Signs, signs, everywhere there's signs

A committee will consider proposals today made by local businessman Stan Obrenovich at Tuesday night's city council meeting for large signs at Norwalk city limits. The city limit signs Obrenovich is proposing would be six feet wide and made of recycled plastic, with an advertising life of 400 years.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Jul 25, 2010


A committee will consider proposals today made by local businessman Stan Obrenovich at Tuesday night's city council meeting for large signs at Norwalk city limits.

The city limit signs Obrenovich is proposing would be six feet wide and made of recycled plastic, with an advertising life of 400 years.

"I'm coming back to check," he joked.

Each sign would cost about $1,200, Obrenovich said. He added that two community organizations have agreed to donate the cost of one sign each.

The Quilter Sign Shop, operated by WSOS Community Action Commission, Inc., liked the design Obrenovich brought to them so much that they made two large versions to use for marketing and included a blue and gold version in a brochure. The small version Obrenovich brought to show council was white with green writing.

Obrenovich said he is also still selling $60 street number signs in both an "uptown" version and "our town" version to businesses and homeowners. The city limit signs were designed to coordinate with those signs, he said.

"It's something that we need," Obrenovich said of the city limit signs. He suggested the city have at least four signs on roadways entering the city, but said it would be up to city council to decide on location and sign choices.

Lesch said the city has been given a grant to pay for city limit signs so the committee working on the issue will report to council once they have studied the issue.

Jim Sawyer, public works director, said the city has been awarded a grant to pay for a city limit entrance sign at the corner of Lais Road and U.S. 250. He added that a meeting today between city officials and others involved in the project, including local garden club members and a representative from Norwalk Concrete, is scheduled for today.

Garden club members have offered to donate labor for landscaping for the project and Norwalk Concrete has agreed to donate a wall to showcase the sign, Sawyer said. "It may fit in with the grant," he said of Obrenovich's proposal.

Sawyer also told council that work on Bank Street will be complete by the end of the week and the Corwin Street and Woodlawn Avenue projects are on schedule. A rubberized crossing is being installed at the Pleasant Street railroad crossing.

He added that six bids for the second part of the Cline Street project, which includes replacing the waterline, storm water drainage, curb installation and repaving of the road, are now being reviewed. Bids range from $558,000 to $703,000 and a recommendation will be presented to council once the bids have been studied.

In other business, council agreed to a public hearing at 7 p.m. Nov. 6 for proposed changes to zoning legislation. The proposed changes are in response to the recent controversy over Spin To Win, a business that has machines that it calls games of skill, but the city considers games of chance or gambling.

Lesch also told council members that the Ohio Planning Conference honored Norwalk with the Top Comprehensive Plan for cities of less than 100,000 residents.

"It was nice for recognition for the quality of the work" of the several hundred people who participated in the planning process, she said.

The mayor also announced that no regular or planning meeting will be held on the fifth Tuesday of the month. That night has been set aside for trick or treat for Norwalk.


Kip (Anonymous)

I guess trick-or-treat is the most imporant thing to the mayor. Will we see you riding your broom mayor? It's no wonder Norwalk is in the shape it's in. VERY SORRY SHAPE!!!!!!!!!!!! Hey, how bout neon signs at the city limits????????? They could say " Welcome to Norwalk the A-Hole of the county. Just a thought.

Hey Kip! Proble...


Yeah KIPPER! (A...

Maybe you should move to New London~ I hear gas prices are lower there, they have great pizza and I'm sure if you couldn't afford the gas, our mayor will GLADLY give you a ride on her...what did you say? Broom? Cute... Very mature, you are. Ride thru Bellevue and Monroeville~ heck, check out all the towns in Huron County and tell me which one YOU like the best. I'll bet there's not a town in Ohio suitable for you, is there?

Stan STFU (Anon...


RE: Kip (Anonymous)

It is people like you that try to take this town down a-hole. Food for thought....#1 Get a job. #2 Actually work. #3 Relocate.

RE: Kip #2 (Ano...

