'Disrespect' shootings put boy, 13, in lockup

Boy shot 23-year-old man three times with a 22-caliber gun because the victim "disrespected" him.
TNS Regional News
May 22, 2013


A 13-year-old boy who pleaded guilty to two shootings was sentenced Tuesday to spend the next six years in a juvenile correctional facility.

Emilio Santellana pleaded guilty last week to three counts of felonious assault in Lucas County Juvenile Court. One count had a gun specification; the others had complicity specifications.

The maximum time the Santellana youth could have been sentenced was eight years, said Lori Olender, an assistant prosecutor in the juvenile division. He was sentenced by Juvenile Judge Connie Zemmelman.

He was first accused of shooting Steven Walker, 23, three times on Feb. 13 with a 22-caliber gun.

He shot Mr. Walker, he told police, because Mr. Walker “disrespected” him, and then threw the gun into the Maumee River.

On April 25, the teen told police he gave a 25-caliber gun to another male who promised to “take care of” Mr. Walker.

The youth reported hearing the other individual shoot at Mr. Walker seven or eight times; Mr. Walker was hit once in his right calf.

The other individual reportedly returned the gun to the youth, who threw it in the Maumee River.


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...and thus begins another sad, yet all too familiar, timeworn story...


How in the heck would a 13 year old know how to spell respect in today's market?


..oyyyy, i'm having SUCH a bad spilling my mind day...

Lissen, respect is for those who earn it - those who work to keep themselves and family sheltered, fed, educated, healthy, out of trouble; those who have struggled and keep struggling for and with...

A 13 year old kid does wants respect? For good grades, okay; for thinking about a future and working toward it, okay; for helping out at home, okay. A kid should have the space and foundation to BE a kid - but a kid with a firearm who shoots someone for "lack of respect" isn't heading in this direction and needs to have a REAL, IMMEDIATE, and HARD reality check.

We could get into ethnicities, citizenship debates, yada yada yada; let's not. Let's just look at what happened and respond as we would to ANYONE who did this.


Respect HAS to be EARNED! It's not an automatic priviledge in this life or any other.

13 year old babies wouldn't know respect these days if it flew up ,pulled their saggy pants down and bite them in the nuts.

Go cry a river little boy, YOU think it's hard now, just wait till you're older.

Bottom Line!