Signs, signs, everywhere there's signs

A committee will consider proposals today made by local businessman Stan Obrenovich at Tuesday night's city council meeting for large signs at Norwalk city limits. The city limit signs Obrenovich is proposing would be six feet wide and made of recycled plastic, with an advertising life of 400 years.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Jul 25, 2010


A committee will consider proposals today made by local businessman Stan Obrenovich at Tuesday night's city council meeting for large signs at Norwalk city limits.

The city limit signs Obrenovich is proposing would be six feet wide and made of recycled plastic, with an advertising life of 400 years.

"I'm coming back to check," he joked.

Each sign would cost about $1,200, Obrenovich said. He added that two community organizations have agreed to donate the cost of one sign each.

The Quilter Sign Shop, operated by WSOS Community Action Commission, Inc., liked the design Obrenovich brought to them so much that they made two large versions to use for marketing and included a blue and gold version in a brochure. The small version Obrenovich brought to show council was white with green writing.

Obrenovich said he is also still selling $60 street number signs in both an "uptown" version and "our town" version to businesses and homeowners. The city limit signs were designed to coordinate with those signs, he said.

"It's something that we need," Obrenovich said of the city limit signs. He suggested the city have at least four signs on roadways entering the city, but said it would be up to city council to decide on location and sign choices.

Lesch said the city has been given a grant to pay for city limit signs so the committee working on the issue will report to council once they have studied the issue.

Jim Sawyer, public works director, said the city has been awarded a grant to pay for a city limit entrance sign at the corner of Lais Road and U.S. 250. He added that a meeting today between city officials and others involved in the project, including local garden club members and a representative from Norwalk Concrete, is scheduled for today.

Garden club members have offered to donate labor for landscaping for the project and Norwalk Concrete has agreed to donate a wall to showcase the sign, Sawyer said. "It may fit in with the grant," he said of Obrenovich's proposal.

Sawyer also told council that work on Bank Street will be complete by the end of the week and the Corwin Street and Woodlawn Avenue projects are on schedule. A rubberized crossing is being installed at the Pleasant Street railroad crossing.

He added that six bids for the second part of the Cline Street project, which includes replacing the waterline, storm water drainage, curb installation and repaving of the road, are now being reviewed. Bids range from $558,000 to $703,000 and a recommendation will be presented to council once the bids have been studied.

In other business, council agreed to a public hearing at 7 p.m. Nov. 6 for proposed changes to zoning legislation. The proposed changes are in response to the recent controversy over Spin To Win, a business that has machines that it calls games of skill, but the city considers games of chance or gambling.

Lesch also told council members that the Ohio Planning Conference honored Norwalk with the Top Comprehensive Plan for cities of less than 100,000 residents.

"It was nice for recognition for the quality of the work" of the several hundred people who participated in the planning process, she said.

The mayor also announced that no regular or planning meeting will be held on the fifth Tuesday of the month. That night has been set aside for trick or treat for Norwalk.


swiss family......

to "not a fan of stan" if his yard is the only good thing that you can say about Stan, then,you areNOT paying attention. look at his uptown building, compared to alot of the other buildings, look at all that he does for the uptown area, and thus for this town, Stan is the man !. and the reason that he is not the mayor, is probably because if you hold a political office , you have to play the political games, this way,with Stan being a "free agent" he can do as he thinks is right, without the fear of stepping on the wrong toes!! GO STAN !!

gas guzzler (An...

thank you to the gentleman who wrote the edeiorial in the reflector, concerning the price of gasoline being so much higher per gallon, that in any of the surrounding area. i hope that the patrons in Norwalk will go outside of Norwalk to buy their gas, where it is cheaper, until the gas station owners will lower their prices to a more competative range

I would like to...

all of you buying gas outside of Norwalk, which will only succeed in closing the smaller stations, eventually further pushing prices up in the Norwalk area which those of us with Jobs, Children, and LIVES will need to buy since we do not have time to drive to Texas to get gas for a penny cheaper.

whatever (Anonymous)

I drive by gas stations everyday in Norwalk...none of them look like they're starving for business. They were lined up this morning at Austin's West Side! People were carrying gallons and gallons of milk too. The only ones driving out of town for gas and milk are the ignorant and uninformed, like swiss family...who is 'gas guzzler', 'milk guzzler', 'pope', and 'I would like to thank'. Guess she thinks we're all stupid like her.

local business ...

