Ohio lawmakers propose 48-hour waiting period for abortions

“This isn’t a direct attempt to over turn Roe versus Wade; this is an attempt to get women more information,” Ohio Right to Life president says
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Jun 14, 2013


Ohio Republicans are considering a bill that would usher in new restrictions for women seeking an abortion, including requirements that they wait at least 48 hours and receive an ultrasound before having the procedure.

House Bill 200, which has 34 co-sponsors including eight Republican men from the Miami Valley, would require abortion providers to describe to the pregnant woman the anatomical features of the fetus or embryo and its ability to feel pain.

The Miami Valley representatives who are co-sponsors of the bill are John Adams, Peter Beck, Terry Blair, Jim Buchy, Jim Butler, Mike Henne, Ron Maag and Wes Retherford.

Doctors would also be required to describe to the patient in writing the medical risks of an abortion, including infection, infertility, hemorrhage and “the increased risk of breast cancer.”

According to the American Cancer Society web page: “At this time, the scientific evidence does not support the notion that abortion of any kind raises the risk of breast cancer or any other type of cancer.”

Violators of the provisions could face first degree felony charges and $1 million fine.

Ohio Right to Life President Mike Gonidakis, who said his organization is not behind the legislation, called it an attempt to inform pregnant women.

“This isn’t a direct attempt to over turn Roe versus Wade; this is an attempt to get women more information,” he said.

When asked about the requirement to tell women that abortion is linked to a higher risk of breast cancer — a notion widely pushed by abortion foes but debunked — Gonidakis said he isn’t a doctor and cannot speak to the medical accuracy of that link. Gonidakis is on the Ohio State Medical Board.

Kellie Copeland of NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio denounced the bill as attempt to further curtail access to abortions.

“Politicians are playing doctor,” Copeland said. “They’re making doctors blatantly lie to their patients, mandating invasive transvaginal ultrasounds and imposing longer waiting periods and bureaucratic hoops for women and doctors to go through simply to access a safe, legal medical procedure.”

The bill also calls for:

* Mandatory ultrasounds that show the entire body of an embryo or fetus and verbal descriptions of the fetal features, including the presence of an audible heartbeat. Ultrasounds can be conducted transabdominal or transvaginal, which is more invasive.

* Allow patients to refuse to listen to the fetal heart monitor or look at ultrasound images.

* Require clinics to provide a free sonogram image upon request.

* Replace the current 24 hour waiting period with a 48 hour waiting period and restrict waivers to medical emergencies in which the woman faces death without an immediate abortion.

* Define a viable pregnancy as one with a fetal sac in the uterus and a heartbeat.

* Inform women whether their pregnancy is viable and if it’s not, tell them they will miscarry and that no further medical intervention is necessary, unless the doctor has evidence to the contrary.


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I would agree if the bill also stated the state of ohio will pay for the initial bill to see the doctor and also be responsible for any complications as a result of waiting 48 hours... I do truly hope there is an exception for rape.... how will this play out if morning after pills are readily available will they fine the Obama administration?


More invasion into a woman's right to privacy and the right to choose what they believe is better for them. All of the conditions attached to this bill are deplorable and repugnant. So they couldn't pass the "Heartbeat" Bill last year and now they try this. And to try to insult mine or any other woman's intelligence by lying saying there's a link to breast cancer? Shame on them on behalf of ALL women who have diagnosed with breast cancer!


I still don't understand long term abortions.Like stabbing them in the neck and putting them in chemical vats.Don't you women know sooner than that, if you want the brat ?Next,why are you even pregnant
with all the prevention on the market?Sounds to me like a immature mentality towards sex!

JudgeMeNot's picture

Privacy is no excuse for killing someone in your home or your body.


I don't understand the breast cancer link-but- when a woman chooses abortion, she chooses to end a human life. What's wrong with full disclosure? Should she not see the life she is ending? Should she not hear the heartbeat she is stopping? Should she not take 48 hours to allow the ramifications of what she is doing to "sink in"?

Many women are uneducated and pushed or persuaded into having an abortion and regret that decision for the rest of their lives.

Any of you see that woman from
Planned Parenthood go in front of Florida
Lawmakers and state her case against providing medical care to babies born alive after a botched abortion? Planned Parenthood aren't woman's rights advocates. They are a business-an abortion business.

If a woman chooses abortion, she should have full knowledge of what she's doing beforehand and have time to consider the decision. Even car dealerships will let you take a car for the weekend to think about it.

This is NOT an invasion to any right to privacy and it does not decide for or against abortion for a mother and take away any "rights" she has. "Deplorable and repungent" conditions attached to this bill? Give me a break...looking at a fetus and hearing its heartbeat is not deplorable...its a miracle. Also, NO WAY should "Ohio" be responsible for paying a bill for an abortion. I understand there are special circumstances-such as rape and incest; however, EVERY OTHER WOMAN WHO GETS PREGNANT CHOSE TO SPREAD HER LEGS. Don't want a baby? Don't want to take the risk of having a baby? Don't have sex. Wow! What a concept.


I will concede some of the points you have made. A waiting period of 48 hours is reasonable,unless it is a case of rape or incest.Personally, a decision to obtain an abortion is not one a woman usually takes lightly. The majority of women who make this decision are aware of what they're doing and there is plenty of images as well as other information of what an abortion entails. The assumption that ANY woman who makes this decision is someone who didn't practice safe sex and needs to deal with the consequences of her actions is ridiculous. And where in this article did it say the law would be changed to have Ohio pay for this? By federal law, abortions cannot be funded by any state,through the Medicaid program if federal funds are used in other programs through the clinic. Yes, I do respect your opinion but it still should be a woman's right to choose. I have had 6 children, and terminated one pregnancy.My reasons were my own and in no way anyone else's business. I believe in the right of choice-whether it's birth control,an abortion, physician assisted suicide,religion or your choice of an alternative lifestyle- it is NO ONE'S business! BTW, 5 of my children are women and they believe in the right to choose,4 would not personally have an abortion, but they do respect a woman's right to privacy. The two of us could debate this matter until we're blue in the face but I CHOOSE not to.

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Abortion is 100% murder and is morally wrong. Whether in or out of the womb, a baby is still a baby. Anyone who begs to differ, needs a proper education.


I am educated. I also 'beg to differ.' It is NOT, by definition, murder, and is legal. I think you're the one that needs an education.


Cockynurse, you lost me, and all credibility, when you claimed Planned Parenthood is an abortion business. You're full of it.

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A fetus has a right to live. Have you seen abortion pictures online?
It's a freaking baby, it has a head, arm, and legs.