Sen. Sherrod Brown says visa reform should press employers to hire American first

H-1B visa program allows businesses to recruit foreign workers to fill positions that require a specific skill set.
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Jun 19, 2013


American jobs should be offered to qualified  isAmerican workers first, Sen. Sherrod Brown said Tuesday.

Brown, D-Avon, championed the H-1B visa program to reporters, but with an amendment that would require employers to hire American workers before seeking visas for foreign workers.

“The H-1B visa program can help U.S. employers find qualified employees,” Brown said, “but we have to make sure foreign workers are not hired at the expense of American workers.”

The H-1B visa program allows businesses to recruit foreign workers to fill positions that require a specific skill set. The L-1 Visa Fraud and Abuse Prevention Act of 2013 would require businesses to first offer a position to an equally or better qualified American worker before seeking a visa for a skilled foreign worker.

“We know how important immigration is to our country,” Brown said. “America is built on the work and the dedication brought by a constant, 200-year influx of immigrants from around the world. But we need a common sense approach.”

Brown, who is co-sponsoring the amendment, said he has attended immigration roundtables across the state to hear the opinions of green card holders, employers, advocates, detractors and recent immigrants.

“There is pretty much unanimity that system is broken and something needs to be done,” he said.

The solution has many faces, Brown said, including “a clear pathway to citizenship for people, securing borders by using better technology, focusing on cracks in national security cracks, preventing identity theft, and cracking down on employers who hire without documentation.”

Support for the amendment is vast and bi-partisan, he said.

“Americans overwhelmingly support this common sense plan,” Brown said. “This will mean more Americans with technical expertise working in good paying jobs. I believe this bill will pass in the senate with strong bi-partisan vote, which will send a message to the house that they should also act. I have no doubt that it will pass if it goes to a floor vote.”

While the amendment specifically protects just high-skill jobs, Brown said he expects the impact to be much broader.

“Our amendment only applies to those higher tech workers, but the legislation overall I think will upgrade wages for these workers and others,” he said. “The whole point of this bill to me is that American workers are hired to upgraded wages and that employers follow the law. I think that is what this legislation does.”


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I for one do not believe a word scary sherrod says. The immi/jobs/gov entitlement etc.. problem will have just begin. Besides he just voted against a bill to keep Americans out of the united nations arms treaty which if had passed would have required ALL Americans to register all small arms and ammo with the United Nations and join the one world order..The End Game.. He wants to be in charge and part of the ruling class PERIOD as does the whole bunch, rep or dem. If in power (ruling class) when we join one world will mean the end to our freedom as we know it. No need to vote it will all be set.king and queen. If you think i am making this up look at history, power is always the end game. read a paper, get your head out of the sand.. Problem to many people getting too much stuff from government at others expense now to even care about what will happen. But soon it will effect EVERYONE. It has got to stop. Heck even look at the way America has bent over backward to help make illegals comfortable. Everything from affirmative action, then political correctness. Now basically taking over our government officials which last i knew were to represent Americains first. Ask yourself who would get the job, the break, the tax credit.??? and all the while most Americans are worried about who won American idol or that gays can be married. Enough. I can't type as fast as my brain moves. Besides if you don't know a thing i am talking about, you would just be the kind to roll your eyes anyways.

No s_IT sherlock: Made in USA SAVES USA + ,,, DUH


What's Sen. Brown's opinion on NAFTA, CAFTA and the WTO?

Wonder if he's backing the NEW U.S/EU free trade agreement?

"Obama says U.S. EU free trade deal can boost jobs and growth":


Not that any of your questions deal with the story at hand, but if you had been paying attention, you would know Senator Brown is one of the harshest critics on trade deals.


Re: "Not that any of your questions deal with the story at hand,"

And not unlike his usual wrongheaded racist and protectionistic legislation, the above mentioned Nativist nonsense won't pass in the Senate either.

Looking forward to his 'critique' of the U.S./EU Free Trade Agreement.


Sherrod only cares about Sherrod. He will do or say anything that he thinks people want to hear in order to get re-elected. Just like Essex, Sherrod is all TALK and NO do.


Yea,maybe one can fill both their jobs.Portman is a woos also !We might as well not have Senators,they just cancel each other's bills, in most cases !