Wakeman cop guilty of public indecency

WAKEMAN - A Wakeman reserve police officer, who also is a Strongsville youth football coach, will be sentenced Nov. 7 in Berea Municipal Court for two counts of public indecency. Deusenberry is accused of being engaged in an undisclosed sexual activity in a Cleveland Metroparks bathroom with members of the same sex, prosecutors said in local reports.
Cary Ashby
Jul 25, 2010


WAKEMAN - A Wakeman reserve police officer, who also is a Strongsville youth football coach, will be sentenced Nov. 7 in Berea Municipal Court for two counts of public indecency.

Deusenberry is accused of being engaged in an undisclosed sexual activity in a Cleveland Metroparks bathroom with members of the same sex, prosecutors said in local reports.

On Sept. 26, Daniel J. Deusenberry, 26, of Strongsville, pleaded no contest and was found guilty of the two charges stemming from incidents on March 30 and June 25. Court records show Metro Park Police Lt. Mark Carney filed both citations July 25 against Deusenberry, who is married with children.

Former Wakeman Police Chief Don Newbill hired the Strongsville resident as a reserve officer Feb. 11, 2000.

Sgt. Josh Milchen said Deusenberry was placed on unpaid "administrative leave pending resignation" as of July 24. He noted that being a reserve officer means it's a volunteer position.

"(There is) nothing in his file as far as any write-ups," Milchen said.

Current Chief Tim Hunker and Wakeman Law Director Randy Strickler were unavailable for comment this morning.

"If he doesn't resign, my recommendation is termination," Hunker told Channel 3 News.

Channel 3 tried to talk with Deusenberry at his Strongsville home. He declined an on-camera interview, but said he's now getting help for what he calls "deviant sexual behavior."

Mark Hopkins, a parent and the commissioner of the youth football league where Deusenberry coached, didn't know about the man's crime when he suspended him three weeks ago. The coach had failed to get a background check required of all coaches in that league.

"I'll change some things. I won't be as nice of a guy to volunteers, said Hopkins. "I'll make sure they're done sooner than three weeks ago and required before they step on the field."


wtf? yes more p...

What kind of cancer does chief hunker have?
is it bowel related too?

RE pope ottomus...

Was the video taken in the bathroom? Is this a public bathroom? If so how did they get the pictures, it is illegal to put cameras in public bathrooms or dressing rooms.

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he was with pope otomus, explain that one swiss family/gas guzzler/pope otomus, DOROTHY!

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good one..lolololo

Officer for jus...

