Bouscay Avenue resident reportedly yells ethnic slurs at visitor, threats to kill woman's unborn child

Norwalk law director considering charges.
Scott Seitz2
Jun 14, 2013


Norwalk police are currently investigating an incident labeled as "disorderly conduct" which took place Thursday evening at a Bouscay Avenue apartment complex.

Officers were called to Bouscay Avenue location at 6:31 p.m. after a complex resident reportedly shouted "ethnic slurs" at a visitor and told the woman she would "kill her unborn child."

The entire incident has been forwarded to the Norwalk law director's office for the consideration of charges.



At least Bouscey has stayed out of the news a couple of weeks...


I guess Meth withdrawal is a b**ch


Hopefully the Bouscay Ave poster from a month or so ago that got on here telling us how 'that area is just as good or bad as everywhere else' chimes in. Always enjoyable.