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We support Steve Linder's candidacy for Norwalk Board of Education. Steve is well informed and committed to excellence in our schools. We believe that Steve's highest priority will be making Norwalk City Schools the best that they can be. Steve is willing to listen to the concerns of staff, parents and taxpayers. Steve can make a positive difference in our district by developing a better partnership between our schools and parents.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Jul 25, 2010


We support Steve Linder's candidacy for Norwalk Board of Education. Steve is well informed and committed to excellence in our schools. We believe that Steve's highest priority will be making Norwalk City Schools the best that they can be.

Steve is willing to listen to the concerns of staff, parents and taxpayers. Steve can make a positive difference in our district by developing a better partnership between our schools and parents.

Electing Steve Linder to our school board will give our community the voice it so desperately needs.

Jeff and Denise Crumrine



Here, Here! (An...

Bravo! Steve has my vote! Dude!

Skeptical (Anon...

Denise, (who happens to be Steve L.'s sister-in-law),
thank you for that ringing endorsement.

Hey skeptical (...

As a member of the family - this is news to me. Exactly how is Denise, Steve's sister-in-law?

Skeptical (Anon...

My mistake...Perhaps Denise is Mr. Linder's sister?

Hey skeptical -...

Steve's sisters are: Linda, Vicky, Rita and Tina
His brother's wives are: Mary, Cindy, Judy, Vic, Cindy
Sharon has 1 sister, also named Cindy and her brother's wife is Cheryl.
From what I know about Denise, she is an educated woman employed by Fisher-Titus as respirtory therapist and she and her husband want to endorse Steve. What's wrong with that?

Skeptical (Anon...

Sorry. Guess I was mistaken.

registered vote...

Please support Steve as a candidate for school board. Norwalk City Schools needs board members who are not "yes men" for the administration and who are not afraid to challenge the administration. It time for the good old boys to be voted off the board. The time for change is now.

I agree there n...

I just hope those running are running for the right reason - to better the education of the children of Norwalk. I dont care who endorses him whether it is family or not if he can make a positive change in Norwalk City Schools!

Leek (Anonymous)

How ironic that the authors of "Readers Forum" letters in this weeks newspaper praising Steve Linder are also regulars at Norwalk Board of Education meetings. Like the Linders, the authors show up to voice their displeasure regarding various school administrators, and how they or their children have been wronged. I guess that's the way we all should resolve things-by showing up at Board meetings and whining about the unfairness of everything. Of course they only mention half of the story so that they can get others riled up enough to join them. We should also write letters in the "Readers Forum" while we are at it. Steve and Sharon love to take their issues to print. I guess if they are not happy with someone, no one should be happy with them. Mr. Duncan is just one of many that they have voiced their opinions about. What makes anyone think that Steve Linder has the best interest of the taxpayers in mind? Is it the way he blames everyone else if something doesn't go his way? It always has to be the coaches fault, or the principals fault, or the boards fault, anyones fault but his own. He needs to start taking responsibility for himself. I sincerely wish he and his wife would get over their issues with Norwalk schools and put their focus into something more positive. There are many volunteer oranizations that could benefit from that kind of energy. We have a dedicated, professional,selfless group of individuals on the board. We have wonderful administrators who genuinely care about our kids. What else do we want? Everyone on the school board has dedicated their life to serving the children and citizens of Norwalk. Why else would they choose to serve? They are doing a great job and should be commended for it,not put down for their efforts. Who would want that thankless position with all the pressure it entails. One of my biggest fears is that quality people will stop running for these positions and we will be left with only negative people like Steve Linder to fill the posts.
I once had to move away from Steve Linder at a youth rec league soccer game because he was using profanity within ear shot of my children. I never thought I would see the day that he would be running for school board, or that people would seriously consider voting for him. Is this really the kind of person you want sitting in that position? I don't.
If there is anyone reading this who does not know Steve or Sharon,they can be found at most Norwalk High School sporting events. They are the hecklers in the top row loudly questioning every move the coaches make. Well maybe Steve is to classy for that now that he is running for board. His wife should still be at as usual.She even has the nerve to take a paycheck from Norwalk City Schools Nice.

to LEEK (Anonymous)

sounds like you hold a grudge...go grind your axe somewhere else, and next time, shorten it up, will you? Blah, blah, blah...VOTE FOR STEVE!

leek (Anonymous)

What in my post gave you the idea that I have a grudge? The citizens of Norwalk know who the grudge holders are.
Short enough for you?

Jack Beckett (A...

Leek--a few things:

1. Paragraphs. If you want anybody to actually get through that mess of a comment, I suggest you learn what they are and how to use them.

2. You seem to take issue with the Linders' airing out their grievances at these school board meetings, which are made public specifically to allow such concerns to be voiced. I would remind you that school officials are paid by tax dollars. The school board is elected to ensure that these public figures are held accountable; they serve as a proxy for the citizens of the district. Regardless of whether you feel Mr. Linder's grievances are legitimate, he absolutely has the right to make his voice heard in the public forum.

