Debtors' prison allegations a 'high priority' for Norwalk's new judge

Weisenburger takes the bench, allowing Ridge to retire after 25 years of service
Scott Seitz2
May 31, 2013


Norwalk attorney Eric Weisenburger was sworn in Thursday as municipal court judge.

Read the story in Friday's Norwalk Reflector to find out what the new judge is saying about the American Civil Liberties Union claim that the court has been operating as a form of "debtors' prison."

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Now The Rest of...

The Reflector is now following the not so proud tradition of the Register, how many times can we rehash the same topics?


I'm wondering how many heroin dealers will be going to jail now or will it be the same old story of them getting a slap on the wrist and turned back out? Time will tell

Now The Rest of...

You do realize that heroin dealers are felons and are adjudicated at the Huron County Common Pleas Court, with Judge Conway, not at Norwalk Municipal Court which deals with misdemeanors.


Thank you!

swiss family

although I am thankful to Judge Ridge for his many years of service. I am also glad to see new "blood" in there.. hopefully this Judge will be tough on crime, and use his power and judgement to punish criminals to the extent that the law allows, and possibly by doing that will use that as a deterrent to other criminals who this there is a future in crime..