Grand jury indicts 15 suspects

A Huron County grand jury indicted 15 suspects on Friday.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Jun 7, 2013


A Huron County grand jury indicted 15 suspects after today's session.

Those defendants and their charges are:

Carol J. Ashcroft, on trafficking in hydrocodone.

Hector J. Benavides, on one count each of intimidation of a witness and intimidation.

Shane E. Danielson, on theft of a motor vehicle.

Terrence L. Flowers, on receiving stolen property (credit card).

Keith S. Fox Jr., on possession of heroin.

Samuel A. Frederick, on receiving stolen property.

Joel E. Gough, on breaking and entering.

Shauna R. Greaves, on theft of a firearm.

Richard D. Kimball, on one count each of theft and criminal damaging.

Luis M. Lopez, on two counts of trafficking in heroin; one charge has a vehicle specification.

Carla S. Reed, on one count each of possession of heroin and possession of oxycodone.

Salvador Rodriguez, on trafficking in heroin.

Brett M. Smith, on theft of a motor vehicle.

David G. Snyder, on possession of heroin.

Robert W. Stewart, on failure to notify his change of address or registration.

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I wonder if Richard Kimball will blame it on a one armed man?


lol he'll try


CBCF is going to need to build another wing onto their facility!

Yall Make Me Sick

Just let them put their wrists out now & just go down the line & start slapping them!


I hope they don't slap them on the wrist. I know one personally and he is a danger to society and all women.