Teen girl accuses boy of rape

Edison High School student reportedly drove to his parents' house and made fellow student perform sexual acts on him.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Jun 21, 2013


Prosecutors will review the rape allegation of an Edison High School student.

Detectives with the Erie County Sheriff's Office have interviewed a 16-year-old boy accused of raping a teenage girl multiple times at his family's Milan Township home, Chief Deputy Jared Oliver said. The girl's mother reported the allegations Monday.

"This matter has been investigated and has been referred to the prosecutor's office to see if criminal charges are warranted," Oliver said.

The girl reported getting a ride with the boy in May while under the impression they were going out to eat. Instead, the suspect reportedly drove them to his parents' house while they were away and made her perform sexual acts on him in his parked car near the residence, according to a deputy's report.

Oliver said the suspected incidents happened over the course of about the last six months.

"They are high-school age. They both are students in the Edison school district," the sheriff's spokesman said.

The girl said she didn't report the alleged rapes because she was afraid and didn't want the suspect's friends to harass her, according to a deputy's report.


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Written by "Norwalk Reflector Staff"....meaning "We know better to put a story like this in the paper...BUT!!!!...we're trash and we're going to do it anyway".


huh? was it at the teen's home or near the teen's home? which is it?? what I do not understand is if this happened the first time, why in the world would the girl go back to the same person knowing what he did to her the first time (if this is really what happened..or is she just afraid what her parents would do if she just "was with this boy in an intimate" situation and is just saying he "did this to her"... dont make sense to me to go back...


I agree. If it happened the first time, why would you be ANYWHERE near him again?

Kottage Kat

Seems like Edison girls " just wanna have fun".


Wonder if the girl is now pregnant and now told her parents she was 'raped'.

Estrella Damm


tell it how it is

So what she REALLY means is she was fooling around with this boy and her parents found out. And Edison girls have been taught to just claim its rape so you don't get in trouble, who cares about the boys life right? !?!

Going off of BlueAngel, if this girl was being forced, she would not have gone back. But he'll probably get charged anyways because no one wants to call a female out on being a lying whore.


I just don't understand this. Rape is a very serious and life changing accusation to make if it didnt really happen. Over a 6 month period? Why keep going back? Makes zero sense and reeks of BS.


As Judge Judy would say.. " If it doesn't make sense, it isn't true"


Until this boy is charged this shouldn't even be in the paper...if it is found out that this is just "regret sex" is the paper going to print a retraction and denouncing the person who made false accusations? No. Never happens. Sounds like someone got caught having sex and made up a story to me, and if it comes out that the girl is lying her name should be printed and she should be charged for filing a false police report.


@itsnotme...........I agree... she should get charged with filing a false report if this did not happen!


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I didn't call anyone a name simple explaining what the difference between a whore and a slut was and a whore does get paid hell, look it up in the dictionary.


For some reason this story can not be believed , or we arent seeing the rest of the story .
there are comments on here that make solid points , and the main one thats on everyones mind , is why keep going back to him for 6 months .
It tells me that the girl can not be telling the truth cause even if she did not report it till now , then why keep going back for more abuse ?
And now the sad part about it , the boy is going to have to prove it didnt happen or that she was willing , or he is going to rot in jail and be labeled a pervert or child raper . And the girl that made this happen is going to get off with anothin but pitty and attention . Even if the boy is cleared , , NICE WORLD WE LIVE IN , ISNT IT ?


Sounds more like this: They dated/hung out for 6 months and he broke up with her. Then she decided to get even by accusing him of rape. Sounds like a Psycho in the making


Sounds like a friends with benefits thing to me then he went a found some better benefits. Girls HATE to get dumped! Deal with it, guys have to!


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Yall Make Me Sick

Pretty sure his lawyer doesn't want the world to know yet that.... "He will get out of the charges cause he has proof in text messages". Just saying. You don't want to give her (or her lawyer) anything to one up him on!!


I don't know either side of the story, but I do think it was unnecessary for the newspaper to provide such in-depth detail into an investigation. Regardless of which person is telling the truth, until someone is charged, all that was necessary was to perhaps say an allegation was made and being investigated. No need to mention exact ages, addresses, schools, or any of the unnecessary sensational details.

