Willard resident outraged about neighbors 'terrorizing' the elderly

Woman: "It seems like the criminals have all the rights and my elderly neighbors have none."
Aaron Krause
Jun 19, 2013


At least one local family is not only not respecting elderly neighbors but “terrorizing” them, Willard resident Valerie Shaw told council members at their meeting Monday.

“I have never called the police this many times in my adult life,” she said.

Shaw said the incidents have been happening since early December.

Shaw said one of her elderly neighbors is 92 years old. She can’t even walk to the home of a man who needs care without being harassed, Shaw said.
“It’s ridiculous,” she said.

Shaw also said youngsters yell at her and lie down in front of the woman when she tries to mow her lawn. They have made the woman, who has health problems, “more of a nervous wreck,” Shaw said.

“It seems like the criminals have all the rights and my elderly neighbors have none,” she said.

“Have your neighbors called the police?” city manager Brian Humphress asked.

“They’re scared,” she replied.

Willard Mayor Todd Shininger, however, said they’ve called him.

Shaw said Willard police have handled the situations to her satisfaction and told her to keep calling them if incidents happen.

Humphress said even if police step up patrol in the area, they can’t be their “24/7.” He also encouraged Shaw to continue to call police. He added he will talk with Willard Police Chief Mark Holden.

“We’ve got to take care of this immediately,” Shininger said. “Really pay attention to this; this is serious.”

A June 12 report indicates Clark stated “the neighbor kids are in the yard playing while the resident is trying to mow her yard.”

According to a report dated June 16, Shaw reported “four young girls have been stealing pavement bricks from the neighbors and taking them to the back yard of the above location.”

Another June 16 report indicates Shaw requested an officer “as one of the juvenile’s mom is yelling and making threats toward her.”

Police declined to release the suspects’ names because they haven’t been charged. They also declined to release additional details, since they’re investigation the complaints.



Go Val!!!


Where are the parents of these hoodlums????? Why are hoods not charged with trespassing? Something NEEDS to be done. It will only get worse.


??? hoodlums themselves???... male and female hoodlums reproducing on the entitlement produced America.


ladydye_5 who do you think taught these kids to act this way. Also leading the way at times. Way to go Val! You keep sticking up for these citizens. You have a lot of attention now and I bet it ends REAL soon!


Glad to see someone trying to take action against these hoodlums and their no good parents. Helping our elderly community! Great Job, now if we had more people like Val in this town!


Why not put their names in the paper so everyone can start harassing them.


Sounds like the good kids of Willard need to find out exactly where this is taking place. I know mine would take care of this in a heartbeat.


OK it sounds like some vigilante justice would be awesome at this point. Maybe towards the parents of these individuals?? I can't believe that these ignorant juveniles are not charged with anything yet.

People, when will the victim have more rights than the pieces of trash that commit the crimes!

To these particular scumbags and their parents....beware because someone might just take the law into their own hands!

Wake up and smell the stink!!


Turning the tables for a couple of weeks might do the trick.


What is that saying?? "Great minds think alike"


I would say its time for some good ole a$$ whooping...Get some kids close to their ages and have them get their a$$ beat. That's the problem, people cry they gonna call the cops if you punch me..Pffft, when I was growing up, I good a$$ whooping would of taken care of this..End of story, n live your happy life on Wisteria Lane =)


Although these "good neighbors" REALLY deserve a taste of their own medicine, unfortunately it will be those who serve that medicine who would be ultimately punished . . . and these scumbags know that. In fact, these "pillars of the community" are probably counting on retaliation so they can sue whomever violates THEIR rights.

Val, you keep calling the police! Maybe the other neighbors in the area will step up and call whenever they see things happening, too. The police need all the evidence they can collect in order to build a rock-solid case against these degenerates.

Cliff Cannon

My vision of the future just got a whole lot brighter. Thank-you most of all Valerie Shaw for showing inspiring leadership with such great courage.

Then, to my fellow bloggers, I for one can not remember ever having so many comments, I agreed with, can you ?

So thanks for the common sense solutions and here's hoping our good thoughts turn into good deeds. For how else will we ever take our country back ?


Get a group together, form a circle around elderly lady, with the punks around, everyone faces out toward them and keep repeating :

"Ring around the rosey **

Keep the lady cozy


WE will break your nosey

With a rubber (cement) hosey" .....

** courtesy of "Beach Party" ... circa 1963

;] ;] ;]


Remember when kids were taught to respect their elders? Pepperidge Farm remembers.


I'm sure if she got together with Rich Myers of Bestway they could come to a conclusion collectively on how to solve this. They've worked together in the past to solve crimes (even though Judge Ridge dismissed the charges :( ). Keep up the good work Val!


Val you could contact area on aging, or call a local Nursing home and they can give you info who to call. these people could be charged with ELDER ABUSE