Truckers look to end streak

The Norwalk Truckers will try to make and break history Friday night at Bellevue Athletic Field. The Truckers, 3-2 overall on the season and 1-1 in the Northern Ohio League, face the Redmen, who come in at 1-4 and 0-2.
Scott Seitz
Jul 25, 2010


The Norwalk Truckers will try to make and break history Friday night at Bellevue Athletic Field.

The Truckers, 3-2 overall on the season and 1-1 in the Northern Ohio League, face the Redmen, who come in at 1-4 and 0-2.

The significance is this Norwalk has not won at Bellevue since 1949.

Yes, that's right 1949 when Harry S. Truman was President of the United States.

The Truckers have lost 28 straight times at Bellevue, counting the games at the old Harmon Field and the current Bellevue Athletic Field, which opened in the late 1960s.

Norwalk beat the Redmen 13-12 in October 1949.

The Truckers have only defeated Bellevue eight times total since the 1949 game.

All those wins came at Whitney Field, including four from 1974 to 1980 under former head coach Bob Hart.

Norwalk last beat the Redmen 28-27 in 2002 at Whitney. Bellevue has won 25 of the last 26 against Norwalk.

Hart, 70, who led Norwalk to the state title in 1974 and coached the Truckers to their only outright NOL championship in 1976, talked about the Norwalk-Bellevue rivalry.

None of Hart's teams of the 1970s, obviously, won at Bellevue.

"That streak is just unheard of in football circles," Hart said. "I think it's partly psychological and partly because Bellevue has one of the biggest school districts in the state.

"One of our top goals was winning that game at Bellevue, but we never could do it," the former coach added.

Norwalk lost 14-6 in Bellevue in 1973.

"We lost something like three fumbles in that game," Hart said.

Bellevue then beat Norwalk 44-15 in 1975, when the Truckers were defending state champs.

"I thought our '75 team was quite good," Hart said. "We always had a good scouting report, but going over there was a nightmare. It was a tough atmosphere. Our kids were uptight and would make mistakes they would not normally make. Things like fumble-itis."

Hart is a 1954 Bellevue High School graduate and pulls for the Redmen in every game, except for the Norwalk contest.

"I'll be there Friday night," he said. "I think it would be a great feather in their caps if Norwalk wins."

Four players who played on the 1949 Norwalk team talked about the streak this week.

"No, I didn't know about that streak that's amazing," said Charles "Tom" Hall, who was a senior halfback on offense and defense in 1949.

"I do remember that was a tremendous game as the score indicates," he added. "It was a hard-hitting, very physical game.

"I remember we tackled one of their guys into the band and they got us back when they put me on to the bench," Hall said.

Hall is rooting for Norwalk Friday.

"Absolutely, that would be tremendous," he said.

David Hester also played in the 1949 game.

"We knew quite a few of the kids from Bellevue through 4-H," he said.

Hester said the 1949 season was a disappointment, as Norwalk finished 4-4-1.

"We had a quarterback (the late) Bill McKinley," Hester said, adding McKinley played with a sore shoulder and later went on to the Miami (Fla.) University, the University of Michigan and then the Marines Corp.

"Bill could have played professional," Hester said.

Rich Meagrow was on that Trucker team.

"Bellevue was a great rivalry," he said.

Jim Seitz was a junior on that squad.

"It was always stuck in my mind and our team's mind to beat Bellevue," Seitz said. "We have a great chance this Friday for the boys to turn this thing around."

Norwalk-Bellevue series history since 1949:

