Local breastfeeding advocates promote practice

To local breastfeeding advocate Pat Fry, breastfeeding is the "way nature intended all these things to happen."
Aaron Krause
Aug 9, 2011


To local breastfeeding advocate Pat Fry, breastfeeding is the "way nature intended all these things to happen."

It's also healthier than other methods of feeding babies, said Fry, local leader of the La Leche League of Erie County.

This form of feeding was celebrated across the United States Saturday during the Big Latch On -- America's first synchronized nursing event in multiple locations. Norwalk's event took place at Suhr Park on West Main Street.

(NOTE - To see photos of the event, click HERE.)

About 15 people attended the event, including local mother Kelly Frey, who lived in Europe for almost three years. "Breastfeeding in Europe is a lot more 'mommy friendly,'" Frey said.

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Lillie Chaos

Really rattled your cage I see. Too bad....try being more realistic.


Why don't you just leave this person alone, you are just coming off as mean, I know that you are not trying to come off that way but you are. She knows what happened to her and she is just standing up for it. If you don't like what she is saying just don't comment or if you think it is lie report the comment it is as easy as that.

Lillie Chaos

No one questions breastfeeding nor do they give the mothers a hard time.
An issue of non-acceptance of nursing mother in my community does NOT exsist.
Maybe you should tell "that person" to calm down.


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So you are comparing breast feeding to having sex. So by your reasoning these breast feeding women are having sex with their babies? That would make them pedophiles and they should all be arrested? Your stupidity astounds me. You act as if these woman are walking around naked humping trees while breast feeding. They are discreetly feeding their children and you can't even see what they are doing.

Marcus M

Classic example, just because you can why make it a public spectator..


Norwalk you sadden me with how uneducated most of you. Breastfeeding is the best for baby and most babies can't go more than 2hours without nursing for the first 6months. When it comes to pumping most LC will tell you NOT to offer a bottle because of nipple confusion until baby is older than 6weeks old.I have breastfed 3babies and I have had to feed them in public, I have been asked to leave bathrooms, locker rooms, even when I was covered up with my first child. Just because a woman is cover or in a more private place doesn't mean that other women won't ask her to leave because they aren't comfy with it. After I was asked to leave Wal-Marts bathroom and Macy's both places I was covered since I refused to sit in a bathroom stall to feed my baby.Since being asked to leave even tho I was covered and in a private place nursing I have NOT gone to a bathroom to nurse while in public and won't cover up unless my child wants to be covered. Which the child I am nursing now does like to have something next to her face. Breastfeeding is not nasty or meant to be hidden. I nurse in public without being covered and without showing anything, you can do this! I feel now if a person has a problem with me feeding my child that is there problem not mine, I will continue to nurse my child when she is hungry and wherever I am she will get fed.

After nursing 3 children I have learned to not let uneducated people effect me and feeding my child. I really hope that one day more people in Norwalk and around the USA are more educated about breastfeeding and how great it is for mommy and baby. Like it can reduce mommy and babies risk of breast and ovarian cancer, less chance of SIDS, the list goes on. Please educate yourself before you go around calling breastfeeding mothers names.
Also this event didn't just take place in Norwalk but all over the US,you all are giving Norwalk a bad wrap when it comes to Breastfeeding.

Lillie Chaos

Can't see this being true. Wal-Mart is very family friendly. Macy's has a lounge with two chairs before you enter the actural rest room facility. Another fairy tale I think. Please realize your stories do not hold water in our society. Have some RESPECT.


Yes, and that is where I was sitting was in the lounge spot. My little sister and MIL were with me when this happened and I have the IR's from this because the malls rent a cop was called by the Macy worker on my behalf! Where you say Wal-mart is very family friendly I strongly disagree from what has happened to me in there store! Just so you know I don't need you to believe me and I don't give a crap if you do or don't but I will defend myself and what happened to me. Also, I find it funny that people like you grow a set on line but won't do crap in real life.

Lillie Chaos

People like me? Interesting comment.....no defense so you take the offense? You just are caught in your own web and don't know how to respond. Feeling foolish because you realize you have made an a@@ of yourself and your wild stories are transparent.


Yea people like you, I am same when I am on the computer or if I am protesting the abuse of a woman. I don't feel foolish and i have not been made an A@@ of as you say. I am standing up for myself and they are not story as I said I have my IR's and like I said in my other post I am done dealing with you and your need to make it out like Huron county is some FAIRY TALE land! Its not, Huron county is like every other place in the world!

Lillie Chaos

Done dealing with me cause I called you out on your wild unbelievable stories.


No, I am done dealing with you because there is no getting through your THICK SKULL. I could should you proof and you would still say it didn't happen, that is why I am done. You can call them unbelievable all you want because that is just what i would expect from a thick skulled idiot like yourself. Continue to live in your fairy tale life in huron county and continue to take whatever drugs you are on that makes you think Huron county is a fairy tale land because if you would stop taking them you would see Huron county IS NOT A FAIRY TALE LAND and people are rude, crude, mean, and just plain old jerks.


>>"thick skulled idiot like yourself "<<

>>" people are rude, crude, mean, and just plain old jerks."<<

What a tangled web but your true colors are vibrant!!! I bet you are just mad cuz your pants are on fire!!!


