Norwalk woman accused of dealing drugs

Suspect, 55, faces felony following grand jury indictment.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Jun 11, 2013


A Norwalk woman was among several people whom a Huron County grand jury indicted last week on drug-related charges.

Of the 15 people indicted, six face drug charges.

Those six include Carol J. Ashcroft, 55, of 520 Milan Ave., Lot 68, who is accused of trafficking in hydrocodone in connection with a Feb. 15, 2012 incident.

In April, Ashcroft was one of the residents at Midtown Manor who voiced concerns about the water being shut off at the entire trailer court.

Norwalk has one meter by Midtown Manor and one by Key Estates and city officials bill management. The complex's management, I&R Properties, had been late paying the water bill, so even though residents paid their bills based on readings from individual meters, their water was shut off at both locations by Norwalk officials for at least an hour before management paid its bill.

The other drug defendants indicted last week include:

-- David G. Snyder, 42, of 5810 E. U.S. 20, Lot 153, Wakeman, on possession of heroin in connection with a March 26 incident.

-- Salvador Rodriguez, 40, of Elyria, on trafficking in heroin in connection with an April 20 incident.

-- Carla S. Reed, 29, of 4490 Ohio 18, Wakeman, on one count each of possession of heroin and possession of oxycodone, both in connection with a March 9 incident.

-- Luis M. Lopez, 25, of Lorain, on two counts of trafficking in heroin in connection with incidents on April 17 and 20. According to his indictment, Lopez is accused of using a 2001 Ford Escape to commit the April 20 offense, which reportedly happened “in the vicinity of a juvenile.”  

-- Keith S. Fox Jr., 27, of 520 Milan Ave., Lot 186, on possession of heroin in connection with a March 16, 2012 incident.



Nice mugshot, lol.


CBCF is going to need to build another building.


Feb 2012 incident and just now got an indictment? Or is the date a misprint?


people really need 2 learn how 2 keep their mouths shut. never met this lady in my life but im sure she was just tryin to get by in life. sure its illegal BUT who was she really hurting??? b 4 i get shunned down by every1 think about this... by her sellin to some addicts could have saved another pharmacy from being robbed, someone from gettin their medicine cabinet raided. if she wasnt doing it some wanksta was stealing from someone else n sellin it 2 get him/her higher or buy some new 20's or something stupid. like i said, im sure she was doin it to help her self get by for example, payin her rent, food, even her WATER BILL. so NORWALK and surronding areas.... bring on all your hate and put me and this woman down.... tell me how stupid i am or how im some junkie. and b 4 u judge me just know this.... i very rarely drink beer, tried weed as a teen, and have never touched pills (to get high on), herion, coke crack meth or anything of that nature... HAVE A NICE DAY

Everyone is fam...

Wow. Just wow. Your rationale is quite interesting. She is a savior for selling drugs? She kept the junkies from stealing? Seriously listen to yourself. They may have BOUGHT the pills from her instead of stealing them out of a medicine cabinet, but what money did they use? Maybe money they made off of stolen goods? Selling drugs does not prevent theft. Oh, but the poor woman was helping herself. I've been in dire straights years ago. You know how I helped myself? I got a job. There are always legitimate ways to support yourself. "Bring on all your hate" (quote from you), come on, no hate here...but you had to know when you clicked the button to post, how absurd you sounded. If you didn't, you would not be waiting for negative comments.

Yall Make Me Sick

@Everyone is Fam.....

Really what was she doing wasn't really hurting anybody? Your kidding right? Omg! How about someone overdosing on them pills? That's not hurting anybody? Not only the person who overdoses but their family maybe kids also. That's who it hurts. She might have done it to pay her rent food WATER BILL? It was paid they were waiting on the rental property to pay it. Well well that solves that problem. Maybe you are the WOMAN IN THE PICTURE? You need help & a new outlook on life if you in any way shape or form think that this is ok!! Maybe the NR needs to make people fill out a I'm NOT really this dang ignorant app before being able to comment & post unrational comments like yours!!!! Here's an idea how about um.... Getting a J O B! To pay the rent food & water!

