Week of Sept. 10 to Sept. 14 (All meals served with milk)
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Jul 25, 2010


Week of Sept. 10 to Sept. 14

(All meals served with milk)


Monday: Chicken patty on bun, green beans, applesauce, trail mix.

Tuesday: Sloppy joe on bun, potato smiles, fruited Jell-O, ice cream cup.

Wednesday: Pizza, fresh tossed salad, peaches, Go-Gurt.

Thursday: Nachos with beef and cheese, golden sweet corn, pineapple tidbits, chocolate pudding.

Friday: French toast sticks with syrup, sausage patty, potato triangle, box of raisins.

EHOVE Career Center

Monday: Bosco sticks, glazed baby carrots, assorted fruits.

Tuesday: Hot ham and cheese, new potatoes, assorted fruits.

Wednesday: Hamburger gravy over mashed potatoes, roll, assorted fruits.

Thursday: Grilled cheese, tomato soup, side salad, assorted fruits.

Friday: Cheesy macaroni and cheese, green beans, half peanut butter sandwich, assorted fruits.


Monday: Sloppy joe, french fries, vegetable, fruit.

Tuesday: Rotini with meat sauce, garlic bread, vegetable, fruit.

Wednesday: Pepperoni pizza, vegetable, fruit, Doritos.

Thursday: Chicken nuggets, buttered noodles, vegetable, fruit.

Friday: Taco pockets, vegetable, Teddy Grahams, fruit.

New London

Monday: Cheese, pepperoni or fiestada pizza, seasoned corn, mandarin oranges.

Tuesday: Breaded chicken fingers with ranch dip, potato wedges, assorted applesauce cups, snow flake roll with butter.

Wednesday: Turkey, ham, bologna and cheese wrapped and warmed, french fries, mild salsa and tortilla chips, oatmeal raisin cookie.

Thursday: (K-4) half bologna sandwich, cheese snack pack and mini pretzels, (5-12) nacho supreme with tortilla chips (optional toppings), mini carrots with ranch dip, orange juice cup.

Friday: Breaded chicken patty sandwich with condiments, lettuce, tomato, tater tots, homemade pasta salad.


Monday: Meatball sub with mozzarella cheese, corn, pears.

Tuesday: Mini corn dogs, french fries, pineapple, bread and butter.

Wednesday: Spaghetti with meat sauce, lettuce salad, applesauce, garlic bread.

Thursday: Chicken strips, parsley potatoes, fruit cocktail, bread and butter, brownie.

Friday: Pizza, peas, peaches, mookie cookies.

Norwalk Catholic School

Monday: Fiesta sticks, corn, applesauce, ice cream.

Tuesday: Grilled chicken patties, potatoes, peaches, apple crisp.

Wednesday: Country fried steak, mashed potatoes, rolls, pears, cookies.

Thursday: Chicken fajitas, pineapple, blueberry muffins.

Friday: Corn dogs, broccoli with cheese, fruit cocktail, watermelon slices.

Shiloh Elementary

Monday: Taco quesadilla, chicken fingers with bread and butter, green beans, applesauce.

Tuesday: Chicken patty on bun, fish sticks with roll, french fries, fruit mix or orange juice, peanut butter round.

Wednesday: Pepperoni pizza, ham and cheese on bun, buttered rotini, lettuce salad, peaches.

Thursday: Saucy sticks with sauce and cheese, barbecue ribbette on bun, buttered corn, apple or grape juice, pretzel rod.

Friday: Mini corn dogs, hamburger, pickles, tater tots, diced pears, cookie.

Plymouth-Shiloh High/Middle

Monday: Chicken patty on bun, fish nuggets with bread and butter, green beans or potatoes, pears or apple, peanut butter round.

Tuesday: Spaghetti with meat sauce and New York garlic toast, hot dogs, lettuce salad or potatoes, cinnamon applesauce or apple.

Wednesday: Enchiladas, beef-bean burrito, corn or potatoes, mixed fruit or apple.

Thursday: Cheeseburger, hot ham and cheese on bun, buttered broccoli or potatoes, mandarin oranges or apple, cookie.

Friday: Beef-n-cheese nachos, popcorn chicken, bread and butter, buttered peas or potatoes, peaches or apple.

South Central Elementary/Junior High

Monday: Corn dog or toasted cheese/Texas toast, tomato soup, crackers, fruit.

Tuesday: Bosco sticks with sauce or grilled chicken on bun, vegetable, fruit.

Wednesday: Chili/cheese baked potato or stuffed crust pizza, vegetable, fruit.

Thursday: Turkey deli wrap or cheeseburger, vegetable, fruit.

Friday: Nacho's grande or chicken tenders/bread, vegetable, fruit.

South Central High

Monday: Bosco stick with sauce or cheesy potatoes and ham, vegetable, fruit.

Tuesday: Cook's choice or spaghetti with meatballs, bread stick, vegetable, fruit.

Wednesday: Turkey gravy over biscuit or fiestada pizza, vegetable, fruit.

Thursday: Soft taco wrap or cheeseburger, potato, fruit.

Friday: Crispy fish on bun or chicken tenders, bread, vegetable, fruit.

Western Reserve

Monday: Italian pizza dippers, warm dipping sauce, green beans, mandarin oranges.

Tuesday: Tasty chicken strips, (K-6) chicken nuggets, creamy mashed potatoes, buttered roll, sherbet cup.

Wednesday: Mexican fiesta, steamed broccoli and cheese, chocolate cake, fruit choice

Thursday: Chef Boy-R-Dee ravioli, fresh garden salad, warm bread stick, peaches.

Friday: Oven baked corn dogs, mini corn dogs, frosted fall cookie, assorted fruit.


Monday: Chicken nuggets, mashed potatoes and gravy, fruit, pickles.

Tuesday: Hot dog, baked beans, fruit, chips.

Wednesday: Pizza, fruit, veggie, special treat.

Thursday: Egg, cheese McMuffin, sausage patty, fruit, tater wedges, Elfin loaf.

Friday: Hot chicken sandwich, fruit, veggie, baked chips.