The bars will still be open Kip as will the welfare department so don't worry. You will still have your resources.

Agreed, it's people like you who can see everything wrong but never anything right EVEN WHEN IT'S GIVEN TO YOU!

Council regularly scratches a fifth monthly meeting and will relax the meeting schedule in the summer IF THERE IS NO BUSINESS TO HANDLE!

Implied ignorance is stupidity Kip.

And, some advice for Norwalk residents entertaining children for trick-or-treat. You can get Kip off your porch by paying for the pizza.

Watch out for people (or a person) roaming down the street mumbling something about high gas prices. They aren't trick-or-treating, they are really like that. Part of the new 'Not playing with a full deck' mental costume that seems to be all the rage this Halloween season.

If you happen to stop in my neighborhood Kip you won't get a treat. I will just have to see what tricks you know. Surprise the hell out of me and trick me that you have some sense.

Now, if the mayor comes down the street she can line up for a treat. Actually, a witch and broom costume might be cool. But, to show the 'Kips' in town we are moving into a new age, she should ride a vacuum cleaner.

Better not mayor, the 'Kips' will gripe because you didn't have an extension cord long enough to power it all over town! They wouldn't care that it had a HEPA filter and complete attachment set.

You normally see people 'Kip' out because of stress from a fast-paced life. I guess sitting around watching cars rust wondering why someone doesn't walk up and just pay all your bills and feed you stresses someone just the same.

I move the mayor do an executive order that whenever the council, administration, city work crew, or anyone else in this city, residents all, are doing nothing whatsoever that shall be deemed 'Kip' time. To qualify for 'Kip' time you have to be physically and mentally vacant for a set period of time.

I really don't want Kip to leave people. It's the Kips in this world that make you look like you are working your rears off by doing very little.

Bless their little hearts.

The Rock (Anonymous)

The Rock says, the best part about *being* in Norwalk... is in a few hours the Rock will be LEAVING Norwalk.

Kip (Anonymous)

Oh I have a very sucessful business going at this time. Why the other day while driving through your LOSER city. I could not help but see how thriving your downtown was. All the places to shop and the hussle and bussle. Why it was awesome!!!!!!! I did see that there is alot of things going on at the north edge of your fine LOSER little town. If you want to see a GROWING community come to Ashland WE ARE BUILDING AND GROWING LIKE THERE"S NO TOMORROW. No..... you LOSERS would just bring down our way of life so stay in the A-HOLE town you love and enjoy so much!!!!!!!!!! Regards Kip.

Kipster Doofus ...

Ashland??? LOL! Ashland???? HA! I guess if you want wings or chinese food you could waste your gas and go to ASHLAND. You make me laugh...comparing Norwalk with Ashland. Please.

RE: Kip #2 #2 (...

Ashland?!?!? If you own your own business please establish a drug testing policy and choose yourself randomly first! You definitely can't be doing that well in your own thriving business or you could afford better drugs than you are on now!

Standing in the unemployment line is not a business Kip. See if you can get some free money and go to AU. They do have a pretty good business department. Learn something!

About the only steady thing in Ashland is the Amish coming through.

Gas prices cheaper in Ashland Kip?

van (Anonymous)

Norwalk has one really good thing going for it: Kip doesn't live here!

swiss family......

i think norwalk is a great town,and i think that the mayor is doing a good job too, i do wish that there was still a way that Stan O could,and would run for city council.Between him and Bill Taylor, i think the uptown would not be as nice and productive as it is. thanks Stan,for all of the hard work that you put into designing these signs, and for all that you do behind the scenes for Norwalk

So Sad (Anonymous)

These posts are so sad. I think you all need to get a life. You wouldn't say half the things you do if you put your name on your post. Shame on the Reflector for allowing this garbage to continue.

Re: So Sad (Ano...

Hi pot, meet kettle.

cheddar clan (A...