Everyone is fam...

@me? You must have misread. The person above me has those views and I pointed out they were absurd.

Everyone is fam...

And furthermore, you need to read carefully before jumping on someone's @ss. Irrational (I'm assuming that's the word you meant to use) is exactly what you were.

Rod Farva

I bet you have never taken an English class either.


I'm with you Never. People do what they have to do to get by. A job would be the most practical solution but it probably won't pay a fraction of what a drug dealer earns. Everyone is so quick to judge the low level dealer but we all know that is not the real source of drugs coming into the country. She did the crime so now she will have to do the time but no judgment from me.


Re: "A job would be the mot (sp) practical solution,"

" judgment from me."

How is that NOT a "judgment"?

Ignorant comment. Anymore, a 'good' job in Norwalk is working at WalMart.

Walk a mile in another’s shoes deerscat.


Only you wouldn't get it pooh. The "no judgment" is for selling drugs. You just love to mess with me. How flattering? NOT!


Learn to write what you mean and mean what your write.

Re: "The 'no judgment' is for selling drugs."

So, you're OK with her dealing?

Re: "She did the crime so now she will have to do the time,"

Been watchin' ol' "Baretta" reruns deerscat? :)

Yea, just go out and get a job - THAT'S the ignorant comment. Unless you know her personally, you have NO idea of her situation.


Pooh, have you been eating those free roaches at the Chinese restaurant again? You're not making any usual! Just for the record, I don't care what that lady sells!


Re: "I don't care what that lady sells!"

IOW: You condone her dealing hydrocodone.

It's understandable for a shallow thinker like you to experience difficulty in looking past the blatantly obvious.

But maybe for ONCE redirect some of those "Obama, Obama!!!" brain cells and attempt to understand that this instance appears to be a microcosm for a far more serious local socio-economic issue.


Re: "Have you been eating those free roaches at the Chinese restaurant again?"

Reads like you have experience in that area. :)


I know this woman personally and all she is a greedy. All she cares about is that all mighty dollar, oh and her lowlife alcoholic boyfriend when he's around. She's also two-faced. She likes you to your face but behind it she talk about everyone, from her sister, daughter, and her boyfriend. She's not doing any kind of service to anyone. All she wants is money.


looks like someone smacked her shins with a bamboo stick.


May be early onset of diabetes. Let's face it, she is not the picture of good health.


Wow, not only are there drug dealers, there are those who want to stick up for them. WHERE do you draw the line? How many crimes can you "justify"? I understand the making ends meet, I understand taking care of family, but I would NEVER sell drugs. There is NO excuse, no reason to break the law and JUSTIFY it! Maybe if there were some PUNISHMENTS people would STOP doing this. Everyone KNOWS your first time you get a slap on the wrist, and a stint at Club Rehab. Might as well make some money till you get caught. Not like you will get hard time or anything. Bring on the "she made a mistake" and "she is a good person" comments


Re: "There is NO excuse, no reason to break the law and JUSTIFY it!"

Good to know that you believe in 'absolutes.'

Ever seen the movie or know the story behind "Les Misérables"?

Look around. Norwalk is rapidly becoming a bedroom community with increasingly fewer employment opportunities.

The cost of living is rising and those on a fixed income and/or living in poverty are becoming the norm.

It's estimated that 25% of the local population will be 65 yrs. of age and older within seven yrs.

Not condoning her behavior, but what the h*ll would you do when your back is up against the wall financially?

The U.S. is the largest illegal drug importer and user in the world; to be shocked that some little ol' lady in little ol' Norwalk, OH would be selling drugs demonstrates naiveté.


I am very confused at the point of this article... what does the water being shut off have to do with her selling drugs? Selling drugs will not make the water come back on... I am just confused at the point of this story.


I think the whole point of mentioning that was that they used the exact same picture a month ago with the water-shut-off story. Who says Reflector doesn't recycle?


She is taking the wrong drugs !


Nice trailer, pretty dress, and what is she smiling about???


Trashy person selling drugs to pay her bills .