Victim, suspects identified in Huron County slaying

(UPDATED with emergency call) - Pair of brothers being sought as "persons of interest" in case.
Scott Seitz
Jun 6, 2013


Authorities have identified the victim and suspects in a fatal attack that took place over the weekend on Baseline Road.

The victim of the attack was 24-year-old Daniel Jacinto Hernandez, Huron County Sheriff Dane Howard said. Hernandez was found dead at the scene, lying in a pool of blood.

The "persons of interest" are a pair of brothers, Hiram Emmanuel Lopez and Misael Lopez, Howard said. They might be traveling in a silver four-door 2004 Dodge Stratus with a Virginia license plate ZR7459. The vehicle has a small dent above the passenger side tail light and a flower designed plate holder.

Anyone with information about the case is encouraged to call the sheriff's office at (419) 663-2828.

Deputies were called to 4012 Baseline Road, Apt. 3, shortly after 10 p.m. Sunday.

“When officers arrived, we found a man down at the residence, just outside of Celeryville,” the sheriff said. “Deputies, along with rescue squads, quickly determined there was a death at the scene.”

Look for the full story in Thursday's Norwalk Reflector.


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