Why don't you and Lillie just leave this person alone, she is upset that is apparent to anyone reading this. I think she is just upset right now and writing from anger, being hurt or upset is never a good time to respond to something. Lillie has upset her and I would be a little upset too if someone was attacking me. I bet you and Lillie both have said things that you didn't mean when upset and if you had would that be your true colors or would that just be a spur of the moment response?


Thank you! I am just upset at the fact these people are making it out like they know what happened to me. If they knew what has happened to me in my life I beat they would shut up and move on. Breastfeeding is NOT the biggest issue in this town/county, i just wish people would move on and leave us breastfeeding mother ALONE!

Lillie Chaos

Lillie is attacking an issue fabricated where there is NO issure. Nothing more....Nothing less.


Ok I was one of the nursing mothers at the big latch on event uptown last Saturday I also helped organize the event I by the way am in no way shape or form an exhibitionist hell I can't tell you the last time I have worn a swim suit but that's not the point here I am 100% sure that not everyone is going to be happy with what everyone else is doing 100% of the time so what do we do when someone is doing something that we don't approve of in public well you either don't look or you don't go out in public anymore and I'm sure the latter isn't an option for 99.9% of you soooo I will continue to breast feed my daughter uncovered wherever and whenever she needs to and I will continue to try and educate and normalize breastfeeding in public because I know it is the best start a baby can have in life and by the way in the photos everyone in those photos was breastfeeding "discreetly" as you all put it I can't find an inch of "boob" in the picture at all and I just wanted to say to all the nursing moms out there reading this whether you nursed for a day a year or 3 years way to freakin go and I support you


For the life of me, I do not understand why there is any discussion about breast feeding in public. Of course it's better for the baby. I don't think that Eve had a place to sterilize bottles and make formula.....so....it is a normal and natural thing to do. I am 100 percent on the side of breast feeding but.....I feel this is what the question is....'To cover up or Not to cover up. No matter how you feel about this, I would think that woman have enough modesty to cover even if its with a very thin hankerchief than to expose themselves to the public. Yes, this is a natural act and very healthy but so is going to the bathroom. It's a normal and natural thing . To be honest, I do not want to see someone going to the bathroom anywhere, covered up or not. Come on girls. Just what do you want? It doesn't hurt to cover up when you feed your baby. It's a closeness to share with your child, not some of the 'twisty minds' sitting around watching you.
I rest my case.


Ok, I'll admit it. I am confused by some of these comments. Did any one of you who chimed in with your comments about how we HAVE to cover up while feeding our children look at any of the pictures posted? What's the problem? There was not one breast visible in any of the pictures. We were covered by our own shirts. So why are you telling us to cover up? Oh, do you mean put a blanket completely over ourselves and our child? Why? So it's even more obvious what we are doing? Why don't we just hang a huge sign over us announcing we are **GASP** breastfeeding under there? It's more obvious what's going on when using a cover than it is just pulling your shirt down to your child's nose. Once again, the closed minded citizens of this town have proven what the REAL problem is with breastfeeding a baby. It's not whether we are hiding under a blanket, it's the ACT of feeding a baby that people have a problem with. It's the fact that there is a baby attached to a boob! Oh my! Run for the hills! That woman is actually using her breasts in the way they were meant to be used instead of shoving them into a push up bra and wearing little to nothing over them to garner attention by flaunting them in a sexual manner. GOD FORBID!

Once again, the Village Idiots have spoken and once again you have proven how ridiculous you are. Go eat your meals under a blanket. My son will continue to eat his without having something thrown over his head. My shirt pulled down to his nose is enough of a cover. I am very conservative and I guarantee you will NEVER see my breast in public even though we are not hiding under a blanket.

Lillie Chaos

I don't think you read or understood any of the comments. Yes, we have wise acres cracking jokes and being silly or sarcastic but it takes a Village Idiot to think we are going to pay attention to the obvious maniplation of our intentions.


Yes breastfeeding is natural. And yes it is best for baby and mother. But, there are still families and parents who do not wish their children or their husbands see another womans' breast while in public, even though every woman (and some men) have them. I breastfed my baby and covered up while doing so if I was in a public setting.

concerned littl...

Moderators have removed this comment because it contained personal attacks. Discussion Guidelines

Lillie Chaos

I found a mama cat with 5 babies nursing in the shed Friday. I gave her a can of tuna. (P.S. she had no blanket but did want to be alone and feel safe-- I tried to respect her privacy just like I would for any mother)

Anybody want a kitten in a few weeks?

Lillie Chaos

This entire subject is so worn out. Yes, everyone has breast fed their children....yes, it is better for the kid......had a local resident not tried to garner her own 15 minutes of fame none of this would be an issue. The previous "LOOK AT ME!! LOOK AT ME!!!" attitude left everyone with a very bad taste in relation to this subject and NO pun intended. So feed your babies....no one cares.
Be respectful of those around you and everyone will respect your privacy and your choice to feed your child. Maybe a few true advocates should discuss the need for self control and respect with the more zealous, attention craving individuals.


Totally agree. Good post. As for the Europe comment by the lady in the video....well Europe has been azz backwards on many things, just look under your average womans arm and see the "buckwheat in a headlock" look.


well the lady at the rec center had no respect for her self she just let her boob hang out for everryone to see and i don't want my kids to see that....when my sister did that she always used a blanket to cover herself.....