Silcox: 'I'm not finished yet'

Will former county commissioner apply for safety-service director job?
Scott Seitz2
May 27, 2013


Former Huron County Commissioner Larry Silcox says he's enjoyed the past five months out of the political scene.

Silcox, 66, has served both the city of Norwalk and the county in a number of capacities during the past 40 years. He was defeated by current Commissioner Tom Dunlap in November's general election.

With the recent announcement that safety-service director Mark Schloemer will resign his post, effective June 19, some have wondered if Silcox might apply.

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Get off the public dole and get a real job...or better yet retire!


The whole county voted you out of office.Please go away.Your vindictive,smart asss personality is not appreciated here.Party politics at it's finest.


Spent a career riding on coat tails and political favors.

Sitting In The ...

Oh please the guy was demonized right before the election so Sutherland could get his buddy into office. Next time you want to bash someone could you offer some evidence, that way you might fool people into thinking you're actually intelligent.


You are the same nuts that elected Bozo.Silcox was the only county employee that ever did anything !What do you ever hear Hintz do ?Since Dunlap has been elected he has taken over Mike's place in all the newspaper pictures !Bauer is just a lame duck !


The best words to describe Silcox - ultra partisan, hyper petty, extremely vindictive. Not good qualities for a public servant. Just go away and retire. The county, the city, and the rest of the world would be grateful.


This guy wanted to take away the bag scanners and metal detectors at the courthouse. Safety service director! HA!


"Former Huron County Commissioner Larry Silcox says he's enjoyed the past five months out of the political scene."

And we, too, have enjoyed Silcox being out of the political scene. Please, do us all a favor and STAY OUT!


Dontcha just hate it when ya flush the toilet and that one turd refuses to go down?


@luvblues2: LOL!

IMO this has-been should remain just that. The voters held a referendum on his time in office and he was voted out. This especially during an election cycle when every other Republican won in HC by an overwhelming margin.

Safety Service Director? Ha! I like the sound of "former County Commissioner and Harold Freeman lackey" much better.


@luvblues2 - LIKE!


Harold didn't get the judge's job so Larry can't attach himself to him. He needs another host to attach himself to.


Where is @Contango's take on this? Appears like he is a Silcox fan so wold be put in an uncomfortable position if he gets job?