Where to start? First off the chief does have some problems, they are with the people bad mouthing him. Let’s start with the fact that the chief can only do so much to check backgrounds on officers. If someone is never arrested or convicted then there is nothing in the background to find. Then lets move to the fact that the chief can not control every aspect of every officers life, the officers have to make the decisions on their own. I know that officers are suppose to be above the moral curve, but they are people too and do make mistakes. If you people think you are perfect then lets start looking into your backgrounds and all your dirty little secrets, what might come up? Every person makes mistakes and if you don’t then go be the freaking pope. Second off everyone on here seems to want to know why the chief didn’t fire the guy right away or it was just because the sex was with a guy. Well let’s go first at the fact that someone can not be fired on the spot without “due process.” For those of you that don’t know due process is a little thing that this country hold dear, it says that every person is innocent until proven guilty and that the person has the right to trail and processing. Next point being that no one is convicting him for sex with another man, but he is being convicted for having sex in a public restroom. I am sure they do not have video’s pointed at the toilets and watch people going but I would say that just like every other bathroom there is probably a common area that is not private and was seen. Even if it was in a stall, I don’t think that the stalls in those bath rooms have doors, so if a little child were to walk in then I am sure it wouldn’t be hard to see what is going on. As for using this forum to bash the other officers in the department for their hygiene and appearance is wrong. Are the officers wrong for not presenting themselves in a professional manner, yes. However this is not the place to be airing that out. Like I said they might not be the most presentable however I am sure that if someone looked at you they might like the way you look or smell. Let’s try being a little more considerate about the fact these officers come out to a job where (many of you voicing your opinion) don’t like them. They aren’t getting paid. Topping it off they are doing a job that people often don’t appreciate until the officer saves a life or does something over the top heroic. As for brining back the old chief maybe we should let him enjoy retirement and leave him alone. Appreciating what you have might work much better. Also maybe the reason the Sergeant (yeah that’s how it is spelled not “sgt”) was speaking to the media is because he was authorized to. Not every police chief talks to the media, a lot of the time chief’s designate someone to speak. Finally for all of you that seem so interested in knowing if the chief has cancer or trying to insinuate that he got it for doing something with the ex-officer, there is only one thing to say, IT’S NOT YOUR BUSINESS. If the chief wants everyone to know about his personal life then he would tell you all, otherwise let him alone. Do you people want everyone knowing every time you have a personal health concern or someone in your family, I would say not. The chief seems to be doing a great job with this issue, he is focusing on the fact that the one officer that got in trouble isn’t the only officer on the department. If the chief was to focus on that one officer then he wouldn’t be able to focus on the rest of the daily needs of the department. Let’s think about it, if you have one bad apple in the drawer then do you throw out all the apples? No, that would be a waste. Dwelling on the problem does nothing for the department. If you all think that you can stand up and put on the badge to do the job, then try it. See what it is like get paid nothing, put up with people on the road who don’t like you, then have to listen to you people bad mouth the department too. I would be willing to say that you wouldn’t like it if someone came to your job every day and did nothing but put you down and tell you how bad you are. Appreciate what you have. Some of those officers try their hardest to do the best they can to keep people safe. Which also leads to the “speed trap” issue. Its not a speed trap, there are plenty of signs posted that advise to “reduce speed ahead.” As any state patrol trooper or police officer what the number one contributing factor is to the majority of accidents, SPEED! That’s why the laws are in place to protect people not only from others but sometimes from themselves too. Oh and we will put this out there so that none of you start accusing me of anything, yes I am a law enforcement professional with a university degree and years in the field. Having my attention brought to this situation made me research and leave this comment. Oh and please don’t go so low as to think I am friend of the chief or that I am the chief. I am a person of independent thought and opinion that sees things for what they are.

Well said (Anon...

That was well said Chief, yes leave the men in blue alone!

Officer for jus...

Please read carefully, as it was stated before, I am not the chief of police, although I am a very concerned law enforcement professional. But thank you very much for your words of encouragement to the officers. I would agree leave the men and women alone. I forgot to add at the end of my comment. Thank you to the officers and chief of the Wakeman Police Department for doing the job that many want but few can do and that others think they know. You all do a fine job and in spite of the few that have minor issues you all get the job done.

officer of just...

First of all,chief we all knows its you! josh cant spell and no one else would know josh was "authorized" to give a media statement.
you say that you wouldnt throw away all the apples for one bad one? ok well if you leave the bad apple in the draw you end up spoliing the good apples!so to put it simple for you if you let your officers sleep on duty or ask for females phone numbers for the purpose of a date or sit at the clerks house on sundays for hours then guess what happens you look bad and so does your officers!!!!
wakeman pd is a joke tim and you know it! as far as your cancer statement ,if you dont want in the public eye then you need to get another job!many people already think you should move on! not criminals but the real villagers your joshy-poo harrasses!
you should stand up and act like you have a set and clean house!
people would then maybe respect you!
does josh think we are that dumb to not think its him at 3;34 am ? why are we paying our tax dollars for you both to play online.
hey chief if you had a statement to make you should have made it to the media not josh!
good luck with your cancer, hope it doesnt spread!

Officer for Jus...

