VIDEO: FTMC, The Bellevue Hospital combine forces with Cleveland Clinic

Announcement made Tuesday morning.
Joe Centers
Jun 18, 2013


Fisher-Titus Medical Center and The Bellevue Hospital today announced an affiliation with Cleveland Clinic's Sydell and Arnold Miller Family Heart & Vascular Institute. The affiliation will bring world-class heart care to area residents and provide greater access to Cleveland Clinic’s academic, clinical and research best practices in cardiovascular and thoracic care.

“While each organization remains independent, the affiliation with Cleveland Clinic’s Heart and Vascular Institute strengthens all elements of heart and vascular medicine and thoracic surgery to provide the highest level of cardiovascular and thoracic care to the six-county region served by Fisher-Titus and The Bellevue Hospital,” said Patrick J. Martin, president and CEO of Fisher-Titus Medical Center.

The affiliation is the result of a comprehensive study and assessment of the current level of cardiovascular and thoracic services available to residents in the two hospitals’ service areas, according to both Martin and Michael K. Winthrop, president and CEO of The Bellevue Hospital.    The study, which began over one year ago, revealed a need for expanding these services to provide a higher level of care for area residents in their own communities.  Since then, leadership teams from both hospitals have been working with Cleveland Clinic officials to develop a program to meet those needs.

“This is another great example of the long-standing relationship between our two independent community hospitals working together on initiatives to benefit our patients and communities,” said Winthrop.  “In the past, Fisher-Titus and The Bellevue Hospital have worked together to recruit specialty physicians in pediatrics, urology, neurology, and plastic surgery who serve patients in both our service areas and at both our hospitals. This new affiliation provides us the opportunity to bring word-class heart and vascular care and a comprehensive thoracic surgical program to our patients.”

The two hospitals serve a combined six-county region which includes Erie, Huron, Lorain, Richland, Sandusky and Seneca counties.  This affiliation brings these communities four new physicians and Cleveland Clinic’s best practices and reputation in heart and vascular care.

See full story in Wednesday's Norwalk Reflector.



Cleveland Clinic is the best heart center is the US so why would you want to go to Firelands? I work for Firelands and would go there for some minor issues but I would choose the Cleveland for the best care possible for my heart because they are ranked number one. For women's health they are ranked number two in the nation and I would go there for anything serious as well. My health deserves the best and I am willing to travel for it. I live a lot closer than many who travel from all over the world to access the superior medical care of the Cleveland Clinic so I think this is a very good move by FTMC and Bellevue Hospital.


Those with disdain for FTMC, can you get more specific with your statements? I've checked some & could not find any glaring issues. (State ratings, write-ups ,etc.)However because of my location we are un-decided with whom to make our health care provider. My location affords our household more than 1option; unlike most small communities. Thanxs for any info.


I know for me, I tend to do a lot of research before making a health care decision -- I'm a fan of using I like to be informed and like you, where I'm located allows for me to have access to various providers and hospitals. From the research I've done, Firelands has much better ratings than Fisher-Titus...and even in most cases much higher than the Clinic (some of their ratings are horrendous, like orthopedics). I would much rather support a local hospital who has the capabilities and the quality measures to back that up. It seems like FTMC promotes service lines with nothing to back it up. Like they promote surgery, but they won't have the quality measures to back it up (and have you read about all the lawsuits with the DaVinci Robot? Yikes). That's just me, though.


FTMC does have core measures that are followed on every case so I'm not sure why'd you made that comment....?


The study, which began over one year ago, revealed a need for expanding these services to provide a higher level of care for area residents in their own communities.
You are kidding , this is over stated , when they admit people with the condition that I had and was told by Firelands that I needed surgery right away and am sent to Cleveland Clinic just to lay in a bed for 4 to 5 days without any tests I would have to say its very much over stated .When I was told the second time that I would have to have the type of surgery , the CUH admitted me one day and did the surgery the following morning , not to mention when I ask to talk to the clinics Surgon , they refused me , and the cleveland U.H came in everyday to talk to me , they unlike the clinic did not send anyone but the Doctor that preformed the surgery . Now thats totel care , cause if there is anything you need to ask him , you get the response right away and problems are taken care of faster. Thats something the clinic never did . And yes I had questions .. I never got to ask .


That's wonderful,that is just great news that The Bellevue Hospital can pay for Clevenland Clinic Cardiac and Vascular Services, and yet for thier own employees they decided not to put money towards thier pensions. As far as doing procedures at FTMC, the other cardiology groups were limited to what they could do there because of FTMC staffing issues, Not because they didn't want to, it's because when they were wanting to schedule another physician was in the Cath Lab and the Cardiologist was told sorry no can do, lab is taken and there isn't enough staff to run the second lab. Kudo's to FTMC for doing something more than Caths at thier new lab, and Shame on Bellevue for not thinking about thier employees.


CLEVELAND CLINIC!!!! of all hospitals, why them? I wouldn't trust them with my dog if I had one. If you are a celebraty you'll get the greatest care. If not LOOK OUT! I was in and out of there for 16 months. During that time my partial plate got thrown away and my cell phone was stolen. Then somebody had the nerve to call my son to demand 50. to get it back. I went through around 15 surgeries. So much that after one of them I hallucinated! Oh yeah, how many surgeons cut radiated tissue and expect it to heal? I trusted him! Dumb wasn't it? By the time I was done with them I went home while one body part had to stay there. They probably burnt. I'll never get it back again! Another person I know was told her headaches were nothing, she ended up having a brain tumor and died from it! Yes I agree that FTMC needs help with their heart center, but not there. After all I know two people who went there(FTMC) for heart trouble. They told them it was indigestion. Said take Malox, died of heart attacks!


Ive had many patients who have went to the Cleveland Clinic and had great surgeries and would go back in a heartbeat.

Ive had a couple who weren't as thrilled but mainly it was not the clinics fault, it was the patients heart, that after more tests was worse off than expected and they had to have a total redo of the heart. This upset them....and for what reason, I still cannot figure out.


FTMC does ship cardiac cases to Firelands often... Also, in order to get the endorsements to be able to do emergency heart caths at FTMC they need to do a certain number of planned caths in a certain time period which the current cardiology group didn't follow though on. (Although they knew when they signed on they were to meet this number). It is my understanding that the CC cardiologists will be living locally and working at the hospital full time. They are invested in becoming part of our community as well as our doctors, and bring their world renown title and experience with them! I'm excited about all the great things FTMC is doing and can't wait to see how it continues to get better in the future! I don't live in Norwalk but I have always chosen FTMC for myself and my family and now I am proud to be an employee there!!