We went to Ashland today as a matter of fact, and I believe gas was $2.61 to $2.67. I saw several Amish buggys and a ton of congested traffic going into downtown. It made me nervous and sad all at the same time. Also, to swiss family...Stan is a fool. Thank God he can't run for anything.

re:cheddar clan...

i can pee farther than you

RE: re:cheddar ...

that would be 'further' not 'farther', and I would certainly hope you could especially if you're a boy, cos I'm a chick.

Grammar Police ...

Educate yourself before you start correcting people.

Karma Police (A...

I can read...and I can spell. I don't need to go to GRAMMER.COM. If you had the time to go look that up, then maybe you should get a J-O-B to take up some of your

Your Favorite M...

Kip...You suggest that the town of Norwalk isn't as 'thriving' and 'bussling' as it is in Ashland. You even went so far as to make a wise crack about the Mayor in a very disrespecting way. My question to you is, if Ashland is helping you 'thrive' in your business, and your city is that of a glorious one, then why, Kip, are you SO angry?? Are you just angry, are you angry at the Mayor, or are you, as I suspect, just a miserable soul who feels better after lashing out at a small town and it's Mayor- for no reason? I think you have a bigger and better underlying problem, there Kip. Is it because your name is Kip you're so angry? I know I'd be fightin' mad if that was MY name.

just a personal...

I believe it would NOT be benefical to post these signs!Six ft.,this would only be something else that may distract some drivers!This is a big joke!This city has plenty of signs around here!Besides, I think the colors are ugly!I cannot ponder on the thought of more stupid signs.Norwalk needs to stop this waste,plastic or not!Have any of you ever looked at some of these plastic fences that get the black& gray spots on them?Classy- I think not!!Norwalk should be more concerned about the danger of cars coming around the bend on westwind drive.If your waiting to pull out from that stop sign behind the carwash, your taking a BIG RISK!A lot of drivers just fly up that hilly curve coming off from RT#250!I have seen it so many, many times!!!!That is a blind spot from oncoming traffic!Get money for that project!This is an important issue!Not these signs!What kind of political position is Stan holding at this time?Any?I firmly believe in safety measures first, before implementing vanity items!What about a REAL*******traffic light at Old State& Cleveland Rd.??I strongly think this is needed here!People can see the signs are different, but that doe's not stop some people from being rude & pulling out in front of someone else that may have the right of way!!There are children on bikes that cross there also!I thought Norwalk was a kids place??Action is a whole lot louder than words!

RE:just a perso...

Why don't you tell us how you REALLY feel.

swiss family......

i think Stan has dedicated his life to Norwalk,and i for one am very grateful to him. Iwish he were made safety/service director.. he has some very creative ideas. he makes Norwalk the great place that it is

Dear Reflector ...

swiss family... wrote on Oct 4, 2007 11:04 AM:

" I have realized I am an idiot and would like all my comments removed please "

lets make (Anon...

the signs be designed by norwalk residents maybe even a class project for schools, why do we have to decide between two choices. i never knew stan was a graphic artist, should have more design ideas, since these will be around a long time, i vote gold plated of some kind...

reply to respon...

I had already stated how I REALLY feel.I really LOVE [lets make's]idea!Why not have a contest from the city schools,or residents from the local nursing homes, who might be intrested in participating!KUDOS!!!

re:reply to res...

I think that's a good idea, too. I remember when I was a kid, we always made safety posters, and the best was used at school. Good incentive, if needed.

swiss family......

ok, maybe it would be a great idea to include the entire community in designing these signs, and i would bet that Stan would welcome the idea as well,but, as usual, no one was doing anything,so Stan stepped forward with some ideas,and demanded some action, which is why Stan is such a valuable asset to this community.he is a "doer" not a "let's wait and seer" i do think that the community involvement is a great idea, and lets not stop there either!what about asking everyone if they have any ideas about where and how to correct the fire station crisis? i believe that there are probably alot of good ideas floating around out there,but there is no place for anyone to focus their ideas!what do you think?

huh (Anonymous)

why do we really NEED these signs

Not a fan of St...

swiss family, if Stan is such a 'doer', then why isn't he the Mayor? Because Norwalk knows Stan. The only good thing I can say about Stan is he has a nice yard.