After further review, Monroeville school levy fails

Provisional votes change levy outcome.
Joe Centers
Jun 6, 2013


It's back to square one for the Monroeville Local Schools and their renewal levy.

A renewal levy on the ballot May 7 that originally passed by a 223-214 margin actually failed after the official results were tabulated.

(NOTE - To see the official results from all of the local issues in the primary election, scroll to the bottom of this story and click on the link.)

Superintendent David Stubblebine said the levy failed by eight votes.

"On election night those are all unofficial," said Sharon Locke, Huron County Board of Elections director. "What it was when we did our reconciliation we found some votes. That is what the 10-day period is for -- absentee, provisionals and reconciliation. We gave Monroeville the heads-up call.

"They ended up tied in Huron County and lost two to one in Erie County. They had almost 30 voters in Erie County.

"It ended up eight votes, which is not enough for a recount. They could have requested it but they would have had to paid for it and with that few votes you are never going to find eight."

Locke said things like this do happen.

"Actually, we have seen this before," she said. "Results are always different from the unofficial to official votes. These can change."

Stubblebine, who is leaving at the end of the month to take the superintendent's job at Clyde, said the levy could go back on the November ballot but nothing has been decided.

Stubblebine said the levy raises about $80,000 a year and that money is used for repairs throughout the district.

"That is the first renewal that has failed since I have been here," Stubblebine said.

The old school building is in need of a number of repairs, including new doors.

"To be honest I expected it to pass," Stubblebine said the night of the election.

"The low turnout (9.44 percent) didn't help," he said Wednesday.



swiss family

that really is too bad.. I don't think that there are too many people who would not surmise that the Monroeville Schools are in terrible maybe it is time for the school board to take a good long honest look at what the problem might be

In my opinion, I think that most people see the desperate need.. so why is a levy not able to pass?? Could it be that the Monroeville people no longer feel that it is worth their time , energy, and mostly money to support their schools?? Could it be that the residents and taxpayers think it might make more sense to disband the school system, and filter the students into other school systems?? or could it be that the people question the amount of money that is spent out in administration costs, even before it gets to the level of the teachers pay, and the quality of the education???

Honestly, not counting the St Joe's school system, there are what ? 3 buildings on the school "campus?" do they really need to pay a Superintendent, and is there by chance a VICE Superentendant as well??and at least one if not more Principals with so few students???...

Like I said, I am not sure what the taxpayers are saying about their school system, but in my opinion, I really think that the School Board, should get in tune with them.... I wish them well in their efforts

be for real

could it be that people dont have money to pay more taxes,probably so


Voter turn out is extremely low. Seems stickers just don't do it for people anymore. I bet if sales tax bumped a quarter percent every time voter turnout was less than 25%, you'd have a more respectable result. I don't know which is worse for the schools...shooting down a levy, or being apathetic about the vote.


Great outcome..besides you are quitting David. Get ready for more people to be engaged. IF this gets passed it will be because the majority will have to share to burden. Not the few who work.

hit the road jack

He's only quitting because his pay will jump $15,000 per year,if these people don't live in the town they're sucking all this money from they should get rid of them.


So if it passes, in your own words kurt, its the voters fault for the increase. Why is it you make excuses for everyone that doesn't get off their butt and vote.

My philosophy has always been that if you don't vote.......dont complain.

hit the road jack

I thought they were going to stop these off season levies? May? probably a lot of people out of town working? they need to get it so the seniors don't pay into it again and then it will pass(ha-ha) remember the income tax cry? "Oh this will bring in enough revenue,we won't need the levies" then 2 years later they get them to renew the original levy back in,now another renewal. They already chased the working people out of town who's left to pay?


so bad to fund schools this way. in edison the levy passed because of low turn out and a school board lead onslot of advertising and sending out absentee ballots to children in college. a large percent of the yes votes were from non home owners. All passing levies do is put a little longer time till the next one. I was told that 30% of school money is for school and 70% for wages and benefits. What business could survive those numbers. NONE. But we will cut school money but not the 45 dollar and hr teacher saleries plus the golden retirement and health bennys. So sad


My grandchildren go there, I was shocked as I took them to class this spring to see actual plastic trash cans sitting in the middle of the hallway, collecting water from a dripping roof. I would hope that the adults of any area school always put into consideration the safety of our children and of course the future or this community......

hit the road jack

I think the county prosecuter should press charges against the school board and superentendant for misuse of public funds(spending tax money designated to fixing roofs and buildings) just throw their a$$ in jail and set an example for the rest of these clowns who get levies passed and mis-spend the monies.


