Violette case remains a mystery nearly 15 years later

High school junior's body found in a field in 1998.
Scott Seitz2
Jun 15, 2013


Nearly 15 years after the body of 17-year-old Daniel Violette Jr. was found in a Norwich Township field, the case remains a mystery.

Violette was a junior at Willard High School and attended classes at Pioneer Joint Vocational School in Shelby.

He reportedly was last seen the evening of Oct. 24, 1998 at a grocery in Willard. Nearly two weeks later, his body was discovered about 75 feet off Townline Road 12 by a farmer.


This week, authorities discussed this case for a front-page story in Saturday's Norwalk Reflector. It's the final installment of a three-part series about unsolved deaths in Huron County. So you don't miss stories such as these, sign up for home delivery by calling 419-668-3771 or subscribe to the e-paper (a complete digital replica of each issue) for less than $1 per week and read the full-version of the stories online.




Somebody knows something. Clear your conscious. How horrible.

Yall Make Me Sick

Somebody(s) out there knows something about each of these stories that are "unsolved" murders. I pray they find the people or people's for each case & soon these familes need some closure.


If you know something about these cases, please come forward..How would you feel if this were to happen to someone in your family?..Clear your conscious & tell what you know..Doesn't matter how small you think it is..One tip could go a long way..Please do the right thing & help bring the person(s) responsible to justice..These victims & their families deserve the truth, so they can bring some type of closure to this nightmare they have been living with all these years..


If you know anything please come forward so Danny can rest in peace.


I know a lot of people miss Danny. He was a cool kid that would always make people laugh and was a good wrestler. It was a Wednesday night and we were at church when someone from the youth group cam in crying and said that they had found him. It broke all of our hearts and the only thing that made it worse was that nothing was ever solved or done about it. A couple years later Regina was found dead. I cannot figure out how in the town of Willard these crimes go unsolved. I can't fart without 100 people talking person knows something that the rest of us don't. They need to speak up.

finally free

I remember that night at FAOG. What a horrible night.


I'd say 200 Jake :))


I remember this like it was yesterday. Hard to imagine that 15yrs have gone by. Danny was truly an amazing person and friend. He was not perfect, but he was genuine, and had a good soul. I will always remember Danny with a smile, like that picture above, always ready for an adventure, and would do anything for his friends.

I await the day that someone comes forward with more information. Danny has a wonderful, loving family, and they deserve to have answers and closure.

Danny you are gone, but not forgotten. I think of you often. RIP DPV.


any speculation to who is involed in this crime?