Essex: Now is the time to update airport master plan

Previous master plans have become outdated for various reasons, board member says.
Scott Seitz2
Jun 24, 2013


Huron County Airport Authority board member Carl Essex says it's crucial to update the facility's master plan.

"For decades, the airport authority has submitted to the Federal Aviation Administration various versions of a number of master plans and corresponding updates, some with, some without co-sponsor approval," he added.

These master plans become outdated for various reasons (such as) acquisition of property, actual utilization of the facility by the aviation community, prevailing area wide economic conditions, local economic conditions, airport finances and changes in use of or demands upon the facility, according to Essex.

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The Essex of Success! Thank you, Carl, for keeping an eye on things out there. We have the potential for a great facility, and with the right management, more people will know about it.


Much to the chagrin of certain commissioners, and Bill Bader, Jr., the excellent work of Carl Essex, and the rest of the airport board, is going to result in a successful Norwalk airport far into the future! Bader can forget ever getting his hands on the airport. Thanks Carl!


You gotta be kidding. carl is working hard to make way to turn over airport to Bader. Don't swallow all this propaganda this paper puts out. There is way more going on here that does not get reported.


Airport smairport. Do what is best for the populace.


Gee,a pessimist and a optimist on the same subject.Now I know how the people in D.C.get elected !


Why does the NR keep reporting on what ESSEX says? Who cares about him? He isn't the president of the airport board, only a "civil disobedient" crony. Essex can't even mow the lawn like he promised he would and now he is going to single-handedly update the master plan? Good grief! Essex is a pompous blowhard who likes to hear himself talk . . . a total "rectal outlet".


Essex as usual is all mouth and nothing else. You can't help but follow his antics if you reside in Norwalk. He raves about the airport needing a new Master Plan, when a perfectly logical plan exists, and that was a 20 year plan approved in 2007. It addresses safety issues needing attention, and leaves room for infrastructure expansion to help the economy. Don't be fooled by this bafoon who claims to be the answer to the financial woes of the airport. Hell, he is nothing but a slum lord, and a chronic county tax delinquint who can speak for hours, but saying nothing. He can't even keep the facility mowed. He was on the board for 2 years and did everything he could in the background to make sure NOTHING got done. He is worthless to everyone except the NR who he apparently writes for.


For three years the commissioners refused to sign for the grant money to deal with matainance and improvements. The last two years the matching funds were covered by donations from the local community who use the airport. Now Essex claims the airport board didn't work with the commissioners! That is an outright lie, it was the commissioners who refused to work with the board.
The grant funds would have payed for the work needing to be done at the airport and it would be done now.
I was there last weekend and walked out to the area Essex was supposed to be removing stumps from and not only are the vast majority of the stumps still there but so are large boulders (in excess of 3' diameter). The stumps already have new trees growing out of them which wouldn't have happened if the stumps had been removed as planned with the grant funds last year.
The ponds that are to be filled in have concrete post anchors sitting near them as well as piles of dirt.
The grass Essex volunteered to mow this season has yet to be mowed. It is 3' tall and you could have an army hiding in there without it being seen.
Essex has failed to complete the projects he takes on including the one for the commissioners of sabotaging the airport finances although he IS STILL WORKING ON THAT ONE.