Suspects still at large in rural Willard slaying

Brothers may have had two-day head start, sheriff says.
Scott Seitz2
Jun 17, 2013


The investigation into the recent murder of rural Willard resident Daniel Jacinto Hernandez continues to be the top priority for the Huron County Sheriff's Office.

Hernandez, 24, of 4012 Baseline Road, Apt. 3, was found stabbed to death June 2 at the apartment he shared with brothers Misael Lopez and Hiram Emmanuel Lopez.

The Lopez brothers are the persons of interest or suspects in the case.

Sheriff Dane Howard said the Lopez brothers might have fled the area in a 2004 Dodge Stratus which belonged to Hernandez.

A warrant has been issued for the Lopez brothers for theft of a motor vehicle.

Howard said Hernandez might have been murdered up to two days before his body was discovered by a farm field boss.

"That's important to know that these persons of interest could have had a two-day head start," Howard said. "That makes it that much tougher."

If the Lopez brothers fled to Mexico, extradition won't be easy, Howard said.

"We haven't confirmed they are there, but we understand the extradition process is extremely difficult," the sheriff said.

Detective Sgt. Josh Querin said officers expected to be in contact with Hernandez's family in Mexico soon.

"We've obtained the victim's family's phone number," Querin said, adding it was first believed the family resided in Oaxaca, Mexico, but it was later learned they lived in Veracruz, Mexico.

"We continue to follow up on leads," Detective Bill Duncan said.

"We've had about a dozen tips from callers," Querin said.

"We very much appreciate the tips," Howard added.

"We also believe, from the information we've obtained, the victim and persons of interest were not in this country legally," Howard said.

Howard said motive has not been established in the case.

"We believe strongly there are folks in the Willard area who can assist with this case, but who are either afraid to or chosen not to talk to us," Howard said.

The sheriff's office is offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the suspects.

"We believe the suspects have used Facebook and other social media, under other names, to contact other people in the Willard area," Querin said.

Querin said people in the Willard area are believed to have either current or past cell phone numbers of the suspects.

"We're still identifying new people to talk to," Duncan said.



Very true JakeMac...I would be making sure my gun is under my pillow :)


Now you know that every Spanis person that is hired in the muck does not have a green card or legal papers! Maybe if the start holding the muck employers accountable, we wouldn't have this crap! Now you know that every Mexican that is hired at the farms does not have a green card or legal papers! Maybe if the start holding the employers accountable, we wouldn't have this crap! I'm sorry but I live in the country and there is no way I would let my daughters even go anywhere by themselves in Willard! Because be honest, a woman cannot go anywhere in Willard without being gauked at or whistled at! Stop hiring these illegals and it would be a better community to live in. Those jobs are ilike slavery anyway. Has anyone ever been in these little huts they live in? You have little slabs of concrete to sleep on just like jail! Go after the farm/employers and have the stop this Crap. They are also breaking laws sorry but I live in the country and there is no way I would let my daughters even go anywhere by themselves in Willard! Because be honest, a woman cannot go anywhere in Willard without being gauked at or whistled at! Stop hiring these illegals and it would be a better community to live in. Those farm jobs are like slavery anyway. Has anyone ever been in these little huts they live in? You have little slabs of concrete to sleep on just like jail! Go after the farm employers stop this crap! They are also breaking laws

believe it

Were you drunk when you wrote this? Or maybe on heroin? Go shoot up some more, Princess.


@princess71 next time you decide to leave comment dont hit your pipe first!

finally free

Hey Princess, have u ever been in one of those "huts"? "Slabs of concrete" ???? Really??? It's not only the Mexicans that are gawking and whistling.... grow up.

Sitting In The ...

Evidently the reward not working....

24productions sound I little like you've spent some "time" in one of these immigrant huts...hard to get out of a concrete bed to make your "pappá" eggs in the morning?


Huts with concrete slabs lol. A whole lot better than many of the dumpy run-down homes I see white people inhabiting in Willard, many in filthy conditions. And the ignorance, bad spelling/grammar, and just downright stupid comments some people post on here aren't doing anything to help you make your case as to why you're so much more deserving of this country than the immigrants. All any of you, myself included, did was win the birth lottery by being born here. Thank God that you were, and quit begrudging others who simply want a better life and are willing to work for it.


Really! You sound like you need a friend WillardGuy...when someone refers to us as "white people" you know you're talking to a non-white person :)

It's funny how us "white people" don't get offended by that reference.


WillardGuy you are an idiot and sound like you are one of the farm employers.And who the hell cares about grammar and spelling? stfu. These are people we are talking about.And Believe it, never used heroin sorry!Can you tell me how it feels to shoot up because you are probably the crack/heroin addict!

believe it

Sounds like some people struck a nerve with you.


