And Norwalk's newest judge is …

Gov. John Kasich appoints Norwalk Municipal Court successor for John Ridge.
Scott Seitz
May 23, 2013


Norwalk attorney Eric Weisenburger was officially appointed Norwalk Municipal Court judge Thursday by Gov. John Kasich.

With Weisenburger's appointment now official, Judge John Ridge can finally retire.

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Not sure if anyone is aware that a GAL has no special training except what is provided by the CASA office. They aren't required to hold a degree. It is solely a volunteer position. They are considered to be an officer of the court but the Judge or Magistrate will normally take into consideration their report concerning the child(ren) but primary consideration is usually a caseworker from Children's Services, if they are involved.


I have been in court with Judge Weisenburger when he was an attorney and found him to a decent attorney, unlike some of the others I've had contact with. He represented his client with fairness and an understanding of the situation and didn't just sit there like a bump on a log. I look forward to his time on the bench. Congrats!