Well since you obviously know it all, please tell me how it is? Since you are so set on this being the chief. Although I might not be the chief, it seems like you know a lot about the situation. How is it that you seem to know so much? It doesn’t take much of an education to know certain things. First thing that is known is that people are human. The body controls a lot more than the will of a person. When a person is set to an overnight shift, like mine (and no that doesn’t mean I am the Sergeant), on a long term basis the body naturally rejects it. The body is trained for years to be awake in day light and then sleep in dark. Then trying to change that pattern is harder than anyone not on that shift knows. Along with work I am sure the man has a family that he has responsibilities to. So add all that up and sometimes the body shuts down. I am sure its not the will that causes him to sleep but the body naturally shutting down. Second point, just because a man holds a position such as a chief does not mean that his personal life is open to the likes of you. If we started to dive into your personal life would you be comfortable? I would venture to say that you would not be all that receptive to the idea that someone who you don’t know has all your personal information. So maybe if you think that we should know everything about everyone else, let’s start with you. When was the last time you were to the doctor’s office? Have you ever had an illness? Have you ever been arrested? How many kids do you have? Did you graduate high school? What about college? How many girls/guys have you been intimate with? Have you ever done any drugs? Have you ever stolen anything? What about thoughts, hmm, I bet you have had a few improper ones right? What about your significant other? What about their life? Wow, sounds like questions that not only would I answer to any of the likes of you nor would I expect that you are going to answer them either. Yet you want to the chief to make all of his personal life public. Guess what there is a little thing called privacy and everyone is entitled to it. So until you are ready to divulge ALL your personal secrets then shut your mouth about other people’s personal privacies. As for the apples, the chief seems to have gotten the one bad one out. That’s what this whole thing is about, the one officer being let go. So now that we have hit that point well and there is really no dispute over that, then what is it again that you’re trying to say? Oh probably something about having a personal gripe with the department, right? Did you get arrested by them? Or maybe you got a ticket? Oh or even better you were let go by them? Maybe even not hired at all by them? As for getting females numbers, hmm, if the officer wasn’t on a call or in the mist of performing the tasks of the job then maybe he was asking for the number to get a date. People are entitled to inquire to the ways of the heart. As for if the officer was in the mist of duty then maybe the number wasn’t for a date but for a report, or even maybe that the young lady was under 18 and most police departments like to contact the parents of the juvenile after contact, as part of pro-active policing. Hmm, yes I think that’s what modern policing is based on, I think I may remember that from one of the classes at the entry level of the university. Oh but you probably wouldn’t know that because you most likely have never held a policing job, or gone to college/university for things such as a four year degree based in law enforcement or anything related. Please when you have 10+ years in the field, a college degree and have walked the beat, then you come back and tell me how the job is suppose to be done. Until then you are an outsider that knows nothing but what you see on the TV show COPS and CSI. News flash real life is nothing even close to TV. As for the media issue, maybe the chief was trying to avoid exactly what you are doing now, all the gossip and rumors. But then if he would have gotten on the TV and made statements then you would have had something to say about that. Many police departments don’t have the chief on TV, most have a media specialist. The bigger departments even hire people that do nothing but deal with the media. So are you saying that the chief should spend more of your tax dollars and hire someone just for the purpose of speaking with the media? Sounds more like you are looking for anything to say against the chief. Most of you are looking so hard to find the bad things that you end up missing all the good things. AGAIN THANK YOU WAKEMAN OFFICERS YOU ALL DO A GOOD JOB. If its 3:45 in the morning and this “Josh” is on the computer, why is it that you are complaining? I thought you didn’t want him to sleep? You say that he should be doing his job. But have you seen Wakeman any time after about 10 pm? It’s a ghost town, most people are asleep or in their house. The few times I have been through there in that time frame there is nothing but darkness and usually the only one up is the officer. So then what is it that you want the officers to do at night? Their, according to you, aren’t allowed to be on the computer, sleeping, or issuing tickets in your so called “speed trap.” So that leaves about one thing driving back and forth doing nothing. Then are you going to complain that the police department needs a new patrol car every 3 months? If you allow a vehicle to be run that often and that long of a distance then the vehicle will inevitably break down quickly. So now that you have proven nothing but the fact that you know next to nothing about the law enforcement profession. Why don’t you go back to the safety of the house that the officers of the Wakeman Police Department are providing to you. Oh yeah you forget so quickly that these officers are the same ones that are out there risking life and limb to protect you and your family so that you can sleep peacefully and not have all that much to worry about. Tell me if it is as bad as you say it is why haven’t you moved out? Or better yet you say its so bad, become educated, go to the police department and ask when the last time a kidnapping, armed robbery, bank robbery, shooting, stabbing, killing, or any other crime of the such. I would be willing to say in the last 20 years you could put the number on one hand. Now if you think it’s so bad let’s put some perspective on it. Continue your education and go to the city of Cleveland and inquire the same. I think recently it came out that the city is on its way to a record year for homicides. Since you’re are inevitably going to say that Wakeman isn’t Cleveland, maybe you shouldn’t compare things either. Like I said before too, if it’s so bad for you there then move and go somewhere else. Good Job Wakeman PD !!! Continue the good work.

question (Anonymous)

Did any on else sign the petition to get rid of hunker?
next meeting should be fun!

