Norwalk businessman accused of stuffing newborn kittens into trash can

Man faces second-degree misdemeanor; kittens could not be saved.
Cary Ashby
Jun 13, 2013


A Norwalk businessman faces one count of cruelty to animals in connection with stuffing newborn kittens into a trash can.

Frank W. Mount, 64, of 6 Cedar St., is charged with a second-degree misdemeanor stemming from a suspected offense in Huron. If convicted, he faces up to 90 days in the Erie County Jail and a maximum fine of $750.

Mount is the owner of Mount Insurance Agencies Inc., which has offices in Norwalk and Huron.

On May 20, Huron Police Officer James Bowens responded to 1101 Mudbrook Road -- Mount's Huron office -- just after noon, based on a complaint by FSI Waste employee Steve Lopez.

The trash collector was on his trash pick-up route when he refused to haul away the kittens, which were lying on dead shrubbery on the ground. Lopez said Mount confronted him when didn't pick up the kittens and shrubbery because Lopez said they weren't considered trash, police said.

"The report indicates the umbilical cords were still attached," Chief Bob Lippert told the Reflector.

Erie County Dog Warden Barb Knapp responded to the scene as a courtesy call to Huron since she was down the road at a veterinarian's office.

"Some of them were clearly dead. They were fairly newborn," said Knapp, who arrived before two police officers. "Umbilical cords were tied to the branches."

Knapp estimated there were seven kittens and each one was 3 or 4 inches long.

"When I got there, you could hear them," she said about hearing the kittens in the trash can with the shrubbery. "Some eyes were not even open on them. They were half-gone by then. ... You could smell rotting flesh."

When Lopez told Mount another truck handles yard waste, the suspect reportedly picked up the kittens and shrubbery and stuffed them into the trash can designated for yard waste, police said.

Officers determined Mount was responsible for taking care of his mother's cats, Lippert said.

The police report indicates an officer only saw shrubbery sticking out of the trash can when he first approached it, but as he got closer, he "could hear several of the kittens crying in the bottom of the can."

"The shrubbery was lifted out of the can and we located several kittens that had just been born. The umbilical cords were still attached to the kittens and were wrapped up in the shrubbery," Bowens wrote in his report.

A witness at the scene identified Mount as the man who reportedly took out the trash. Knapp said she spoke to the same woman.

Police met with Huron Law Director Laura Alkire about the incident. Lippert said the prosecutor decided a charge of animal cruelty should be filed against Mount.

A veterinarian determined the kittens had to be euthanized, said Knapp, who wasn't able to track down the kittens' mother. She said she went to nearby yard with one of the kittens, where she found three adult cats lying down, but they didn't respond to the kitten's presence.

"I took a couple steps and they took off," Knapp said.

Mount, who couldn't be reached for comment Wednesday, made his first court appearance June 4 in Huron Municipal Court. A clerk said the defendant requested a continuance so he could hire an attorney and defense attorney Reese Wineman later entered a "not guilty" plea. Mount's next hearing is July 9.


all fact or all...

What is this kind of man made of that could be this cruel to a living thing. How was he raised with such careless reguard for any life. Makes my stomach turn.


What a disgusting human being! I really hope his businesses suffer because of this. I feel sorry for any children or grandchildren he may have had in his care.


If I had an insurance policy with Mount, I would cancel it right away.


I agree - who does this? And I too would take my business elsewhere!!! I hope his business fails due to this.


He just did what bob barker told him to do, but in his own way! There are too many cats around any ways. I am always seeing posters and signs for free kittens and no one wants more cats because they already have too many. Then you read about people asking where to take a cat they found and the answer is no place....humane society won't even take them. And a vet won't help a sick cat that you found unless you pay for it. So relax people it's JUST a few's not like they are on the endangered species list.


Life is Life and all Life is PRECIOUS!


I have to agree with you. No one will take them and they poo in your yard and you step in it and get it in the house or car. Wake up people. These animals are annoying as heck. And they just wont stop breeding.


