Stabbing victim had wife, child back in Mexico

(UPDATED with full story) Investigation ongoing in rural Willard man's murder; area residents asked to help.
Scott Seitz
Jun 6, 2013


Local law enforcement officers are calling on the public's help in bringing a pair of murder suspects to justice.

The suspects, or persons of interest, are brothers Misael Lopez and Hiram Emmanual Lopez.

The Lopez brothers are persons of interest in the apparent murder of Daniel Jacinto Hernandez, 24, of 4012 Baseline Road, Apt. 3, rural Willard.

Hernandez was stabbed to death sometime between May 31 and Sunday when his body was discovered by a farm field boss about 10 p.m. inside the Baseline Road apartment where he lived with the Lopez brothers. All three worked at nearby Wiers Farm.

Huron County Sheriff Dane Howard said it's likely the suspects have fled the area.

The suspects could be driving Hernandez's vehicle, which is a 2004 Dodge Stratus with the Virginia license plate, ZR7459.

The car is a four-door vehicle and silver in color. The vehicle has a small dent above the passenger side tail light. The car also has a flower-designed plate holder.

Warrants have been issued for the Lopez brothers for theft of a motor vehicle.

Hernandez was originally from Oaxaca, Mexico, Howard said Thursday during a press conference. (NOTE: To see pictures of the press conference, click HERE.)

Howard said Oaxaca is in the southern portion of Mexico and officers have had difficulty contacting Hernandez's family.

The sheriff said Thursday he would not speculate on a motive in the killing, but told the Reflector on Wednesday that alcohol might have played a role in the incident.

Howard stressed anyone with any information about the victim or suspects should call the HCSO at (419) 663-2828.

It's yet to be determined whether the victim and suspects were in the country legally, the sheriff said when asked.

The victim has a wife and child in Mexico, Howard said.

The suspects were reportedly, originally, from Mexico.

Howard said, by all accounts, the victim was a good young man and hard worker.

The sheriff added there was no local criminal history on the suspects.

"This was a very violent scene," Howard said, describing the apartment where Hernandez was killed.

"We believe folks in the Willard area possess information about the victim and persons of interest," the sheriff said previously.

The U.S. Marshals Office Fugitive Task Force, along with deputies from Crawford, Erie, Lorain, Ottawa and Richland counties have assisted with the case.

"This investigation is fast-paced and there is more field work to do," Howard said Wednesday.

Ben Wiers, president of Wiers Farm, said Thursday the victim and two suspects were part of the planting crews at the farm.

"From what I know, they had been here approximately a month," Wiers said.

Wiers said he didn't have a lot of contact with the workers, as he interacted with the crew leaders.

"Through other folks, I've learned he was a nice guy, with a wife and son," Wiers said about the victim.

"This is overwhelming," he said. "You just can't believe it.

"They're upset," he said about the Wiers Farm community. "We've never had any issue come close to something like this.

"Our people here are family-oriented," Wiers said, adding they enjoy soccer and had formed a team and played at different locations.

"It's hard to grasp something like this could occur," he added.



Scranton Tibbs

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believe it

I would guess that what's wrong with this country is the people that would rather sit on their butts and collect money from the government than work to earn their money, You know, the ones that keep having kid after kid, even though they can't afford them, just so they can get more money. Who needs a job when the government will provide for you. A country of people that want hand outs. That's what's wrong with this country.


No Scranton is right. Those Agri-buSINesses have US (taxpayers) pay for their labour, i.e. migrant help.

believe it

Do you really think white people are going to do the jobs that the Mexicans are doing, especially in the agriculture field?


They used to...don't know about now. Remember the Hayes, Blackburns, & Garcias? Ever bale hay, grind feed (hammer-mill)? That too is work. All of it honest like the migrants.

believe it

Key words "used to"...Too lazy now and would rather collect from the government than work for it. It's sad how bad this country is becoming. And isn't Garcia a Mexican name? lol

Just Because

Believe it is right on the money. There is too much government hand out. I have had two businesses tell me last week they cannot get workers. One is construction and the other hvac. Noone wants to work, they would rather sit on their behinds and let the govt take care of them. Our govt makes it so easy for them to do so. I think in order to get welfare benefits you should be required to work. Lord knows our Cities and Counties could use help since they are forced to make all the cutbacks.

Cliff Cannon

@ Just Because : Amen


Hey Captain kurt......the farms are accepting applications anytime you want to apply and put your money where you mouth is.

Also, why is it that any business around this area that makes money is bad in your eyes...I see how you childishly capitalize certain letters in words. For a person who thinks they hold the answer to every question, I thought you would have a little more clASS than that.


Used to work at "the muck" back in the 70's. Back breaking work that the kids won't do today as they are to lazy and would rather play their video games.


Why should kids work when Mommy and Daddy will give them EVERYTHING they want?