Sign nothing (A...

Here's a question, do you really think the grass is greener on the otherside? even if you think hunker is so bad. What happens if the replacement is worse? what then? are you just going to up and fire them too? wow i wish i could just fire people i didn't like. that would be sweet. doing whatever i felt like just because i don't like people.

How about the t...

fighting on this site give it a rest. If he did something wrong he should be punished for it. This site is for intelligent debate not rumor spreading.

only the fatc. ...

if you think im crazy go by the clerks house sun between 3-11 and youll see,or go by the station around 200 am and see if josh is sleeping ! only the facts and we couldnt get any worse! things for wakeman could only go up!!!
sign sign sign!!!!!!

Frog (Anonymous)

I have known Chief Hunker for several years now and he has done a great job with the Wakeman Police Department. Tim Hunker is a man of integrity and honor and knows his job. He has brought professionalism to the department and 95% of the village residents agree. Sure you will find people that want to take a jab at Chief Hunker and the P.D. but this is to be expected. The Chief can not control what every officer does in his or her OFF DUTY LIFES, nor is it his responsibility. How is he to know what an officer does in Strongville? I am sure this Deusenburry will be delt with both by the court system and Chief Hunker, But your opinion of Tim Hunker will not influence his or the village council decision of how to deal with the firing of a rogue employee. As for Mr. Hunker's health, It is not a public matter and unless you would like to give support to him and his family maybe you should find something better to comment on.

Officer for Jus...

Way to speak the truth frog. Further more to those of you who think that there is so many problems here is a solution: Pay the officers. Once you start paying them then maybe you can expect more. Until then no one wants to hear your whining. You want and want and want some more. Your tax dollars are not hard at work with the reserves because they don't get paid by your tax dollars, in fact they don't get paid at all. Standards of work are based on alot, one of the most important is pay. So if you want better standards move to somewhere that has higher taxes than you will ever see in Wakeman and then you can complain about your precious tax dollars not being used correctly. Good work officers, keep up the good job.

Frog (Anonymous)

I totaly agree OFJ, When you pay the officers they have ties to the community and a vested interest. also you can attract better officers to the department. Keep up the good work Chief Hunker and members of the Wakeman police department... The community is behind you.

frog jump in a ...

yes, tim but josh is paid and he is worthless!so you say we need to pay the officers? they dont know what their doing! they are a joke!!! why do you think that most of them want to drive from cleveland or farther and not get paid? NO OTHER DEPTS. WANT THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!
its seems like hunker hires retards that make him look good!but the main problem is the full time paid officers not doing their job like working in the trailor pack and not the village or sleeping on station,you dont see the reserve officers doing that,so if you get what you pay for and dont like the pay ,leave!
we will support hunker as he resigns!!!
if you think tim hunker is such a great guy "frog" why dont you give drug- mart a call and ask why he was fired from there as a manager in huron.
if drug- mart dont want him why should we????
and the chief could control what his officers does off duty if he set standers !!(not being there buddy!)
this isnt the first time one of wakemans officers has been arrested!!!
good luck with the cancer !!!

Wakeman Res. wh...

Wow first off this sound like the words from someone who either has had a run in with the wakeman police or has been let go from the department. Maybe this is one of the Cancel's. Well lets see here if it is as suspected, then lets all ask why you don't have a job anymore with the department. Is it maybe the numerous run in's with the police (dog complaints, Domestic violence disputes, etc etc)? Or maybe it is because of past criminal records, hmm. Well lets air it all out then if you are so set on being in everyone else's business. This is absolutely ridiculous that you think that the reasons those officers are out there is because no other department wants them. Maybe its because law enforcement is one of the most difficult jobs to attain. Not only do you have to have the OPOTA certification (state exam) and then take a civil service exam. After all that then you have to basically know somoeone on the department to get in, even if you test at the top of the list. So it's not like they want to work for free, who ever would, its the fact that the officers are trying to get out of your hell hole. Check into your "so called facts" before you start blurting out things you have no idea about. The standards are called "policies" and i know from doing my own research that there are policies in place in the wakeman police department. Even with these policies in place people still can do things wrong and when they do something serious enough like this article then they get fired. Hmm, yes i think thats what this article was about and not the chief nor health issues. Oh thats right you and your hillbilly mentality think that you can use this forum to just talk about anything your peanut sized mind comes up with. Here is a grand idea, STICK TO THE ISSUE IN THE ARTICLE!!!! No one wants to hear you whine about your personal "b.s." problems with law enforcement. Oh i also think you should learn to read because the author "Officer for justice" has said many times that he is not the chief and i don't think that the chief has the 4 year college degree. I know its hard for you to comprehend, so re-read this slowly and the other articles before you start vomiting out so called facts that you obviously don't know are true. Letting emotions drive you has only proven that you have little knowledge, self control, and intelligence. Go back to whatever rock you crawled out from under and keep out of things that either don't concern you or you don't understand. GO WAKEMAN POLICE !!!!!! YOU ALL ROCK !!!!!