3. You wrote, "We have a dedicated, professional,selfless group of individuals on the board." No one is questioning this. It is the actual performance of the school board that is the issue at hand. Good intentions aside, this performance has been much less than satisfactory.

4. It's easy, under the shield of anonymity, to make unfounded personal accusations and attack the character of public figures. It takes much more integrity to risk one's reputation by taking a public stand, as Mr. Linder has done. If you feel so passionately about this issue, why do you feel the need to remain anonymous?

re: Jack Becket...

Mr. Beckett,

Didn't you have a beef a few months ago? If so, are you saying if YOUR complaint wasn't handled exactly like YOU wanted, people aren't listening?
Mr. Linder's very public feud with the principal, the boys basketball coach and others seems to show what his intentions are. How much time is he going to devote to his little crusades, as compared to other matters?
I'm very interested to hear what he has to say about other pressing issues, including budget, facilities, etc.
Plus, his election would mean two board members with spouses employed by the Norwalk City Schools. Can you say conflict of interest?

Jack Beckett (A...

to re:Jack Beckett:

Not sure what 'beef' you're talking about. I've been in Springfield, Ohio going to school since last January, and before that I was abroad in Liverpool, U.K. Nice to know someone is thinking of me, though, ha ha. . . perhaps you can clear this up? As for Mr. Linder--I'm in no way trying to de-emphasize the importance of the more mundane tasks to which the school board must attend. I do, however, believe that he is fully qualified to handle these duties. You mention conflict of interest--wasn't Mr. Seitz, who was on the school board himself a few years ago, related to Mr. Duncan by marriage? In a town like Norwalk, nobody exists in a vacuum; what's more important to me as a voter is that Mr. Linder is willing to act as an adversarial voice and give school administrators some friction when necessary, as the school board is ultimately the watchdog for and caretaker of the public interest.

re: Jack Becket...

First of all, nice job taking shots at Leek about paragraphs when the system doesn't allow it and your post looks EXACTLY the same. Second, your beef, if I recall correctly, had to do with you not making National Honor Society and your parents taking up the crusade in your defense at several board meetings. They allowed a personal issue to fuel their disagreement with the board, the district, etc. They are another example, like Steve Linder, of the public speaking out and not getting their own way and then claiming the board's not there to listen to the people. Give me a break. You already have a person on the board who acts as an adversarial voice and gives school administrators friction. She does whatever her husband tells her to do.

Jack Beckett (A...

to re:Jack Beckett: a few things, I suppose. First, you're right about what I said to Leek. When I typed that comment, I didn't realize that you couldn't post in paragraph form at all on here. So Leek, if I hurt your feelings with that comment, I apologize from the bottom of my heart. As for the second part of your post: whoever you are, you are completely cheap and gutless to make these kind of unfounded personal allegations. Never once have I or any of my family members engaged in anything like what you've described, and that's pretty much all I have to say. Much like Leek, you've resorted to hiding behind your anonymity and taking unfounded cheap shots to try and diminish my credibility. I don't have the time nor the energy to concern myself with online flame wars, but I will say the same thing to you that I said to Leek: if you're so invested in this debate, why don't you grow a pair and stop posting anonymously?

The rest of the...

I'm not sure about the thing with National Honor Society but if I remember correctly, it was Jack, and then his parents, who were upset several years back because Jack's favorite teacher Mr. Moore was leaving the district and the Beckett's all thought this fine instructor was being forced out by the board, the superintendent, the principal, etc. All I know is I remember Mr. Moore to be the single-most negative individual my kids have ever come in contact with during their time in the Norwalk City Schools. I can't imagine it was a bad thing for the high school to replace him with anyone. But if I remember from those past articles, Jack was upset because his idol was leaving, that led to comments at board meetings, followed by more comments and letters from his parents, they didn't get their way and they've been negative about everything Norwalk school related ever since. So sure, with that mentality, I am not surprised at all that you think Steve Linder's the best thing since sliced bread.

LEEK (Anonymous)

To Jack Becket
As far as my being so vested in this debate, I have only ever posted my opinion once on this website and
have been forced to explain my position ever since. You seem to be the one stirring things up so that I have no choice but to respond. What, no frat parties for you to attend?
While I agree that people have the right to bring legitimate issues up at school board meetings,
it should not give Steve Linder license to waste board time with his own personal issues. For example he brought up the fact that they did not recieve his daughters' transcript as quickly as he would have liked, at 3 separate board meetings.
It was not like Bob Duncan had the transcript hidden under his desk or anything, but of course the Linders’ blamed him on their daughter not getting into a college program she was interested in. I suspect that the denial had a lot more to do with the fact that the daughter was a mediocre high school student more than anything else. Of course, instead of telling the daughter that she should have applied herself more in high school and to learn from it, Steve had to find someone else,
to blame. I believe they even called for Mr. Duncan to resign at one of the meetings. That’s the way to teach your children, find someone else to blame, but except no responsibility yourself.
I guess that is the necessary friction you think the board needs to make it accountable, makes sense to me. The board has REAL matters to attend to and it is sad that
they must constantly deal with people like the Linders’ and their personal vendettas.
I would have had no problem revealing my identity, but the fact that you chose to rip on my writing abilities,
pared with the fact that you stated that I and another poster who does not share your opinion should “grow some”(spoken like a true college student by the way), makes me think that that would not be wise.
Isn’t there some college board you can go to and complain about the bad food or something?
There are a lot of people who wish they could freely voice their opinions in this town, but who wants to be the next target of the Linders’and their public wars? Why don’t you ask Steve Gray or Bob Duncan how unrelenting they are? They pretty much live under a microscope thanks to the Linders’.

