Jim Parsons should learn fate of parole request within a week

Norwalk man has served nearly 20 years in prison after being convicted of wife's 1981 murder.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
May 18, 2013


A Norwalk man who has served nearly 20 years in prison for the murder of his wife could be released soon.

James "Jim" O. Parsons, 75, had an institutional hearing Friday in which a parole board member and hearing officer visited him at the prison in Mansfield.

A decision as to whether Parsons will be released from prison is expected within a week.

Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction's parole board, which was created as a section within the Adult Parole Authority, currently consists of 11 members whose duties include conducting release consideration hearings on all parole-eligible inmates and providing clemency recommendations to the governor.

Additional parole board personnel include a staff of 14 hearing officers, including three supervisory chief hearing officers. The primary statutory duties of the hearing officers are to assess all inmates sentenced after July 1, 1996, and determine whether or not post-release control will be required after release, and to conduct field violation hearings to determine if violations of the conditions of supervision have occurred and recommend an official response to the violations.

When there is opposition to a person being paroled, then a hearing before the full board will take place, allowing for victims and others to testify. Then, the governor must give his OK.

At other times, as was the case with Parsons, a board member and hearing officer will visit the inmate and then return with their recommendation to the full board. An approval by the governor is not needed.

A department spokesperson on Friday said a decision should be made Thursday or next Friday.

Parsons is serving a 15 years-to-life term for using a mechanic's tool to fatally beat his then 41-year-old wife, Barbara Parsons, in their Sycamore Hills home on Feb. 12, 1981. She was bludgeoned to death by 15 blows from a break bar, which is a tool used to loosen impacted nuts and bolts.

Initially, no one was charged with the crime. However, thanks to advanced forensic techniques unavailable in 1981, authorities were able to indict Parsons on a murder charge in February 1993. In August of that year, a jury returned a guilty verdict following a two-week trial.

Parsons has been at the Richland Correctional Institution since Aug. 18, 1993.


Kottage Kat

SRarticle said DENIED.
3 years to think about it
His daughter being the Queen of De-nile declares he is innocent.

Brock Lee

jails full of innocent ppl


well that would be a heck of a swell idea to let a man out like that..so that he can do it again... this was a horrible crime, would that shouldn't be forgotten..

Cliff Cannon

I can imagine few nightmare's worse than having your Mother murdered and your father convicted of killing her. Then, add this tackiness some 30 years later your local newspaper puts your Mom's tombstone on the front page.

So to K.K. on behalf of my friends the Jeff O'Donnell family it is their business and their business alone to judge his fate. So I really do not find it necessary to discuss their opinions publically in this forum.

What I do find necessary is to say to the them. Thanks for being a wonderful family who bring so much to those of us lucky enough to be your friends. As always, O'Donnell's praying for your peace of mind in this never ending night mere

Ralph Wiggum

When he was convicted of a crime it became the public's right to judge his future fate. He's asking to be let out of jail. It's our (aka parole board's) right to decide if he's paid his debt and/or can live among us again without putting anyone at risk. The family of the victim should have a voice that carries some weight, but they alone should not make that decision.

Kottage Kat

You seem to have forgotten that I know ALL to well what is like to have a parent murdered.
Did you read the article in which COMMENTS were made by his daughter?
So they are your friends, being friends with them does not change facts.
I know the truth and I am free. You are imprisoned by friendship and delusion
When you want to be paroled, I will be there.


Cliff Cannon

@ K.K. To answer your question; No, I did not read any public comments from either Parsons' sister. However, since a comment was made publically. Then that comment obviously becomes open to public scrutiny.That is if one feels the need to comment.

Personally, I don't have enough coldness in my heart to do that. Further, I did not even come close to an opinion on Mr. Parsons guilt or if he should be set free, did I ?

So if attacking the murdered women's daughter for stating her opinion, an opinion, by the way that puts her in an extremely small minority sets you " free " have at it.

As for me knowing that children are always first to feel the pain and hurt the worst. I shall happily stay " imprisoned " with my hand out in an eFFort to help those who need it most

Kottage Kat

Double post

Kottage Kat

Blather on