Grand jury indicts man who threatened informant who made drug deal

Suspect also threatened the lives of police officers, prosecutor says.
Cary Ashby
Jun 8, 2013


A man accused of threatening a confidential informant was among the 15 people indicted Friday by a Huron County grand jury.

Hector J. Benavides, 25, of 64 Key Drive, is charged with one count each of intimidation of a witness and intimidation in connection with respective incidents on May 3 and 4. If convicted, he faces nine months to three years in prison on each third-degree felony.

"He threatened (to harm) an informant who made a drug deal," Huron County Prosecutor Russell Leffler said about the suspected May 3 incident at a Willard tavern.

"The informant contacted the Willard police. They sent detectives to find out what happened," Leffler said.

On May 4, Benavides reportedly threatened the lives of the officers, he said.

"He had some choice words for some people. I don't know how much (of that) courage was alcohol-related," Leffler said.

Benavides, who was arrested May 3, was released May 15 after posting a $10,000 bond at the Huron County Jail.



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those pictures have been used in court in the past. Go check out his rap sheet.


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Anytime threats are made , they should be taken seriously and when they threatin the lives of police officers they should be locked up with no bail
If anything can be learned from the sandusky officer that was gunned down in the streets of sandusky , you never can tell what that person is or isnt capable of doing and the risk is too high


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