Whether this incident is based on fact is immaterial. This sort of reporting will make all women think twice about reporting any inappropriate conduct. And that makes me sad. And if these allegations are unfounded, it makes me sad that this young man's life will be unfairly impacted forever, too.

swiss family

of course if you use "logic" it all seems so simple and you can blame the victim and boast that she wanted it, and just because she got "caught" she is crying rape. The problem though is, that in cases like this, "logic" goes out the window. I am sure that you have all heard that rap is not about sex, as much as it is about "Power" and "control", and that is why it does not seem "logical" to most people, but I do NOT think that blaming the victim if appropriate

Lets just look at the 10 year long horror that was just exposed in Cleveland... those 3 girls were held captive for 10 years.. Have you looked at that "pip squeak" of a rodent the guy is who held them captive???? do you really think that it came down to being big enough or smart enough to keep them locked up?? No he Controlled them... they obeyed him, look at Elizabeth Smart.. she went out publicly with her captor, she could have run, she could have escaped.. but she was under his CONTROL...so she stayed quiet and captive..

I am just saying. that if these allegations are false then I agree the girl's name should be exposed, but I think it might be too early and might be too close minded to blame what appears to be the victim at this point..


come on swiss.. stay on this story.. has nothing to do with a 10 yr power control trip.. mommy i had sex with him.. he told me he loved me.. my heart is broke.. he used me.. he raped me...


Not sure you can compare the two. The girl in the story WILLINGLY was getting in is car for a ride...KEPT in touch with him numerous times....she could have chose NOT to get in his car. The girls in Cleveland were CHAINED to a wall.


I agree- I'd hate to have these people on a jury if a girl was date raped. WTF! So automatically if she puts herself in that situation then it's not rape? How about everybody waits and sees what exactly happened and think that some of the details in the article aren't exactly accurate?


The first time, yes I could agree that date rape MIGHT have been an option....if she KEPT GOING BACK WILLINGLY....sounds fishy to me.


If she willingingly put herself in the situation more than once, then I am going to have an extremely hard time believing it was rape. Does that make me close minded? No I don't think so, I think it makes me realistic. I think it is probably WAY more likely that 1) her parents found out; or 2) they did it and he told people and she got PO'ed; or 3) he was just using her for sex and then dumped her. Any one of these scenarios makes way more sense than she went willingly to his house on numerous occasions to be raped...that to me makes absolutely NO sense.


Pure and simple.. Guy meets girl... fool around.. girls falls in love and falls for every line boy says.. boy breaks girls heart.. mommy he had me have sex.. the end.

swiss family

oh how I wish that life was all so black and white as so many of you think it is... Let me just say, that there are certainly differences between this story and the 3 girls in Cleveland story, BUT there are many similarities as well..

If you would talk to anyone in the mental health profession, they will re-enforce that rape is about control.. so no matter if she was free to come and go, if she was controlled, and again that is what sexual offenders do, then you will never understand what she went through...and also to anyone who might be in a similar situation right now, you can bet, that they will allow this to continue endlessly, because the small chance of hope that people would be willing to protect them, and save them from their hell, is dissolved, by all of the Highly intelligent peers" who do nothing but blame the victim...I am sorry, but unless you know what that control is like, or personally know someone who has been controlled like this,then you really have no clue what you are talking about, and are causing this type of control to go on, because of the lack of compassion for the victim, and barely any blame put on the rapist...in my opinion.. I could be wrong about this, but I have talked to many people in the similar situations, and have also talked to lots of sexual aggressors as well..


@swiss family........BULL!!! please....

swiss family

B H K with your 7th grade education, you would never understand this

Concerned For A...

Agree BlueAngel! My daughter was sexually assulted by my 17 yr old brother, she 15. She didn't tell me for a long time because she was afraid of tearing apart our family...BUT...I had noticed her acting weird anytime he was around, and she quit staying the night over at my moms house. So this story to me is very fishy. She didn't have to keep going with this kid..she chose too. That in my mind makes me suspect one of two things..Either he was sexually assulting her, and she is mentally handicapped<~~(sarcasm)..or he didn't want to hook up with her anymore and it pissed her off. I'm really curious to see how this all unfolds..


swiss??? are you in the mental health field or are you just "mental"? we all could be wrong about this but... it just dont sound right!