1949 Norwalk 13, Bellevue 12.

1950 Norwalk 19, Bellevue 12.

1951 Bellevue 21, Norwalk 0.

1952 Norwalk 43, Bellevue 13.

1953 Bellevue 40, Norwalk 7.

1954 Bellevue 9, Norwalk 6.

1955 Bellevue 21, Norwalk 7.

1956 Bellevue 21, Norwalk 7.

1957 Bellevue 27, Norwalk 14.

1958 Bellevue 31, Norwalk 6.

1959 Bellevue 46, Norwalk 8.

1960 Norwalk 30, Bellevue 24.

1961 Bellevue 52, Norwalk 6.

1962 Bellevue 42, Norwalk 0.

1963 Bellevue 40, Norwalk 6.

1964 Bellevue 38, Norwalk 0.

1965 Bellevue 24, Norwalk 6.

1966 Bellevue 42, Norwalk 6.

1967 Bellevue 19, Norwalk 2.

1968 Bellevue 28, Norwalk 21.

1969 Bellevue 22, Norwalk 8.

1970 Norwalk 6, Bellevue 0.

1971 Bellevue 15, Norwalk 7.

1972 Bellevue 14, Norwalk 10.

1973 Bellevue 14, Norwalk 6.

1974 Norwalk 20, Bellevue 12.

1975 Bellevue 44, Norwalk 15.

1976 Norwalk 7, Bellevue 0.

1977 Bellevue 22, Norwalk 12.

1978 Norwalk 21, Bellevue 12.

1979 Bellevue 25, Norwalk 0.

1980 Norwalk 9, Bellevue 7.

1981 Bellevue 20, Norwalk 7.

1982 Bellevue 31, Norwalk 0.

1983 Bellevue 21, Norwalk 3.

1984 Bellevue 31, Norwalk 7.

1985 Bellevue 43, Norwalk 7.

1986 Bellevue 12, Norwalk 7.

1987 Bellevue 25, Norwalk 12.

1988 Bellevue 13, Norwalk 7.

1989 Bellevue 28, Norwalk 7.

1990 Bellevue 12, Norwalk 7.

1991 Bellevue 28, Norwalk 6.

1992 Bellevue 48, Norwalk 0.

1993 Bellevue 27, Norwalk 8.

1994 Bellevue 53, Norwalk 0.

1995 Bellevue 62, Norwalk 0.

1996 Bellevue 54, Norwalk 7.

1997 Bellevue 45, Norwalk 0.

1998 Bellevue 20, Norwalk 14.

1999 Bellevue 42, Norwalk 6.

2000 Bellevue 61, Norwalk 6.

2001 Bellevue 41, Norwalk 0.

2002 Norwalk 28, Bellevue 27.

2003 Bellevue 41, Norwalk 22.

2004 Bellevue 52, Norwalk 6.

2005 Bellevue 47, Norwalk 13.

2006 Bellevue 36, Norwalk 7.


me (Anonymous)

Lets go Truckers!!

Mr. Thomas. A. ...

Ron DeLuca would have been a better Bellevue graduate and Norwalk coach to interview for this...why must we keep running to Bob Hart for quotes when by his own doing he's had basically ZERO contact or relations with the program since he got wrongfully fired 26 years ago? Oh wait, he won a state title 33 years ago, therefore "he knows" about what's gone on with the program say the past 20 years. I see he says he is going to the game, I wonder how many he's been to since he was let go (not negative here, just curious).

I just hope too much attention isn't being put on this streak and not the game itself...but I know this senior class would not allow that to happen.

mom (Anonymous)

My son is part of this senior football team. Believe me, they are concentrating on this game, not the 'streak'. These boys have worked very hard to get where they are now. I'm very proud of all of them. They're a great group of kids. Do me a favor and be there with all of us Friday night to cheer them on!

Mr. Thomas. A. ...

Oh I'll definitely be there...just think the streak might be getting too much attention (has there been a story in the past on this or is it because Bellevue happens to be 1-4 and not competitive?) and I don't want it to come back and BITE US.

No negative feelings about it all, just concerned I guess.

to Mr. Smith: (...

They're going to say something every week. Last week it was "they haven't been 3-1 since 1976" or this weeks "they haven't won in Bellevue since 1949". They can't let it get to their heads, which I don't think will happen. Good Luck Truckers!!

Streak (Anonymous)

That is one ugly history listed above. If they're going to beat Bellevue it's going to be this year. 6-4 is possible if no injuries. I'm with Mr. Smith. How about some attention to how the mighty Bellevue Redman have fallen in recent years? I think Bob Hart was a good choice because he's a Bellevue guy who ended up here.