Sorry people, but those immigrants do the work that the lazy Americans won't do and they do it for alot less and work twice as many hours, why wouldn't a farmer use them? They dont even complain, they work n work living on much of nothing even sending the American dollar back home so their families can live better. Americans are lazy, face it....... On that note, I surely hope they catch whoever has done this, but they to are probably already back in Mexico, never to be heard from again..

Cliff Cannon

@ lugnut2511 : Can one give 2 " Amen's " in one article ? If so,considering, I already used one earlier, may I give your thoughts one as well ?


at least 50 percent of the capable poeple on welfare collecting a check could be working these farms, or not get paid!!!. send the illegal migrant workers home!


Ike and Harry ran all of them out of the country so the vets could have a job.I believe Hoover did too.I worked in the fields when I was a youngster !Who created the "Y",we did .


Hello if the people on welfare would work these jobs then we wouldn't need the illegal migrant workers!! NO body willing to do these jobs that is why these migrant workers have these jobs!!!


optimistic....this is basically the truth in the shortest way of saying it.


Our country doesn't need welfare, it needs WORKfare. Make those who are able work 20+ hours a week picking up litter, or some other unskilled manual labor, in order to receive their benefits, and they'll start looking for a real job that isn't so tough.


The poor guy was murdered ,white ,black ,Hispanic what does it matter ,I see racism is alive and well .my prayers go out to his family .

Cliff Cannon

@ Gdusty86 : You certainly nailed the crux of the matter here. " The poor guy was murdered " So what we know for certain is his wife ,son and parents are grieving their unspeakable loss tonight. So I join you in prayer for them.

Speaking of prayer, roughly 90 % of the folks born south of the Rio Grande, extending all the way to the " Cape of Good horn " are Catholic. By far the largest concentration any where in the world.

So in theory, based on that fact, Spanish speaking people are 'brothers & sisters' to America's largest Christian denomination ,true ? Yet, are they ?

A more unique point, the Spanish word for " Saint " is " San ",correct ? So, in fact 3 of America's 10 largest cities pay tribute to our heritage to Spanish saints, true ? ( San Francisco, San Diego, San Antonio )

Then if that isn't enough. THE heart of American Catholicism could properly be described as Notre Dames golden dome, true ? So who's likeness line the walls in murals in that beautiful temple of goodness ?

Oh yeah, Christopher Columbus & his benefactor Spanish queen Isabella. Of course, much to the chagrin of many American catholics. Columbus never gained sainthood. What he did gain is another bit of immortality by lending his name to their social club ; " The Knights of Columbus "

I am not picking on Catholics here Gdusty86, rather I am only pointing out the obvious; The Spanish speaking person--- when they choose to be--- are not only American as any of us, they also have contributed to " Americana " in more ways than most realize.

Bottom line: Tonight a wife, son and parents cry their hearts out for a murdered husband, father,son who sought a better life for them in America. And to me that is what is important


I agree with everyone on here who comments about welfare... if you had to work a 8 hr shift doing this kind of work in order to apply for and get welfare... I wonder how many people would apply...


Okay mouth get me deleted again like before. Can only hope you work. Oh that's right I always have. Corbin knows that's why my discourse is such. Now go play with balls in school you non-vet.


Forgot this meanie, America's tax dollars go for that. Now itch about your high taxes dim-wit.


I would absolutely hate it if I had to work.. ugghhh! I love the freedom of waking up whenever my bowels tell me. A long week of online gaming and BAM! Before you know my cash hit on my e.b.t card. Wich is cool cause with my IPHONE I have this thing called a square. I can swipe my card through it selleng myself food and BAM! cash in my bank account!! Please keep paying your taxes!!! .... :)


What do all these bigoted comments have to do with MURDER?


They come to this country and get whatever they want free. Here is your medical FREE, here is food stamps FREE, here take money to start your own business!!!!! But you have single others out there working their butts off and the government dont want to give them anything. It is ridiculous. They dont even have to be legal to get govt help. Send them all back where they came from!

believe it

Princess71 said "But you have single others out there working their butts off and the government dont want to give them anything"...Huh!?!


So because he was Mexican and not legal then that gives someone a right to brutally murder him? He is still a person with a soul! And I agree if us AMERICANS would get up and get a job the nobody could complain about the Mexicans but instead people want to sit and say they can't find a job because of the Mexicans took them all! Well what about the months when they all go back why aren't you out there trying to work then? Willard is full of lazy moochers who would rather sit on there butts while the other few of us that do work have to pay our taxes for the bums. We can't afford to pay Medicare for the old people but we will give a alcoholic social security!!! Why? So be can buy more booze? This has nothing to do with the color of the poor guys skin it has everything to do with the ignorance of our government and the lazy people in this town who wont work but want everyone to feel sorry for them! What if that was your son,husband,dad, or brother? White, brown, black, or red we all are people and God loves us all.