Area man accused of raping two children

Hour-long chase precedes suspect's arrest.
Cary Ashby
Jun 14, 2013


A former Willard man is accused of raping two girls when he was baby-sitting them.

Kenneth R. Bentley, 55, of Shelby, is charged with one count of rape in connection with a May 22 incident, according to Shelby Municipal Court records.

The Richland County Sheriff's Office investigated the case in which the suspect reportedly led authorities on a nearly hour-long chase before he was arrested near Meijer in Ontario.

Deputies responded to a Taylortown Road home May 22 after the mother of 7- and 11-year-old girls reportedly threatened to kill Bentley and accused him of molesting her two daughters, according to the Mansfield News Journal.

Bentley, who reportedly baby-sat for the victims for six months, initially was charged with obstruction of justice, but made bail and later stayed in Columbus, Detective Pat Smith told the Journal.

Authorities issued a warrant for Bentley's arrest on the rape charge June 6, according to court records.

Smith said Bentley's ex-wife drove him to the Franklin County Jail, where the suspect turned himself in. Deputies picked him up and transported him back to the Richland County Jail.

Bentley must post a $250,000 bond before being released from custody. There is no indication of a no-association order as a condition of bail.

His preliminary hearing is scheduled for today. Bentley has the right to waive his right to have prosecutors present evidence and his case would be transferred to Richland County Common Pleas Court for a possible grand jury indictment.

"At that (hearing), we'll present probable cause," said Smith, who couldn't be reached for comment Thursday.

If convicted of rape, Bentley faces three to 11 years in prison.



What does once living in Willard have to do with this story? He's from Shelby and this all happened in Richland County. I feel like you went out of your way on this one! Great detective work and journalistic integrity.

Yall Make Me Sick

Because its Huron county & he is originally from Willard. Would be my guess. He also has family in Willard.

believe it

Still has nothing to do with the story though. The Reflector likes to rip on Willard whenever they have a chance.

Yall Make Me Sick

I could not agree more with the ripping on Willard part. You don't see the times junction tearing down Norwalk.


I'd want to kill him too!

David Deerest.

I wonder if Moe and Larry were in on this...


Why would a woman allow a man to babysit her 2 daughters,especially at those ages? Makes me wonder...


Yeah lady, because all men are child rapists like this monster. WOW, You're an idiot!

It's a Jeep thing



No you are taking my comment wrong! But, considering statistically speaking, most molestations occur with a man as a molester towards child victims and are known by the families of the victims, is what my comment was articulating. And since my career choice is in social work and I see victims and families of victims on a daily basis, it is you sir who is an idiot!


I took your comment the same way. Sounded to me like you just think all men would molest kids.


After all the incidents in our area the past year with our children being beaten and murdered by irresponsible women allowing unsupervised access to their children, I believe my comment was and is appropriate.


Not even worth argueing with such closed-mindedness...


Not for arguments sake but I would like to give you an opportunity to explain how any of my remarks were close minded? I welcome any feedback you have to offer. If you are correct and I am wrong, I will be more than happy to apologize.


From the pic, I wouldn't have left my lil girls with that man. I know it sounds krazy, but NoooooooWay!


I say the same thing!


Geronimo !

Simple Enough II

Looks like a Carney!

Simple Enough II


get informed

"It is very sad,sick, for anyone to do this to children.If this animal did this to these babies he needs to spend the rest of the his life in prison defending his anus and his said nasty twisted existence.State of Ohio says in O.R.C rape under the age of 12 is 3 years to "LIFE" Headline says 10 year max....Protect our children should castrate people that rape children like animals so they no longer have the mental chemistry "desire"


This fellow hasn't even been indicted yet. There are forms of rape that mandate life in prison and those that don't. All rape is abhorrent but only certain types carry life in prison. Perhaps we should wait to see what the grand jury charges him with before criticizing the potential penalty.


WTF, innocent children were molested and all you guys are concerned about is someone said something bad about Willard!!!wth. These children will be affected by this stupid a** for the rest of their life. My first thougt was get the noose ready!!!


I agree with you, Happyfeet! Boy or girl-I would NOT allow a 55yo man babysit my children.

3-11 years for 2 counts of rape with victims ages 7&11? Yep, the mother shoulda thought less as acted more before she called the police. 3 years in prison for robbing a child of her innocence-what a joke.


does anyone of u no this man? no u dont. so dont be to quick to judge! this guy would not do such a thing! he has kids and a family! he is innocent until proven guilty far as im concerned.


And so the script repeats itself!



Simple Enough II

A lot of wack jobs out there and surprising many are mothers who I would call paranoid......


I Love How Everyone Is So Quick To Judge Someone By Their Looks. Do Any Of You Know Him Personally?! Probably Not All You People Do Is Sit On Here & Judge People Without Knowing Them At All. He Has A Family & Has Been Around Kids And Has Never Done Anything Like This. Let The Court Figure Out The Facts, Untill Then I Think You All Need to Just Stop Being A$$Holes!


If Moe is guilty, he's molested before, you don't get to his age & just start raping young girls, the victims from his past are keeping his secret. If he did this, he should get life in prison. Past victims please come forward, it is the right thing to do, for yourself.


i would not allow someone like him to watch my kids. appearance means a lot. one of the key questions on my yearly review in my profession is personal looks and how well you take care of yourself. I hope this guy gets ripped apart in jail. he deserves everything he has coming to him. The fact that he has a family does not matter to me. When you do stupid repulsive things to land your mug in the paper, I don't feel sorry for him.