Signs are a normal sight seen on the city limits of every town. It shows pride. Please see if a local business in Norwalk or the surrounding area can provide these signs. If we keep the dollars in Norwalk then everyone benefits from the venture. Please support the local industry!

yes yes yes (An...

to local business, you are right! keep it in the community!

AlterEgo (Anonymous)

In defense of Stan, he is the one who put together the current city limit signs. He went around getting materials and labor donated to take down the old and put up new. This is another one of his baby projects. If you want to knock Stan, ask yourself this, "What have I done for the community?" Sure Stan wants a pat on the back every now and then, don't we all? But even with all the nay sayers and the people putting him down for it, he still goes out and does these things without benefit to himself.

RE: AlterEgo (A...

Stan LOVES P.R. Next week the front page will be " Stan took a crap in a public toilet." As long as he's getting attention...and how would YOU know what anyone else has done for the community? I do a lot for this community, but I'm not on the front page of the paper every week looking for attention.

is it true (Ano...

there gonna have a park named after "STAN"........

AlterEgo (Anonymous)

Atleast Stan doesn't do this stuff to benefit his own pocket book. He truly does it because he has pride in his town and commuinity.

RE: is it true ...

yes, it's for walking your dogs. Stan is in charge of upkeep. Bring a shovel, dude.

I agree... (Ano...

stan does things for the community BUT it is always captured by the reflector. Maybe if he did things without alerting the media of his great acts for the city of Norwalk people would not be putting him down. There is a reason he was not elected mayor of Norwalk when he ran.

to I agree... (...

Yes! Honorable people do not look for it's hometown newspaper to boast. They do something good, and they move on to the next project. They expect nothing in return but the pride it gives them. At least that's the way it should be.

swiss family......

yes it is true, that Stan's picture is in the paper alot for some of the good things that he does for the uptown, and for the city. but, that is because he does soooo much for the city, things that will be noticable around town,like the new american flags , and the restoration of his uptown building. if they didn't put those things in the paper, someone would think that there was some conspiracy going on that a "civilian" organized the campaign and finances to pull this off, and some would think that it must have some big underlying meaning. so the reflector reports on some of these activities, and still some of you are judging me, besides the activities that are reported in the newspaper, that Stan is involved in,there are a multitude more that never get reported. Iwish every citizen were as involved as Stan is

Birds of a feat...

flock together. Stan and Swiss Family. Who knew? Both attention seekers! People with their picture in the paper so much obviously call the reflector ahead of time or have someone do it for them so they can get that pat on the back and say hey look at me look what I have done look how wonderful I am doing this.

You Bet'cha! (A...

maybe Stan IS swiss family...wouldn't that make sense? Attention seekers, at best. Crave and LOOOOOOOVE attention. At least I wasn't the only one smelling a conspiracy here. Many thanks to 'Birds'.

AlterEgo (Anonymous)

A lot of things Stan does do not get in the newspaper. And I am sure Stan and Swiss are not the same. While Stan does know how to turn on his computer, that is about the extent of his computer knowledge.

I did not imply...

that Stan and swiss family were the same person. Only that their need for attention is the same.

we all want a l...

stans legacy is norwalk , he is getting older but not any wiser but i like how he stirs it up, was such a great deed he did for the old eagles building, makeing that a parking lot, you go stan, and pushing that habitat for humanity on ward ave the property he owned to make a big profit from his property.
i also heard the plumbing was bad in his buiding that housed quadex, but for now we will only dwell on his good points. you go STAN, keep on bringing the greatness to our town.