Reread the comment before this. It is a little confusing and repeats itself.


I heard that the muck will have one guy that is legal and he brings his crew with him to work who may be illegal. The muck pays him and when he cashes "his" check he pays all the other workers who may be illegal.


You heard wrong.Every single employee receives their own paycheck and shows ID and proof of employment at each particular farm to cash their checks in Willard.Some white folks stole some of the checks from one of the farms afew years back,fabricated names and cashed them sticking the banks for a lot of money.Because of that situation the Willard banks take a lot of caution cashing farm checks.




Here we go. Ok, so the comments start out today with a gentleman making and asking pertinent questions regarding our law enforcement officers speaking a little Spanish to possibly making their jobs a little easier. When I initially moved from here to CA. over 20 years ago, the only Hispanics I saw on a regular basis was generally during harvest when the migrants would come in to help in the fields. They would do their job and go to the next place to pick. There was virtually no place in the area to work year round and as a result, they moved on. Fast forward to 2001 when I moved back with my children and ex husband,The various nurseries, farms and landscaping businesses expanded and decided to employ the migrants to work year round. Now I have lived in Mexico for 1 1/2 years and saw things that no one should ever see. Yes the culture is different but I witnessed some of the worst poverty,corruption and and degradation beyond any persons imagination. I have seen 5,6,7 year old children in garbage dumps digging for plastic pop bottles to recycle to make 50 cents a day for 1 meal of rice and beans,with rats the size of cats running over their feet,I've seen law enforcement look the other way while WHOLE families were dragged out of their homes and executed because the teenage sons wouldn't work for the cartels and I've seen mothers cry late at night because they work 14 to 16 hour days in the fields just to provide a concrete hut(sic) over their kids head and go without eating themselves. And, some of the blame is on them- can't afford the kids? Don't have them- oh wait that's right the Pope says you have to.Clean up your country from the corruption and drug cartels? Supply and demand.The majority who come here only want what any other human on this planet wants- a decent life. I'm not completely absolving anyone of blame here- yes there are a majority who are here illegally, yes they use each others ID to get jobs with companies so they look legal and yes they should be here with a legal status. But, that can take YEARS to do and they have to find a sponsor. I'm very much aware or alot of aspects of how things are concerning the "illegals" in this area- how they will pool their money to pay a coyote to bring someone over the border, how if someone dies here and they want to bury them in Mexico,they will knock on each others' doors for donations to send them back and how the rough majority do pay taxes out of their paychecks(cause the ID looks legal) yet don't receive refunds. They are good consumers- every week they shop- for food,clothes,pay their rent on time,etc. Don't get me wrong- I've had to deal with the drunks and wolf whistles myself through the years. But, all in all, I've gained respect for them as a whole. I used to be a very racist and bigoted person before I left this area- it was how I'd been raised. Every comment or stereotype any of you can come up with about any ethnicity on the planet, I've heard and fed into myself, but just one time put al that out of your head and think maybe you might be wrong? This young man was brutally murdered leaving an anguished wife and family, who very likely thought that coming here might better their life in so many ways we take for granted and now she has to bury him,to never hear his voice or have her children grow up without him and so many of you seem to have forgotten that is what this is about. So sad.


Happyfeet64 I can aggree to some extent. I have lived all up and down the east coast and have seen a lot of Mexican, Cuban, true Africans(not the ones born here that call themselves that, what a joke)etc., and have to say, the hardest workers I have come across are the Mexicans. The ones that come here on a work visa for a couple years, send their money back home to their families. I'd put 1 of them up against 3 Americans any day. Shame but true. I just don't believe they should be here and getting everything just because their country sucks. Not our(Americans) fault. If they want to come here so their kids aren't searching dumps, working for cartels or anything else, fine. But I believe they should come the right way. Learn the language, follow the "laws of the land" and do EVERYTHING a born here American has to do to make it. If they can't do that, then they need to keep walking in dumps and getting killed. It is not Americas responsibility to give everyone everything because they've had a tough life in their country. I don't want to give a free ride to the Amercan who had a hard life. Learn the correct way to do things. Work hard(which most of them do), follow the rules and do it the correct way. We are bending as country to their ways. NO! We Are Americans already! They should bend to our rules to be here. If not-build the wall and keep them out. Look at what you need to do if you want to become a Mexican citizen. I think you may be surprised. I feel sorry for the murder victem and family. But this is still America and I think we need to take control over the country and quit letting forigners make our decisions. My opinion


