Accused ID thief granted intervention

Norwalk woman won't have felony conviction on her record if she successfully completes substance abuse counseling.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
May 23, 2013


A Norwalk woman won't have an identity theft conviction on her record if she successfully completes substance abuse counseling.

Mollie R. Warner, 20, of 27 Woodlawn Ave., must pay up to $220 in restitution during her three years of intensive probation. Huron County Common Pleas Judge Jim Conway granted Warner intervention in lieu of conviction Tuesday, but also ruled her probation officer has the option of imposing a discretionary 14-day jail sentence while the defendant is on community control.

Warner's fifth-degree felony charge of identity theft is for a Nov. 29 incident involving a relative. If convicted, she faces six to 12 months behind bars.

She also is on two years of probation for an underage consumption conviction through Norwalk Municipal Court. Norwalk police investigated the Dec. 17 incident.



She's a nice person from a nice family. Hope this works out for her. I think the family would appreciate it if the vulgar comments are kept to a minimum.


Hopefully she follows through.


I think it is time to get the lawmakers of the state to CHANGE the policy on drug offenses. All you need to do is cry that you have a drug problem and you "want" help and the courts send you to "Club Rehab". Seems no one WANTS help till they get caught. Yet again, she is a "nice person from a nice family". NICE PEOPLE DO NOT STEAL FROM OTHERS TO SUPPORT A DRUG HABIT. It is a choice! You choose to do drugs, you choose to steal to support your drug habit, you choose to keep doing it. I am starting to wonder what people really consider "good". I am not sure I want to be called a "good person" anymore...seems like all the good people are druggies, thieves and crooks.

SeƱor Clown

Couldn't have said it better. She was facing a felony conviction THAT WASN'T EVEN A DRUG CHARGE and got away with the 'lol it wasn't me, it was the meth' defense? Nobody wants to make any effort to pull their heads from their hindquarters until they get in trouble with the courts.


It is a choice. And once those drugs start to control your every action the choice is whatever is going to get that high. I hope she does turn around and get het life together, she is young pretty and has her whole life ahead of her. And sometimes ppl do want to change and want help but there could be many reasons they do not seek it. You don't know her story and neither do I but give her a chance! Now I am not sticking up for those who continually do the same bs over n over. Some ppl learn from their mistakes and others don't! Welcome to life.

Gone Fishing

I guess some people don't realize the state does not allow first time offenders convicted of f 4-5s be sent to prison as long as it isn't a violent crime. So ALOT of these people are being sent to rehab because they can't be sent to prison but I guess the alternative is just setting them free no probation or rehab? Alot of you people cry to get Conway and Leffer out of office but don't realize they are following the guide lines set by the state. And I know this comment will rub some people the wrong way but oh well! People need to open there eyes and realize that there are higher people on the ladder to blame than just our judges and prosecutors.


The truth!


In addition, the State of Ohio encourages that no 4th and 5th degree felonies be sent to prison regardless of whether or not a first offense is involved.

Also the State set up the CBCF's and expects them to be used by the Judges. The drug pandemic has proved resistant to criminalizing and incarcerating drug users and frankly better solutions need to be found.


I've been trying to explain that to people on here for months but well either they can't read or refuse to listen!

Kottage Kat

Me 2, it is a rampant comprehension problem.


Anyone see what the problem is in the picture? She is smiling! Identity theft.... And don't expect me to keep my comments to a minimum being a victim of identity theft myself. It's like being emotionally striped. $220 dollars ? Shame on the judge.


Why is she smiling in her mug shot? She must be pretty proud of herself.. Pfftt trash...

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swiss cheese kat

gap teeth!


She could have fixed the gap I suppose with the cash or credit card