Puppies found abandoned at area reservoir, near death

Huron County Humane Society requests supplies
Aaron Krause
Jun 1, 2013


A fisherman rescued eight mixed-breed puppies that had been dumped at the Bellevue reservoir and brought them to the Huron County Humane Society on Friday.

The 9- to 10-week-old puppies (five males and three females) all were close to death, suffering from dehydration and malnutrition. Two collapsed on the floor from heat exhaustion.

The dogs will be checked by a veterinarian. If they survive, foster pet parents will be appreciated. Applications for fostering will be accepted on Tuesday afternoon.

The pups will be scheduled for spay or neuter surgeries and available for adoption within two or three weeks.

Humane society officials said the shelter is in need of donations such as puppy food, raw hides, flea medication, dawn dish detergent (which is used for flea baths as well as dishes), bleach, floor cleaners and large trash bags.

Huron County Humane Society is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization dependent on the generous support of area veterinarians, individuals, businesses, foundations and media to support operations.

The shelter, which is located at 246 Woodlawn Ave., is open from 1 to 5 p.m. Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays; 1 to 6 p.m. Thursdays; and closed Sundays, Mondays and holidays. For more information, call (419) 663-7158.


Dont Worry Be Happy

People make me sick. I will never understand why owners don't get their pups fixed or why they do these things to the puppies. TAKE THEM TO A SHELTER its not that hard, you took the time to drop them off at the Res. So why not just take them to a shelter.

People be on the look out for someone you know that had a dog that meets discription of the pups found and if that dog was once prego and had puppies and now the puppies are gone call the pound or police so we can catch these idiots.


If you know who did this call the Humane Society, they will investigate! The Police won't do a thing, they will refer you to the dog warden or the Humance Soceity. I will be donating a bunch of goodies for them a.s.a.p.


Thank you to the fisherman for rescuing the puppies..To the idiot(s) who left them to die, may karma slap you hard & you have nightmares for the horrific thing you did as long as you live..Please if any one out there knows who done this, contact The Humane Society & The Dog Warden..Don't let them get a way with it..I totally agree with Don't Worry Be Happy & 44846GWP..If they'll do this to an innocent animal, I can only imagine what they could possibly do to an innocent human being..TOUGHER ANIMAL CRUELTY LAWS!!!!!!!!

swiss family

we really do need to make tougher laws to punish people who abuse and endanger animals.... how in the world do you take a litter of puppies and drop them off, anywhere, especially knowing that they will have no food , shelter, or water to keep themselves alive... and in this case make too much water available, so that they do try to satisfy their undeniable thirst, by wandering too close to a giant body of water, that once too far into they might not be able to get back out and eventually die... Thank you to the good Samaritan that saved them, and to the scum that dropped them off there, I hope there is a special place in hell for you..in my opinion

Yall Make Me Sick

Makes ya wonder how they treat their kids? Sure hope in this case they don't have any. So sad. Thank you Mr. Fisherman!! You caught the BIG catch of the day. You saved these poor little puppies lives. (I pray they all survive)!


Wow you are all so blind and easily programed! !! It was the "supposed fisherman" that owned the puppies. He did not find them. They were his and he didn't want them or want them to die so he took them to the shelter with his "story" so they would take them.. for animal cruelty charges chech the "fisherman" we all know fisherman lie and sailors swear....

Now The Rest of...

There has to be special place in hell for people like this or for those who would accuse the fisherman who did the humane thing. Why must some small minded people always try to start unfounded rumors?
Please consider donating to the humane society so they can continue to help these pups and all homeless domestic animals.