them? They should be euthanized. Everybody and their mom has kittens for free from spring to fall, it's ridiculous. If these people are concerned about their 'pets' then they should be responsible pet owners by keeping them indoors and having them spayed or neutered. We have a gross overpopulation issue and perhaps someone decided to take it into their own hands. If the humane society wants my support, perhaps they too should try to do something to counter this overpopulation. And before anyone asks, I am an animal lover. I have adopted a dog, and a cat. But I'm not foolish enough to believe that there are loving homes for all of those unwanted animals. Something needs to be done.