Federal grant application for airport could be headed commissioners' way again

Huron County commissioners last OK's airport grant application in 2007.
Scott Seitz2
Jun 9, 2013


The Huron County commissioners can likely expect a federal grant application from the airport to come across their desks sometime in July.

Lately, it's almost become a yearly tradition that the airport board puts together a grant application, submits it to the commissioners, only to have the board refuse to sign it.

The commissioners, owners of the airport property, have to sign off on the application before it can be submitted. They last approved a grant-application submission in 2007.


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Yay. I can't wait. (Sarcasm)


No thanxs. Let the few that want this pay for it.


The way the commissioners are going about things now, all the work is coming out of the county budget.
If the grant application is signed then there are area businesses and people who'll cover the matching funds (just like they were ready to do the last two years).

Carter Pewterschmidt

Most airports across the country are awarded grants every year, our airport should do the same.


Our law enforcement utilizes grants for high visibility enforcement


Even The fire department received a grant


Should be a good thing to bring in federal resources to our county.


Essex as village administrator for N Fairfield is always pursuing grants.
Then there are the grants he goes after as assistant county engineer for roads and bridges.
OH YEH! The commissioners and Essex are going to use ODOT grants for resurfacing the apron in front of the big hanger at the airport this summer. HHHHMMM????? where are the matching funds for that coming from?