BLAST FROM THE PAST - Railroad worker falls out of window

OCT. 12, 1907 The top stories in The Daily Reflector on this date 100 years ago
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Jul 25, 2010


OCT. 12, 1907

The top stories in The Daily Reflector on this date 100 years ago

Fell out of hotel window

Charles Fabian, aged sixty years, fell from the third story of the Phillips House, a hotel in New London, shortly before midnight Thursday night, striking on his left side and breaking his collar bone, dislocating his left shoulder and breaking his right arm in two places, above and below the elbow. He fell a distance of about fifty feet.

Two men who were standing on the opposite side of the street saw Fabian, undressed, hanging by his hands, to the stone ledge of the window, and the next instant they saw him fall to the ground. They rushed to his assistance and found him unconscious, but still breathing. Fabian was carried into the hotel and placed in a bed in a room on the second floor. A doctor attended to his injuries.

Fabian registered at the hotel Thursday afternoon. He is a foreigner and speaks English very brokenly. It is thought that he is an Italian. He went to New London from Spencer, O., where he had been working as a section hand on the railroad.

Bitten by a spider,  has to go to hospital

Contractor Cummerford, who has charge of the work of improving East Main Street, met with a particular mishap last Monday morning, which resulted in his having to go to Lakeside Hospital, Cleveland, for treatment. He returned to Norwalk Saturday afternoon with his right wrist still bandaged.

Monday morning, Mr. Cummerford was working on the East Main Street improvement. He had taken off his coat and laid it on the ground, and then rolled up his sleeves. Later on he put on his coat and within a half hour afterwards his right arm began to pain him. Again removing his coat he found that the arm was rapidly swelling.

Fearing that the arm had, in some unknown way, been poisoned he visited a local doctor's office and had the arm examined. By that time it was swollen to almost twice its normal size. It was determined he had been bitten by a spider.

Republicans of township hold caucus

It took less than half an hour for the Republicans of Norwalk township to transact their business at their caucus, which was held in Justice of the Peace Bechtol's office in the Whittlesey block Saturday afternoon. T.C. Laylin was chairman and F.M. Lutts secretary of the meeting.

The following ticket was nominated:

For assessor, William French.

For members of the township board of education: A.M. Cole of Section 4 and Emory Pickrin of Section 2.

The following were selected as delegates, delegates at large and alternate to the city convention:

Delegates: Section 1, R.R. Robertson; Section 2, J.C. Smith; Section 3, C.W. Drake; Section 4, Minor Cole.

Delegates at large: F.M. Lutts and Emory Pickrin.

Alternates: Section 1, Norman Baker; Section 2, W.H. Smith; Section 3, James Elder; Section 4, George Mordoff.

Alternates at large: Charles Golden and James Sinclair.

Compiled by Andy Prutsok