Stone's throw too close

What's one-tenth of a mile? To a local family, it's a matter of riding the bus to Norwalk High School or walking 45 minutes each way.
Aaron Krause
Jul 25, 2010


What's one-tenth of a mile?

To a local family, it's a matter of riding the bus to Norwalk High School or walking 45 minutes each way.

To Norwalk City Schools officials, it is a matter of following district regulations.

Norwalk resident Stacey Maynard, who has two teenagers in school, disagrees with district officials about the distance between her home, 55 Milan Ave. and the high school, 350 Shady Lane Drive.

According to the Ohio Revised Code, public school districts in the state may, but are not required to, provide transportation for high school students. Each school board, the law states, has the right to set limits as to which students can ride. The Norwalk City Schools Board of Education has voted to offer transportation to high school students living two or more miles from school.

Dustin Brown, the district's director of support services, said he and Superintendent Wayne Babcanec have measured the distance twice each. The result each time: 1.9 miles. Maynard said she looked up the mileage on, and it came out to a little more than two miles. Maynard's older son Brian, 25, said he drove the route with Babcanec, and the distance was 1.9 miles. However, Brian said he also drove the route himself, and the result was more than two miles.

Brown said he and Babcanec measured the distance by taking the most direct route, as required by state law. They started at the bus lane at Norwalk High School, went out of the parking lot, took a right onto Shady Lane, a right on Norwood Avenue, a left on Benedict Avenue and a right onto Main Street and a left onto Milan Avenue to the residence.

Brown said he and Babcanec stand by their measurements.

So, since Maynard lives less than two miles from the school, her teenagers, 15-year-old Leslie and 16-year-old Christopher, walk 45 minutes each way to and from school when they cannot get a ride. They leave home at about 6:30 a.m. on walking days.

Brian had been taking them, but said he's been busy since having a baby with his girlfriend. Stacey Maynard said she does not have a vehicle, while her husband is at work before Leslie and Christopher go to school. Christopher does not yet have a driver's license.

Brian Maynard said he doesn't think it is fair his siblings have to walk 45 minutes each way.

"What are the kids supposed to do come a rainy cold day?" he asked rhetorically. "They expect them to walk in it. What's it hurting, a couple extra couple kids getting on the bus."

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The map above shows the route from 55 Milan Ave. to Norwalk High School. Google Maps calculates the distance at 2.0 miles.

Brown said he is not singling out the Maynards. In fact, he estimated he gets 10 such complaints from parents each school year. The largest surge in calls, he said, come when children are entering high school. Brown said that is probably because through eighth grade, Norwalk City Schools' students were eligible to ride the bus if they lived a mile or more from their respective school. As they enter high school, that suddenly changes to two miles or more.

Brown said it all boils down to his requirement to follow the rules established by the school board and the Ohio Revised Code.

"I'm not trying to be insensitive to the situation, but unfortunately I have a policy that I have to enforce," he said. "(The Maynards) are not the only ones that are in this condition. This is not a conspiracy against one family; this is about being bus-eligible."

In fact, Brown said he thinks school officials are being more than fair. He noted the Ohio Revised Code stipulates that kindergarten through eighth grade students living more than two miles from the school are eligible to ride.

"Our school board has chosen to exceed the Ohio Revised Code by doing one mile or more," he said. "The school board has chosen to do more for the community than required."

But, the prospect of walking in frigid weather worries Brian Maynard.

"It concerns me a lot because I don't think any kid should walk in it," he said. "I've worked in it eight hours, 10 hours a day."

Brian said his siblings are concerned as well: They're not looking forward to having to walk during the chill of winter.


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it's bull (Anon...

Walking from Milan ave to the High School, thats just plain nuts. There should be no reason why these kids cant walk to the closest bus stop.

A reasonable so...

To condense all the bus stops to just a few so that everyone that was riding the bus in the first place can continue to ride. No one would have anything to whine about. Gas use would be slimmer and the kids still ride. Why is that so hard for the school and gov't officials to figure out?

SLS (Anonymous)

If there is a bus stop close then why can these children not jump on it? The buses are empty 80% of the time. I live on Main St. - 2 blocks from St. Pauls and Main Street and the buses drive by in morning and after noon and are never full. What is the harm in them walking to a bus stop? Does Norwalk City Schools want to be responsible if anything (god forbid) happens to these kids? I would volunteer my time to drive them to school! There is no reason what so ever that this should happen. Let's see the Norwalk School board take a nice 1.9 mile walk twice a day! God only knows that they could all use it!!!!!!!!!!

SLS (Anonymous)

and just an FYI - 2 blocks from St. Pauls and I drive my kids --- due to the fact that it's a busy street!

Beth (Anonymous)

I have a daughter who rides the bus to Main St. School. On the way there, they drop kids off at pleasant. Yet my son can't get a ride to school on the bus because we live too close. It's not close enough that I would let him walk, though. I might be over-protective, but I don't want my 8-year old walking down and crossing Main St. by himself. There are a bunch of nuts around here. I just don't understand why, if there is room, he can't also ride the bus...also, other children that age. On the other hand, look at Cleveland. They have a much worse bussing problem than we can imagine.

smalltowner (An...

Just my view on this subject, but if you are in the school district (not open enrolled) then you should be able to ride the school district bus I don't care , That is the way it was when I went to school and that is the way it should be. My father was the bus supervisor for over 30 years at my school and it didn't matter ,if the kids in town that lived close wanted to walk they could or they could wait at the corner of their street and the bus would stop and pick them up. Why is this such a big deal or are Norwalk Schools so cheap (after building their new school) that they can't afford alittle consideration for these kids. Parents of Norwalk School, maybe you should remind the board that you pay for these services and you pay their wages therefor you are in a sense, their employer let them know that this is unacceptable.

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for the people who are whining and crying over the busing situations in norwalk...1) the spare buses that you see parked at the school garage parking lot are just that SPARES, can you say if a bus breaks down what do the drivers drive???? ding ding ding the SPARE BUSES....if your childs class has a trip when they are in school and the regularly used buses are needed for the routes hhhmmmm what do they take, THE SPARE BUSES,....2) have you seen how packed the buses are after they get to the last pick up of the route, probably not, there are as many as 3 kids to one seat but yet you say there is room. ha. 3) some of the kids on these buses are so unruly that this is the only form of discipline they get is from the bus drivers and the teachers, parents need to be that - PARENTS, ever heard of car pooling or getting along with your neighbors, and 4) MR. STINKING BROWN as some of you call him is a very respectable man and looks at all options and these parents who call mr. brown this, no wonder why you have problems in this world, i think some people need to pray and maybe they shall receive instead of being hateful and acting the way they do.....AMEN

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not from norwal...

I know this has nothing to do with the problems people are having in Norwalk. I live in willard, in the city limits. My husband is a city employee and pays the same taxes as everyone else so why do I have to transport my kids to and from school everyday. Why, because I am 1 house west of N. Main St. Mind you I could throw a rock and hit the stop sign from my front yard. But, ok, I will do it because what else can you do? The rules are the rules, break them for one person then you have to break them for everyone. But what irratates the crap out of me is watching the willard city school bus use my driveway every morning and every evening to turn around in. But my children can not ride the bus??

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