Wait, we are talking about cats breeding right? :)

Rich Close

Strange reading comments about this since little is allowed to be printed or posted concerning the CUTTING, SLICING and CHEMICAL BURNING of HUMAN babies in the womb; 1.21 MILLION babies put in the trash last year and not a peep of concern. I wonder if some of the posters have had an abortion or advised/encouraged their children to and yet feel the need to condemn the acts of a man who did what animal shelters do every day. I’m sure many who post enjoy the animals they chewed and swallowed before or during their posting, enjoying that nice juicy cow burger or chicken on a bun or salad. If cats were delicious I suspect there wouldn't be such uproar over the death but instead over wasting a great meal.


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How was my reference to cats being delicious off topic when I was talking about something in the comment I replied to?


Maybe you said the words chinese food.


This article is about kittens, not babies. I'm sure if it were about babies then the outcry would be the same. It's not our fault that the media is allowed to report on these matters rather than ones that matter. And yes, what this man did to kittens is horrible.


All of gods creatures taste better w/ a side of mashed potatoes & gravy. So I'll tell you what- if you lay off the meat eating comments, I won't tell you how many rat hairs, aphid parts and other crap is in your vegan meal. Get over it. It's legal for abortions, not for throwing cats away. May not like it but get off your soap box and change the laws.




Uh oh, the anti - abortion thumping begins...

Rich Close

"no murderer has eternal life abiding in him” (1 John 3:15).


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REALLY!!!! how can someone disregard life so easily?? He could have at least taken them to a vet to be euthanized if he didn't want them, and I'm sure money wasn't the issue.


I suspect money is now an issue. Attorney Wineman's down payment for a case like this is at least $2500.00

Yall Make Me Sick

Can we please do this to him. This is just very inhuman. How can somebody do such a cold hearted thing. This just hurts my heart. I'm so dang disgusted with this. Please please let me do a few things to him!


Scalpel please...hee hee


for the next litter of unwanted kittens, drive down a back road and throw them out the window like a basketball. poof, no charges


Animal cruelty is no joke, people should rethink using his business if he is found at fault, you shouldn't be able to throw any living animal in the trash ever. If he is guilty , this behavior is hiding a deeper disturbing character flaw. What else has he done in the past ,to think this is acceptable behavior.


The cat mother was cruel. I would not dig through that mess to check if a premature birth was botched or aborted naturally. Why do you automatically think it is cruelty when you did not see it or smell it? The umbelical cords were still attached to the kittens. Something went wrong.


I think I'll switch my business over to him. Maybe that will help him pay the fine. I wished he lived in my neighborhood. Way to many of these cats.


This is a non issue. Aparently the mother cat didn't do a very good job of giving birth. Do we now have to call 911 for botched pet abortions/deliveries? How do you then dispose of rotting matter tha stinks if not in the garbage? The man is not a vet. Do we now have to call a vet when a mother cat gives birth on our property? Guess you would have to be there to judge if it was live birth or tissue matter he was cleaning up?


FLOWERMOM-What are you talking about? He probably ripped the kittens from the mother as soon as they were born. The article states that some of the cords were tied to branches. Do you think the mother cat tied them? If people were responsible enough to spay cats, there wouldn't be a problem. Society is going down the dumper, and fast. If you have cats on your property-catch them and get them spayed. No it isn't cheap, but it is the responsible thing to do. I have paid to have several cats spayed and I would rather skip a few fast food meals and know I did the right thing than throw baby kittens in the garbage. This man is sick, period.


Like many others that DO NOT own cats, I sure seem to have my share of them around my house. I am sick to death of cat owners not keeping them in their own homes and just letting them roam all over and breed more. I am going to start putting a nice little bowl of something for them to drink all around my house, on the hood of my car, on my porch and in my garage. Guess that will take care of it. When I watched the news clip on television and it showed all the cats roaming around the house and porch I immediately saw the problem. If he took care of the latest batch of little kitties....good for him. The number of cats roaming around have become an epidemic that needs taken care of. If they are YOUR pets, keep them in YOUR home. If not, we need to take action and snuff out this problem.


Did anyone think the momma cat may have had the babies in the shrub, then with kittens some died and some alive all tangled up in a bush. The easiest way was to dig the bush..and throw it all away. All about the cats?? Anyone thinking the man may have now had to get rid of a perfectly good shrub due to some stinkin' cat spilling it guts. Whats next am i going to have to call a vet if a Robin egg falls from a tree into my grass.. Lord forbid i run it over with my lawnmower.. You people amaze me with animals. Go out of your way for animals yet seeing a HUMAN jogging or bicycling along the road you won't even slide over a little???