No 'conspiracy' surrounding his leaving

Norwalk's departing safety-service director calls new job a 'once-in-a-career' opportunity
Scott Seitz2
May 22, 2013


Norwalk safety-service director Mark Schloemer spoke with the Reflector in detail about his decision to resign his city position, effective June 19.

The story was published on the front page of Tuesday's issue.

"I'm really sad to go," he said. "I will genuinely miss working with the people in the city. There are lots of good people working for the city who care about the people they work for and do a fantastic job."

Schloemer has accepted a position with the Westfield Group, an insurance company located in Westfield Center, near Lodi.

"I will be the government affairs regional manager," he said. "The position will require a lot of traveling."

He will be a liaison between Westfield and government legislators and regulators.

Schloemer said he wasn't forced out of his position at city hall and there is no "conspiracy" surrounding his leaving.

"This position at Westfield is a position that rarely comes open," he said. "Westfield is a well-respected organization and I thought, 'this is a once-in-a-career opportunity,' so I just sent my resume in.'"

Schloemer said he was then interviewed and was fortunate enough to be hired.

"I was tipped off to the job through networks," he said.

Schloemer's Westfield territory will cover the Western region.

"That's from Colorado to Minnesota and most of the states in between," he said.

"It's a great opportunity and will provide diverse experiences and knowledge," Schloemer said. "It will be a learning experience, with a thorough orientation."

He will continue to live in Norwalk.

"Absolutely," he said. "I bought a house here and hope to continue to be an involved community member. I really enjoy living in Huron County."

The new job was simply too good to refuse, he said.

"I think it's a smart, professional career move," Schloemer said.

Schloemer is a 2004 Willard High School graduate and earned a political science degree from Ohio Northern University.

He earned $67,000 per year as safety-service director.

Schloemer might participate in the search for a new safety-service.

"If he (Mayor Rob Duncan) would like me to be, I will be," he said. "I've got an outline of projects we're working on. Right now, it's about a four-page document."



Sad to see this young man leave city employ, but best of luck to him. I am glad that he will be sticking around the area.

believe it

All the jackas*es on the first story about this that were ripping Schloemer apart can now shut the hell up.


Ya need more proof that city hall and/or the NR reads the comments section?

Thanks for the journalistic follow-up NR.

Re: " I just sent my resume in."

So he WAS looking.

Best wishes for much success Mr. Schloemer.

And best wishes to Mayor Duncan on finding his "anyone" as Norwalk's next SSD.

believe it

Contango said "So he WAS looking"...No, you must not read very well. Schloemer said he was tipped off to the job through networks. Reading comprehension my friend.


@ believe it:

And "networks" means what? How was he "tipped off" and why?

Reading what WAS said, and what was NOT said, lil' buddy.

believe it

You've never had a friend or someone you know tell you about a job that you should look in to?


@ believe it:

Or maybe he had his resume on Monster?

If he was satisfied in his position, do you think that another "opportunity" would have made a difference?

BTW: The position reads like lobbying.

Return to blissful sleep - no more questions.

believe it

Contango said "If he was satisfied in his position, do you think that another "opportunity" would have made a difference?"...So you're telling me if someone told you about a job with better pay and benefits and an opportunity too great pass up, you wouldn't be interested in it? If you say no you're just lying.


believe it writes:

"if someone told you,"

Again: You're speculating about HOW he was "told."

The question remains and obviously for you: Ignorance IS bliss.

Just what the world needs - another GD lobbyist. :)

Have a nice day.

believe it

And you're speculating about why he left.

As you would say, ignorance is bliss.

Have a nice day.


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yogi bear

ya know, those young kids do have short attention spans!


"He earned $67,000 per year as safety-service director."

I'm not looking for a new job, but wow . . . $67k/yr!! Where do I send my resume?


Errrr. Stated that much earlier than you. Many with deep roots in this region comment for many valid reasons. Now since you've used my writing prose, put on your big-boy pants & get a job there. pdb

Cliff Cannon

When I first got into blogging. The thing that bothered me was the use of pseudonyms, rather than real names. My feelings being that if you are person enough to say something about someone or something. Then you are person enough to take the blame or praise those feelings brought.

Thankfully,my buddy " Contango " finally convinced I was wrong to feel that way. So truthfully, I wish I had a really cool user name. But,to late for that.

