College student protests war

As you may know, the U.S. Government has declared Sept. 11 Patriot Day. What you may not realize is a group of individuals have named Sept. 11 as World Strike Day. It has been declared so by individuals such as Norwalk resident Natalie Thurston, who feel the press and others are ignoring issues they feel are of worldwide importance.
Aaron Krause
Jul 25, 2010


As you may know, the U.S. Government has declared Sept. 11 Patriot Day. What you may not realize is a group of individuals have named Sept. 11 as World Strike Day.

It has been declared so by individuals such as Norwalk resident Natalie Thurston, who feel the press and others are ignoring issues they feel are of worldwide importance.

Various Web sites such as mention the day as a time in which business should come to a screeching halt. "Every person in the world should stop working," the Web site reads. "Every U.S. military soldier should stop fighting. Every Iraqi soldier should stop fighting and agree to a cease fire. Every business, every service should stop working (with the exception of emergency and essential services.) Around the world everyone in the world should stop what they are doing and stay home or march in the streets to protest the evil Republican empire worldwide."


"Republicans in the U.S. have killed, enslaved and imprisoned and oppressed millions of people world wide."

Thurston expressed a similar sentiment on the back of her shirt, which reads "We are the terrorists."

"We're using depleted uranium in our artillery in Iraq," the Tiffin University student said.

According to the World Health Organization's Web site, "limited information from human studies" has linked depleted uranium to negative effects on kidney function, lung cancer and other health problems.

Thurston, who stood in front of the Huron County Courthouse this morning, said she also was protesting what she felt is the illegal detention of terror suspects by the U.S. government.

"In this country you're innocent until proven guilty," Thurston said.

She said people such as her were protesting today because issues that have arisen from the U.S. Patriot Act which was signed into law after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

And so, Thurston stood in front of the courthouse with signs such as "One Nation Under Control with Injustice and Lies for All," "Our Grief was Not a Call For War Crimes," "Blind Faith in Bad Leadership is not the American Way" and "We Are the Terrorists."

Thurston, who belongs to a number of peace organizations, arrived in front of the courthouse at 8 a.m. and planned to remain there until 4. She said a few people directed rude gestures at her and told her she's a traitor, and that people are dying for her rights. But, she said, she also received some encouragement.


JEF (Anonymous)

where? wrote:" where are all the educated people that used to post on here?i miss you all! " How much more can be written about an obviously philosophically confused woman like Ms. Thurston who claims to be a pacifist, while attempting to incite violence by making provocative statements? For her next "demonstration" she might ask herself - What would Gandhi do?

Marine mom (Ano...

we all left when all the stupid joke people showed up and strayed away from the actual topic of discussion

you know how th...

if you actually talked to natalie, you would have realized the reflector only published what was sensational, not the substance. She asked why hasn't the government adequately funded the VA hospitals, why returning vets haven't recieved help to make their homes handicapped accessiable, why have some vets not recieved their diability, etc. She, also, mentioned why we haven't done more in Darfur, Zimbabwe, etc. She asked why are there 9-11 1st responders without healthcare. She asked why we spent more money on wether oral sex is sex than investigating the 9-11 attacks. If you had talked to her, you would know these things. She was always polite to people that walked by her and she never responded in kind to those that called her every cuss word in the dictionary. Patriotism is not trying to figure out how many of those little yellow ribbon magnets (made in China) is enough to prove you're an American.

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JEF (Anonymous)

you know how the reflector is wrote: "...the reflector only published what was sensational, not the substance." If you've ever been interviewed by the media, you'd know that there are always inconsistencies in the story as told and the one that is reported. The issue is not peculiar to the Reflector. Regardless, her sign as shown in the photo was indicative of a provocateur not a pacifist.

RE Jef (Anonymous)

So from your comments about the picture of her sign, it would be logical to infer that you believe that the administration has not told any lies and that there has not been any injustice?!? As for her being a provocateur and not a pacifist, was her message that inciteful that the people of Norwalk are unable to restrain themselves in the face of someone who believes differently than them. Hmmm, this is good to know. Its not like she was advocating a revolution, starting Main St. Norwalk. Perhaps, its the people of Norwalk that need to take a step back and ask why they are getting angry. Perhaps, they have doubts about whats going on, but feel to question is unpatriotic. Its sad really, that if her message is so wrong, yet it can shake the foundation of their beliefs.

My opinion... (...

When someone stands on a street corner in MY town carrying a sign that says "WE ARE THE TERRORIST" I'm assuming she's trying to speak for all of us, or the sign would have read "SOME OF US THINK WE ARE THE TERRORIST". I do not wish this person any ill will, but to say that WE are the terrorist just doesn't jive well with me. I, for one, do not wish to be labeled a terrorist. Terrorist make bombs and take down airplanes with innocent people to suffer the consenquences because I (and many others) refuse to convert to Islam. Yes, people are dying for HER rights. Our proud men and women in uniform are dying for her rights, yet she's got the nerve to call us terrorists.

Terrorist Activ...