I do support immigration reform. Extending workers' visas,with some of the other attachments are a step in the right direction. But,your obvious racist comment about African Americans(not "real" Africans) have a tendency to make whatever points you attempted to articulate moot.Your comment that we are "bending" our country to their ways is difficult to understand on my end. How are we bending to their ways? I'm a white female,Wiccan,Pro-choice,for gun control,liberal,believe in equality for the LGBT community and am very intelligent,and educated and speak 3 languages-should I conform myself to what you find acceptable? I think not. Diversity and the ideal of the American Dream has been pervasive in this country for over 200 years- who are you to say who can and can't attempt to embrace that dream themselves?In case you haven't noticed your racist and small minded views are slowing being replaced with more open and accepting viewpoints. Again, your insistence that an immigrant be forced to do things the "correct way" or the "American" way is something I really would like you to expand on. What is the "correct" way? Do they give up their culture because you say so? No one else in this country has been forced to give up theirs. They do follow our laws,as much as they can. We've not allowed them to receive international drivers licenses,(which their country does) to drive legally in our country. They avoid receiving any type of government assistance to avoid leaving a paper trail that could result in being deported. They pay their bills,taxes,take care of their families yet you insist that in between work(5-6 days a week), church,laundry,grocery shopping,kids they need to attend ESL classes. Are you going to finance or teach them? Contrary to what you may believe, a goodly amount do speak and understand English-they just don't want to speak to you. Which considering the way you've presented your comments,can't say I blame them.


The African comment was not racist. I am calling out the people that have never been to Africa or even know where it is on the map and insist that they are African American. BS. Then that makes me a Irish American and I should get the benifits of being a minority like them and others. If you come to this country you should respect our laws and our ways. If you can not conform to our constitution then stay out. I never said give up culture. I said to be and American. If you are born in Mexico and come here and become a citizen, then you are an American. If you are born in Africa and you become a citizen you are an American. You are one that has to be politically correct by calling everyone African American or Mexican American. BS again. If you want to be in this country then dam*it- your an AMERICAN. And you can't tell me they pay there taxes and don't get welfare and everything else. If you want to live here then between work, grocery shopping and making new illegals they need to take the classes and become citizens. If you want to support them then you do that. Me- I say build the wall and let the one that REALLY want to be here, take the test and abide by our laws and rules. If they can't then deport them. If that makes me racist- so be it. Why are we extending anything to them or others? They get a time limit to become a U.S. citizen. If they don't do it send them back. And back to the African comment. I have NEVER met a black or white man here that was a true African/American. I have met Africans(yes-white and black) that have moved here and became citizens. And you know what THEY call themselves? AMERICANS. So before you start throwing out the race card and say how you can speak 3 languages, which I really could give a s*it about, look at my statement, I stand by it. IF THEY DO NOT WANT TO ABIDE BY THE LAWS THAT GOVERN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, AND FOLLOW THE IMMIGRANTS THAT CAME HERE AND BECAME AMERICANS-THEN STAY OUT. PERIOD. And if they follow the laws "as much as they can", and not fully then deport them. We jail ours for only following the ones they want. Again that's ok becuse they are less fortunate. HAH.And by the way- I am a White Anglo Saxon Protestant, Bachelor Degree and make 6 figures a years. So what!

finally free

So if your family tree was traced back, way back, there would be no illegals? You say your Irish-American, then somewhere, someone in your family migrated here.

I am from Mexican descent and I was born in America, 3rd generation, and I am proud to call myself Mexican-American!! And I will teach my children and their children not to be ashamed of who they are or where they come from.

There are good and bad in every color..... It's a shame that we only ever concentrate on thebad of every color.


Your exactly correct. That was before immigration laws and I'm sure it was probably even before there was 20 states, let alone 50. Meaning it was a long time ago. I do not call myself an Irish American because I am not one. I am an American. Just like the modern day Mexican, African, Irishman, Frenchman, Italian, etc. We are now AMERICANS. We are not African American, Italian American, etc. That is the modern political correctness bullcrap. Once you are American then you are an American. Not saying give up your culture, beliefs, etc. But if you apply to become an American Citizen, do all the things you need to do, pass the test, then at that point you are an AMERICAN. If you can't decide which you want to be, stay in your country, because obviously you truly do not want to live in the greatest country on earth. My opinion.


You were born in America. YOU are an AMERICAN. YOUR HERITAGE is Mexican. Nothing wrong with that. But YOU, YOURSELF were born on American soil. YOU are an American. If you were born on the Mexican line with your feet in Mexico and the rest of you in America, then you would be America-Mexican.