My point here is because bloggers are so often in 'the know ' or ask the proper questions in these spaces. That I believe blogging is a very valuable tool ( or can be) for furthering public education on issues as well as influencing public debate.

To wit : This headline, where Mr. Schloemer responds to blogging questions ( No doubt Contango's ) as well as perhaps other question's and says there is no " conspiracy " in his leaving. ( which I truly believe)

So here's hoping blogging grows like weeds in your garden. Because,if nothing else this article proves one thing---they are read.


@ CC:

Good read! A possible NR article?

I recall how Mayor Lesch used to say that SHE never read the comments section, but then she once said that hubby read 'em to her.

I remember that I wrote one or several questions about the last yrs.' Janesville layoffs and the next day or so, Mayor Duncan had a statement regarding it. (Possible correlation, but regardless, I got more info.)

IMO, questions help to keep the politicos a little more HONEST and REAL.

And to invoke a cliché: How does one ever learn without asking questions?

BTW: I once heard someone say that you usually know when you are being confronted with dogma because dogmatists tend to dislike questions and will often attempt to ridicule and destroy the inquirer.

EVERY garden will be attacked by weeds - count on it. :)

FYI: Favorite quote of the day –

"Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity"
- Robert Hanlon

Cliff Cannon

@ Contango : Your ' quote of the day ' gave me a belly laugh, thanks. Here's hoping high school kids everywhere read your comment from " IMO on down. For that is a fine lesson in civics you wrote.

Great day to you and thanks again for the fun

swiss family

yes Cliff, sadly, when you came in, you decided that you wanted to choose to use your real name, and good for you, but then you determined that you would start to expose everyone and identify them as much as possible, thus taking away everyone's right to be anonymous, as it is approved of by the rules... you over trumped that, and for that "shame on you"

I am sure that you see, that as we get older, some of our classmates, and friends , step into local positions of power, like the Mayor, fire or police chief etc.. Now I can not speak for you, but I know in my life, and in my circle of friends, I can disagree with someone WITHOUT making them my enemy, In fact, with my friends, they actually like the stimulation of open debates on topics, even on their own evaluation of the job that they are doing, without threatening our friendship.. just by my observation, you and your friends have to always be in total agreement with each other to sustain your friendship.. I am not saying your way is right or wrong, but what I am pointing out is that you took it upon yourself to expose people by their real identity, just because you thought that your way was the right and the only way.. to me that is narcissistic, because others are allowed to pursue things in the manner that they see fit, as long as they stay within the guidelines.

I wonder if you will ever know how many good and intelligent comments you have stifled, because the person who had so muck to say and to offer, knew that you knew their identity and would more than likely use it if and when you wanted to play "God" and take their rights and freedoms away.I am glad that you finally realized that you realize now how wrong you were, but just like removing a rock that you had thrown into a pool, you can retrieve the rock, but the ripples will continue on for a very long time..

I am glad that appreciate your comments, but normally you agree with every thought and idea that comes from the "upper level" of our city... and good for you, although if everyone agrees like you do, it probably hinders the amount of progress and evolution of our city a little too much, because usually it takes someone who has a different opinion to inspire change, and many, many times, especially in a small town community, if they speak out they are torn apart and attacked on a personal level, instead of disagreeing with what they think, and for that reason alone, those who wish to remain anonymous, should have that right, without you deciding and judging what YOU feel needs to be done to them.. in my opinion... OH and I have heard rumors that connections to the group "Anonymous" from the Sandusky trial are planning to send someone or many to protest outside the courthouse, demanding a better justice system in Huron county... are you going to make it your duty to learn their identities and publish and expose them as well???obviously for them it seems that being anonymous works best for them, because their opinion could and will be from "anyone", or everyone... just like being anonymous on this site should have remained that way.. they have that right, and you do not have the right to expose them

Scott Seitz

Look for part three soon in the Schloemer saga. We're thinking about making his resignation into a full-blown series.

Cliff Cannon

@ Scott Seitz : " So here's hoping blogging grows like weeds in your garden. Because, if nothing else this article proves one thing---they are read " Thanks for proving my point :)

P.S. Forgive my tardiness Scott, in my haste to give you a smiley face, I neglected to say this: You proved your a very good reporter here. For you used all sources, to follow your story to its conclusion. So how could the reader ask for more ? Keep up the great work young man. Very proud to know you.