Man with 'significant drug problem' accused of theft from the elderly

Defense attorney: 'He's a bonafide first-time offender'
Cary Ashby
May 22, 2013


An area man accused of stealing from the elderly has been indicted by a Huron County grand jury.

Cody M. Bruner, 23, of Shelby, pleaded innocent this week in Huron County Common Pleas Court. He has a trial set for July 18.

He is charged with theft from the elderly in connection with an incident between March 4 and April 1. He also faces grand theft stemming from an offense between March 21 and April 5 and theft in connection with an April 19 incident.

Hearing from a prosecutor that Bruner reportedly has "a significant drug problem, Judge Jim Conway ordered the defendant to undergo random drug screens as part of his $5,000 bond.

"He's a bonafide first-time offender," Huron County Public Defender David Longo said.



...uh, NO... According to the article he's a FIVE TIME offender, this just seems to be the first time he got caught or anyone pressed charges. Serious - or ANY - drug addiction is hell to live IN, not just live around (as a family member or other person who is damaged to serve the addiction) - but as long as that is a mediating factor in consequences, what change will happen? A "mistake" happens one time..okay 2 or 3 if you're dumb or already that far into the drugs, but after that it's NOT a mistake, it's a CHOICE .. quitting is hard and painful, realizing you have to work the rest of your life instead of easy stealing to get along.. so it's an "easier" choice to just stay where and how one is... "easier" maybe for the person making the choice, but what about the people who have to live with consequences of choices they didn't and wouldn't make?

SeƱor Clown

First time working with the public defender's office, but likely not the last.


I agree....first time he was CAUGHT. He has a "significant drug problem" but this is the only time he has stole to support it???? NOT. Only the first time he screwed up. I am sure he will be given a sentence of "Club Rehab". And I am also pretty sure we will see his name again soon. It takes a certain kind of stupid to steal from the elderly. Be a MAN get a job, do something with your life.


They let dave Dalton off with no jail time and he was one of the biggest dealers in huron county. I wouldn't suspect this kid will get anything out of this. Or ever have to pay restitution to the pawn shops and people he stole from or homes he burglarized.

who'd of thunk

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He has no heart and is disgusting. Stealing from his grandma while she let him live with her, his grandpas stuff after he passed. Then he steals his uncles belongings that was left to his kids after he pasted away too. The stuff he stole is irreplaceable. I hope he goes down.

who'd of thunk