Since you do not know me, allow me to set you straight on a few things concerning me as a person. Identifying me as politically correct is so way off base as to be downright hysterical.I am not nor have I ever been "politically correct".I am 49 years old,have rode with 1%ers,worked for traveling carnivals,lived in the mountains of Santa Cruz,went yearly to "Rainbow Gatherings" and traveled as a "Dead Head" selling "Dead Juice",amongst a few of my adventures. My opinions are based on my experience and the wisdom and understanding of the people I've encountered in my life. And you and NO ONE else have any RIGHT to define me as a person. If I or my children or anyone CHOOSE to identify ourselves as Mexican -American or Irish-American or any other description doesn't make us any less proud of who we are and where we live. What makes you the almighty authority on the subject? Mexican-American or Irish-American or Cuban-American,as identifiers- that is MY choice,as well as others that CHOOSE to use that terminology.See choice is the operative word here-if you're such a gung ho horse ridin' American, then you should respect what others choices are. Last I looked, it's in our Bill of Rights. As for legality of immigrants that arrive here in "pursuit of life,liberty and happiness",you are probably one of the mediocre minds that should have seen what was occurring YEARS ago and had offered to supply work visas within a reasonable timeline, then our problem wouldn't have exploded the way it has. You will NEVER win an intellectual argument with me- you are not sufficiently armed. BTW,your spelling sucks! Take a class at your local community college in beginning keyboarding and learn the basics,(spell check) would be an investment in your future! LOL!


You are a White Anglo Saxon Protestant, possess a Bachelor's Degree and make 6 figures? I sincerely doubt that,sweetie. Your claims of financial prosperity are overshadowed by your grammar and lack of articulation of your views. If you are so well educated, then why are you so bigoted? It was my understanding when I attended U of T-Houston School of Law in my Human Relations course as well as the various courses in psychology, that the more educated you are, then the less racist and prejudicial you are. I guess you are an exception to the rule. BTW, there are more people with my viewpoint than yours-scary, isn't it? Check under your bed tonight-you might find one of those Mexican- Americans you disparage so much waiting to suck your WASP soul out while you're sleeping.Have a good evening,sir.


Touch a nerve did I? If you are so great yourself then why so upset? Because I called you out for being JUST an American and not an African American or Asian American or anything else American? No need to get upset sweetheart. Obviously you have a few skeletons in the closet that you are afraid of. I stand by my statement. If you come here and take "the test" and pass with flying colors then you are an American. You can call yourself whatever you wish. But you are an American. So, yes you are one of the politically correct people that run around pi**ing and moaning about work visas, etc. Anyone can come to my country- as long as they play by the rules. As for telling me who you are makes no diff to me. I told you a sentence about myself to show bragging is for stupid people, which you seem to like to do. I also do not believe your psyche courses, education does not make you less predjudice. Life lessons do that. So take your high horse 1/2 a*s BS and sleep on that. By the way- I have no soul or I would give a s*it about someone such as yourself. But I don't. So you have a nice night, sweet-t**s.


Touch a nerve? Not quite- not even close. My tone did not reflect any anger or defensiveness at all on my end-what about yours? You seemed to have popped a cap lock on me quite a bit more- LOL. And if you consider any of your replies to me as " calling me out", you're far from the truth. The interaction we displayed on here is to me only a mental exercise. I enjoy debating with someone and ruffling a few feathers. Actually, I don't give two rats a**es about ones such as yourself,either. So we're in agreement on that subject at least. Any info I've shared with you is not bragging- it's to inform you that I am and never will be an uneducated and ignorant person. My info was thrown out there to allow you the opportunity to reexamine your motives as to why you insist that you are the Supreme Being of the United States. Your intro into our repartee of possessing a measly Bachelor's Degree and earning a 6 figure income seemed more on the braggart side than what I've shared.I'm proud of my education, whether it's formal or from the school of hard knocks. As for my skeletons, they came out of the closet years ago and I welcomed them like long lost friends! Since in this life I am only responsible for myself and my actions and you for yours, your insistence that you have no soul is to me a sad state of affairs indeed. I'm sure we will have a multitude of disagreements concerning various subjects since we seem to be on here quite a bit and I look forward to it. Off to work-have a good day (shriveled scro**m man!( you brought my breasties into it,figured I could bring your 2 friends into the conversation, also) Hahaha. :)


Then why do the Mexicans keep having a ton of babies?? Yes, I know most of them are Catholic and they don't believe in birth control BUT I would be smart enough to STOP having babies I couldn't afford. We don't move to Mexico expecting hand outs and if we do go to Mexico we have to have a passport..hmmm??


Good Lord the comments on here and the FACTS that are being tossed around that are as factual as saying Obama has been a great president.


I would never say Obama has been a great president!


There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to come to America and better your or your family's life. However, there is a LEGAL way in doing so. My brother in law had to study and take a test and go through the year process of becoming an American citizen.

There is a LEGAL way and an ILLEGAL way and to many from across the southern border are wanting to live in America the ILLEGAL way.