@Jack - Do you have actual PROOF that the School Board members and the Superintendent have misused public funds? If so, please send the proof to the courts. If not . . . well, we all know that old saying about when one ASSUMES!

hit the road jack

I do know that the levy was passed to fix the roof! remember? yes you do. and why wasn't it fixed,if you have any knowledge of other thing that were fixed why didn't the public know about it? when it is specified on the ballot what the levy is for you had better not mis-spend the money or your a$$ is had and I can't believe in a town of tight a$$ people,no one has done anything about this.


Jack - Why don't YOU run for a seat on the school board or apply for the superintendent's job? I'm sure you are highly qualified for both positions.

hit the road jack

I would but I'd have to straighten people like you out so I could get something done right!


@ Cast the First Stone-I am saddened by the fact that you believe teachers don't earn what they are paid. Have you ever stepped foot into a classroom? Teaching isn't the same as it was 30 years ago. It isn't all peaches and cream. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my job and I knew what it was when I signed up for it. I am not complaining about my pay or all the work I have to do. However, I think that we EARN our pay. All teachers are required to have a Bachelor's degree and many teachers have a Master's degree. In addition to that, we are constantly required to take continuing education classes to renew our licenses. When you compare our salaries to that of other college graduates with the same amount of education, we are paid far less. In regards to our "golden" retirement, it isn't so golden anymore and once again I feel that we've earned it.

hit the road jack



Jack - I feel sorry for you. It must have been horrible being the class dunce.

hit the road jack

No, that was you that was at the rear of the class,in more ways than one! If you were to average it out as to the cost per student it would be higher than New York City and thats terrible!


1. Monroeville, Ohio - Expenditures per pupil (overall) = $9,351
2. New York City, NY - Expenditures per pupil (overall) = $20,276

It's all public record. Try researching before ASSUMING.

hit the road jack

What isn't included in your research is that New York City has after school programs that pretty much raise these kids till the parents pick them up in the evening and all sorts of other expenses,not to mention the cost of living is 10x higher than Monroeville,so for you to make that analysis of costs just makes my point more relevant.


I didn't find reference to any after school programs that "raise kids til the parents pick them up in the evening". I will agree that the cost of living is higher in NYC.


Duh- always have voted you non-veteran. Hate America Nugent?


beat the veteran drum harder....we can't hear you. lol.


The school buildings in Monroeville are in really bad shape. You watch . . . when the roof falls in on the kids and kills some of them, everyone will be up in arms. The voters will have nobody to blame for the tragedy but themselves. Maybe it's time to enroll the kids in another local school district where the buildings are much safer.

hit the road jack

Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Personal attacks (including: name calling, presumption of guilt or guilt by association, insensitivity, or picking fights).


Jack - Will you still be standing tall on your soapbox when the roof falls in and kills a bunch of innocent kids? What if it were YOUR child sitting in that school building?

hit the road jack

Way to go crybabies,get NR police after me and delete a perfectly good comment


Have you taken the time to call the district's treasurer and ask what that levy money was spent on, voiced your concerns at any School Board meetings, or are you just ASSUMING the district is wasting money? Since you have provided us with NO facts, only "they piss it away", my guess is that you have done none of the above.

hit the road jack

Well,if you remember (which I doubt) the levy was specifically for roof repairs and if they did use them for other purposes it is wrong and against the law.
Do you think someone like me or whomever go to a board meeting would actually get an ear to listen and answer me? I doubt it and you know it.
I am assuming you are one of the one's wasting my tax money,so why don't you just tell me where you spent the levy monies?