Berry's Restaurant waitress retiring at 81

Gladys Luxon has been working on and off at the Norwalk restaurant for 62 years.
Aaron Krause
Jun 8, 2013


After 62 years of working on and off at Berry's Restaurant as a waitress, Gladys Luxon is retiring at the age of 81.

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Kottage Kat

Enjoy a well deserved retirement. You will be missed.
God bless

Rich Close

WOW, I can hardly believe how time flies. Gladys was there when I delivered Esmond Ice Cream to Berry's and has served me and our friends well, always making sure we were taken care of. Wishing you a Happy retirement.

hit the road jack

She grew up with the age group that didn't know what retirement meant(in a good way) I just hope she will take it easy and enjoy life now,it is well deserved.