Even at 89, Sheehan still helping others

Local resident named Senior of the Year
Joe Centers
May 28, 2013


Dr. Pat Sheehan doesn't like the limelight. For all he does and all of the activities he is involved in, Sheehan doesn't require a lot of praise or attention.

He just likes to help others and doesn't ask anything in return.

Sheehan was honored for all of his hard work when he was named Senior of the Year at the 12th annual Senior Celebration, sponsored by Senior Enrichment Services.

(NOTE - To see pictures of the event, click HERE.)


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swiss family

I didn't realize that Dr Sheehan was almost 90.... I think he is a really amazing man , to get up, and donate his time and gas and energy to deliver the meals to people who might not have any other human contact that day..I admire him for not sitting back with my feet up, like I will be doing.. if and when I am 89....