Regina Hicks is gone, but not forgotten

Nearly 12 years after local woman's death, Huron County sheriff says "we are very close to solving this case."
Scott Seitz
Jun 13, 2013


Not a day goes by that Huron County Sheriff Dane Howard doesn't reflect on the case involving Regina (Rowe) Hicks.

Hicks, a former Willard resident, died in October 2001. Her body was discovered in the passenger's seat of her white Camaro, which was found submerged in a pond near Section Line Road 30 in rural Willard.

The official ruling on the cause of Hicks' death was drowning.

"The manner of death is pending," Huron County Coroner Dr. Jeffrey Harwood said this week.

Howard, then a detective, investigated the Hicks case. Now the county sheriff, Howard is still the lead investigator on that case. Howard now says authorities "are very close to solving this case."

He and other officials, as well as the victim's mother and friends, spoke to the Reflector about the case for a front-page story in Thursday's paper. It's the first installment of a three-part series about unsolved deaths in Huron County. So you don't miss stories such as these, sign up for home delivery by calling 419-668-3771 or subscribe to the e-paper (a complete digital replica of each issue) for less than $1 per week and read the full-version of the stories online.






And after this you can find out what happened to the Fu Sing lady..or Danny Violette...or the Spanish guy that was just murdered..I mean serious...just figure out one of them and I think the people in Willard would be happy...just ONE of the four from the past 15 years would be great...


Danny Violette was a drug deal gone bad....


Someone should do a little investigation on Ricky Sexton about this case, just sayin !

Welcome to Toon Town

Or Eric Reese?... To add to the comment above.

chelsea kimble

I would love to see there be a closing to this case, but like the other two posts... I would like to see closure for these cases also...


the thing is the police can only do so much but without people who have information about these cases it makes it hard for them!


Also Brian Studer from New Washington

Yall Make Me Sick

It's about time they get this dang case solved. I mean come on she has a son & mother & father & friends who'd love to know what really happen to her. We've only been waiting for a while now. It's nice to see that they still care enough to almost be close enough to solve it. Then get to the other cases of Huron county's suspicious deaths that have taken place recently & earlier. I can't wait to find out who REALLY did this. Everyone has had their own suspicions for so long lets see who's right.


How about we do something about the fact that her mother tried to suffocate multiple people, She also tried to suffocate someone very close to me, which resulted in his death. I kno her family very well. They are all good people aside from her mother who is a piece of work!


Then you have the Alice White story. Bambi got it at the muck?


Someone went to jail for Bambi's murder...they were paroled last year after serving 30 years...


Everyone knows who did this.. everyones suspicions are right.. isn't that right P.H.? Youll be brought to justice someday.

Yall Make Me Sick

Could not agree more.


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Gone Fishing

^^ my thoughts exactly. ..


Oh yes truthbetold77 I agree with you about who killed Regina!! So sad this had to happen to her :(


Im glad there making progress on this 12 year old case but I think they said the same thing 10 years ago. Solving it is a far cry from getting a conviction.

Game time

Maybe it is the Huron County Prosecutor who should give this case a try...

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Huron County Prosecutor does not take any case that isn't an easy win.


JakeMac25.... I never heard a conclusion to Bambi's murder. Who went to prison for that? It seems like we hear the initial story of a murder and then nothing more.


The guy that went to prison for it was not the guy who probably did it. So I'm not going to put a name on here. Sorry it's nothing personal. But someone did sit 30 years for Bambi's murder.


Thank you for replying JakeMac25. I had never heard anymore about it. I went to school with him although he was a couple years older.


Brian Studer from New Washington lets find his killer too. So sad to see families suffer because of a worthless coward. How these killers live each day knowing what they did is beyond me. truthbetold77 I'd say your right about P.H.


May her family find closure soon.


If you mean the guy from Plymouth, he's been out awhile.

Gone Fishing

I don't think were talking about the same person Pau... I mean P.H. was living around willard last I knew and i don't think he got locked up for anything. ..? Either way he scum and I can't wait till this sorry excuse for a human being is brought to justice. ..

KURTje mean the Pau from Dogtown? He went to Richmond E, on Section Line? (bout 58)

Gone Fishing

Yea I believe he's from dog town idk about what school he went to but I don't think he's that old. P*u* H*c*s can you fill in the blanks? lol

Yall Make Me Sick

Yes it's P.H he graduated in 1995. Don't think he's been in jail for anything that I know of. Could be wrong he has their son.... He's had a few other kids since this all took place. Her mom dad & brother & son & friends would love closure of this case even though I think we've known all along. House fire? A few months before he wanted a divorce they split the money then some domestic violence off & on through out the whole relationship he didn't live far from the scene of the accident either. Then she dies. Come on way to much way to soon.


Another thing it would have to be someone that she would let drive her car if she was on the passenger side when they found her.