re the rest of ...

Comment deleted for libelous content.

Jack Beckett (A...

Alright, real quick (after all, it is Sunday, and I do have like, seven frat parties to attend)--I just wanted to say that I'm not sure what's more pathetic--that two adults are posting all sorts of personal garbage and gossip on here but are afraid to reveal their actual identities, or that I'm actually wasting my time responding to it. Both of you seem to have an awful lot of inside information concerning the Linders and others who have been or are affiliated with NHS. Oh, Leek--my "grow a pair" statement didn't have anything to do with you disagreeing with my opinion. It had to do with the fact that you and Deepthroat ("the rest of the story"? really?) choose to engage in cheap personal sniping while you hide behind your veil of anonymity. This, incidentally, still remains the case. If you don't have a problem revealing your identity, what does my opinion of your writing or of your personal integrity have to do with anything? No, you continue to hide because you know you're spreading a lot of made-up BS and because you don't have the guts to stand behind it. Just throwin' that out there.

a taxpayer (Ano...

This is the problem with what's going on at Norwalk. If you are not one of "the good old boys" then your opinion just doesn't count. Anybody who tries to voice their opinion is labeled as a complainer. Change is good and we are way past due for some change. Notice the number of NCS employees around town who have Linder signs in their yards. What do you suppose is the reason for this? (I'm talking about real teachers, not the members of the good old boys club.) Our country is a democracy and our schools should be a democracy- not a dictatorship. Also, on the transcript issue, I have heard from reliable sources that there is more to the story. It's also a very cheap shot to attack the Melissa Linder. The fact is that the guidance department at NHS is basically staffed by one person. She tries to do as much as she is able, but she can not nor should she be expected, do it all. It has been this way for several years. NHS is not a well managed building. And to Jack Beckett, it's refreshing to see that college students aren't afraid to speak up and I'm sorry that certain people feel the need to attack you for it. The voters have a chance to be heard next week. Please vote for Steve Linder.

Only in Norwalk...

Thank you Sharon

a taxpayer (Ano...

Why is it that when somebody else dares to have an opinion, they are accused of being a member of the Linder family? I know Steve and Sharon, but I definitely am a different person with a mind of my own. There are many others like me!

NCS employees w...

Question: "Notice the number of NCS employees around town who have Linder signs in their yards. What do you suppose is the reason for this?"

Answer: "Because it's easier to agree to put a sign up if you don't feel like debating with the person (Sharon) putting you on the spot about whether or not you will."

Ask many of these "real teachers" why they did it, out of earshot from Sharon, and you'll see for yourself.

a taxpayer (Ano...

I'm pretty sure that teachers know how to say "NO". Give me a break!

NCS employee wi...

I damn sure don't have a sign in my front yard. I've seen the good John Lendrum and Mike Grose have accomplished and am thankful they take the time to be on the Board. John especially has been a blessing for this district for several years. We are lucky to have him. I've also witnessed the on-going discussions between the Board and the Linders. Again, I don't have a sign in my yard - I have zero respect for Steve and Sharon Linder. Speaking of respect... if you read any of the correspondance on the Reflector link you will notice the complete disrespect Sharon and Steve have for anyone in a position of authority. We don't need this kind of person on our Board. Disrespet may be the "in" thing, however, it has no place in school leadership.

Teacher and other employees with signs in your yards: if you don't support Steve Linder - remove your sign. If you do, leave it in. You're probably the same people who come to the union meetings with a list of petty complaints, so I understand why you support them. You're just like them.

re NCS employee...

Please retire. It sounds like its time!

re: re NCS empl...

Why? Because he/she stands up for what they believe? Isn't that exactly what the Linders are professing? Sounds like this person is in touch with what's really going on. John and Mike have my votes.

Sunnie (Anonymous)

You know what the problem is here? Mr Linder brought some problems to light, now they have made him into the problem. Typical. The local newpaper is trying to force the outcome of this election. Let the VOTER decide.


Sunnie: Actually, the paper has brought Mr. and Mrs. Linder's personal vendetta to light. The newspaper has allowed readers to learn the Linders' true motives. Did you read the letters posted here?
Think about this: How does it benefit the Reflector to force the outcome of this election, or any other?
The answer: It doesn't benefit the paper.