What do you call the use of depleted uranium? What do you call the use of naplam in Fallujah? What do you call the use of chemical weapons? What do you call "shock & awe"? What do you call the coverup of civilian casualties? What do you call identifying people that should be considered POWs as "illegal enemy combantants"? What do you call the use of coercion & torture and the threat of it? What do you call invading a sovereign nation that had not attacked us? What do you call civilian contractors killing unarmed iraqis? What is this, but terrorism? How many innocent civialians have died and for what???? There was no insurgency in Iraq before we invaded. We caused this. We need to take reposibility.

No, you're wron...

I was simply stating that I, ME- Myself am NOT a terrorist! I didn't give anybody napalm, I don't have any chemical weapons-and watching those two planes go INTO the World Trade Center was enough 'shock and awe' for me, not to mention the Pentagon and Pa. How many innocent people died then? Don't tell me you forgot all about 9/11. Your comments are a joke. You should get on your hands and knees and Thank GOD you live in this great country where good people in uniform got your back, pal. But, there is another solution...MOVE!

U.S. Supreme Co...

"We must make clear to the Germans that the wrong for which their leaders are on trial is not that they lost the war, but that they started it. And we must not allow ourselves to be drawn into a trial of the causes of the war, for our position is that no grievances or policies will justify resort to aggressive war. It is utterly renounced and condemned as an instrument of policy."

JEF (Anonymous)

RE Jef, Rather than inciteful words, a hunger strike for peace in front of the Court House would be more the actions of pacifist. Ms. Thurston's actions were clearly not those of a pacifist by any stretch of the term.

amazed (Anonymous)

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thank you for your response.i see why.

President Merki...

" Gentlemen, you can't fight in here! This is the War Room! "

JEF (Anonymous)

Terrorist Activities wrote: "What do you call "shock & awe"?" There was no "Shock and Awe" inflicted on Iraq. A decision was eventually made to attempt to keep Iraq's infrastructure such as electricity and communication facilities intact as much as possible in order to help in the rebuilding of the country.

sally boniva (A...

first of all you have to make a distinction between this country , which is the greatest country on earth . and the government ! the government should be made accountable for every action that they make .because ultimately , they work on our behalf. so i also believe that i love this great country ! but i also distrust , and need to watch our "government"

Amazed (Anonymous)

Click, click, click, click. You couldn't lose what you didn't have already. *wink* Just because you think you don't look like a moron doesn't mean that is the observation of all.

RE JEF (Anonymous)

Then, why do the Iraqi people have less access to basic services after our little liberation? And please don't say its the insurgents, because without us being in Iraq, there would not be an insurgency. War on Terror, please more like War of Politics and Doublespeak. "Illegal Enemy Combantants" Hmm, I wonder if the gov't classifies them as this to get around the Geneva Convention and all the POW rights. Even better, could the "insurgents" consider Blackwater contractors as "Illegal Enemy Combantants"? And this is the best, since a lot of people are under the misguided assumption the Saddam bears some responsibility for 9-11, even though, not 1 highjacker was Iraqi (there were mostly Saudi), why wasn't he ever charge with a crime against the US?????

swiss family bo...

sally boniva????????? apparently you watch too much, you tool!

JEF (Anonymous)

RE JEF, you obviously have already formulated the answers to your own questions. Never-the-less, the blitzkrieg-like technique of "shock and awe" as originally planned was never executed. THAT is history, not an opinion.

Re:RE JEF (Anon...

Why should the US follow the Geneva Conventions? The "insurgents" surely don't.We do it because we're better than them. I don't believe AQ or any "insurgent" group is a signatory to that agreement so they are not entitled to any benefits from it. You're right though this whole Iraq War thing could've been avoided if we had just charged Saddam with a crime. It sure stopped 9/11 when we charge OBL with blowing up those 2 African embassies in 1998.

May I have your...

Hey Natalie, you going to help Ahmadinejad lay the wreath at ground zero????

swiss family......

i want to say thank you for calling me a tool ! i take that as a great sign of affection ! i know that most people treasure their tools ! and very rarely loan them out to anyone , because they fear that they won't get them back ! and most people have special places for their tools, because they are so important , and their tools make their lives better by fixing things that go wrong .. thank you for saying that i am a fixer of problems .. i feel humbled by your adoration , but please .. i am just a mere human , just like you ..but Barara Walters did ask me one time " if you were a tool, what kind of tool would you be?"and with me being as modest as i am , i hate talking , and congratulating myself .. so thank you once again!

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No, the good people in uniform don't have our back. They and most of their equipment and supplies are in Iraq. The general in charge of the action over there doesn't know if this war has made us safer or not. Of course, that means it hasn't. As far as fighting them there instead of here, we've got nothing to fight them here with. An enemy that wanted to fight us here could just walk in with the Mexicans.

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How 'bout you? you gonna help Natalie and Ahmadinejad lay the wreath at ground zero next week?

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ask your kid what a 'tool' is...or ask anybody for that matter! duh!