After reading a...

WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

support wpd (An...

This guy that has a beef with the Wakeman Police Department needs to maybe get a job, get off the alcohol, double up on the depression meds and in you spare time clean up your credit score. WHAT A DOLT...... Lets start a kitty to collect money and send this knucklehead back to get a GED. It sounds like everyone is batteling wits with a man who is unarmed. WOW get a life and quit advertising how stupid you are.

wow josh! (Anon...

Comment deleted for defamatory statements.

Wakeman Res. (A...

Its funny that you say you didn't see the officer. I did see the officer. I think its one of the newer guys. I saw him out and around during trick-or-treating. so who ever didn't see him, others of us did.

Dr. Frog (Anonymous)

Yes I concur.... As a physician on mental health I have diagnosed the "DOLT" as having paranoid schizophrenia with visions of grandure. Of course "Dolt" is not a proper medical term and I would prefer "Douche" or "Douche Bag" when refering to this patient. It would appear that the patient has either never had the testicular fortitude to become a police officer or his time as mall security has allowed him to take a stand for what he feels it justice. either way he,(douche) needs to get a life and move on. I would challenge the Patient to leave his mothers basement, discover sun light and attenpt to make something of himself. In closing we the people of Wakeman think the Police Department has done a great job and will continue to do so. Thank You Chief Hunker for all you have done for the Wakeman Police Department. Keep up the good work guys and hang in there.

outsider (Anonymous)

Wow.... This guy who hates this Josh must have some secret love for him. "sounds scorne!" talk about a fatal attraction. Hey Douche.... take off mom's panties, put on something appropriate for a pasty big-boy your size and like Dr. Frog advised go out into the sunlight. Its' a nice day outside. Man.... Talk about someone who needs a hobbie.

2+2 = Douche (A...

Let me see if I have this right. The person refered to as "douche" was a former police officer in Wakeman, who now hates the Chief, the Sergeant and rest of the department and thinks the department is the worst. Let me know if I am on the right track here.
Well if he was fired from the worst of departments, and help me with my math here... but wouldn't that make the "douche' the worst of the worst? Hummmmmm

Reg: wow Josh (...

Comment deleted for profanity.



It is... (Anonymous)

defamation of character and libel. Not deformation of character. PS. I have not written any of this crap. Only the post "After reading all of this all I can say is Wow" I grew up out there and graduated from WR I cant believe all this goes on out there now.

lol (Anonymous)

too scared to leave your badge #?
i knwo alot about this town,i should tell larry about this but i think he has too much class to write anything on here he knows where to go with any info he has1 and he doesnt want to be cheif of wakeman! he is happy where he is.
threats can only get you so far! may e the mayor would also like to know your badghe number!
maybe you should talk to your fellow officer or sgt! he was the one bragging!! maybe if you lived in wakeman then you might know what your talking about! lol
oh well small minds!!
this is a perfect testimony to how hunker controls his dept! make threats to villagers! see i told you all!!!!
lol great investigators wakeman officers are!!! not warm yets!!!keep guessing! oh by the way,offciers if you are so concerned why not ask josh for a lie detector test! yeah i know he wouldnt pass!!
deformation of character is lies! not the truth!
and you just made threats again larry cancel on here,lets all sit back and atch what hunker does with this officer!! lol ya nothing like josh and dan!

sticks and ston...

sticks and stones will break my bones but lies will hurt you!!!
offcier a** hole,maybe you and your chief should go to the store and buy a pair together! lol
i dont think larry is afraid of professional courtesies considering hunker or josh is professional!
let me fill in the badeg number for you since you seem to forgot , 502 !!! what a looser!!!!