Storms rip through area

Storms ripped through the area early this morning, causing serious damage in Wakeman.
Aug 25, 2011


Storms ripped through the area early this morning, causing serious damage in Wakeman.

Bellevue schools were on a 2-hour delay, while Edison Local Schools closed today.

(NOTE - To see pictures of storm damage, click HERE.)

The line of thunderstorms rolled through the Firelands area right before midnight to about 2 a.m.

The National Weather Service had issued a tornado watch and then later a severe thunderstorm warning calling for winds up to 75 mph.

Norwalk city streets and properties are littered with tree limbs and debris and power lines were visibly down as of 8 a.m. today.

In Monroeville this morning, tree debris could also be seen on the village streets.

The storm featured lots of lightning and 0.28 inches of rain, according to the Norwalk wastewater treatment plant.

Jason Roblin, Huron County Emergency Management Agency director, said this morning he didn't have any confirmed reports of tornadoes, but did receive a call from Wakeman fire about some serious damage in that village.

Many trees and utility poles were down across the northern part of Huron County.

The (Toledo) Blade reported that a tree fell on a trailer at Huron River Valley Campground in Milan Township. The trailer was occupied, but no one was reported hurt. The worst-hit areas of the county were in its eastern end, Berlin and Florence townships. Trees and utility poles blocked State Rt. 113 east in Florence Township.




Did anyone get the County Text Alert that we signed up for on this storm? I got a operational test earler in the day but nothing for this storm. I'd like to think if we're going to have this system that they would use it properly.


Same here. What good is the County text alert if it only sends you a test message, but not a real storm alert.


I wondered what was going on, I got the test alert in the afternoon and no text, no email and no phone call before or during the storm. Maybe they do not send the alerts at night but to keep us safe if is is 3am I do not care I want woke up by that text or phone call. Man the storm was wicked.

Kottage Kat

I got the test alerts( Phone, text and e-mail), however nothing about the storm. I am going to call tomorrow and check to see why I did not.


A tree fell and smash part oh the fence at whitney field! BIG mess!


I also didn't get the text alert. I think earlier yesterday I got a confirmation one, but none concerning the storm. Usually they are pretty good about that.


Text alerts. LOL! Look out the window!


No way. People are to lazy to do that. Instead of actually looking at a forecast or the radar before they go to bed they want to get a text so they don't have to lift a finger. How did humanity survive before cell phones and texting? 95% chance for sever thunderstorms that night....took less than a minute of my time to find that information out before I went to bed.


But, moving the Cheetos bag aside to pick up the phone is a lot of work! LOL!


I was just say'n if you sign up for a service you'd expect it to work, even if it free! And you know it's costing the county something so we're actually pay'n for it one way or another.


Oh I dont disagree with that point. If its a service it should work. I just dont think people should rely on that stuff. I check the weather forecast every other day just to get a heads up.


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Ahh the name calling continues from the little internet tough man. Missed the point pal, but hey ITS YOU!!!!!!!