Schloemer resigns as Norwalk's safety-service director

Anyone interested in the position should send or drop off an application at city hall within the next 10 days.
Scott Seitz2
May 17, 2013


Norwalk Mayor Rob Duncan announced Thursday that safety-service director Mark Schloemer will resign, effective June 19.

Schloemer has held the safety-service position since being appointed by Duncan in January 2012.

Anyone interested in the position should send or drop off an application at city hall within the next 10 days.

"I'd like to have someone in place as soon as possible," Duncan said.

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I know several people and agencies/offices that have worked with Mr. Schloemer and I have not heard of one that had a negative remark about his abilities or the man himself. Many city and county offices have nothing but high marks and respect for him.

He's moving on up, nothing more. Some of you should just watch a soap opera now and again to get it out of your system.


@ VerbalKint:

OK - got it; Mr. Schloemer is a paragon of virtue and intelligence and was obviously too good for the job.

The question was never necessarily with him, but as I originally asked:
Is this resignation an indication of larger troubles at City Hall?

A good reporter would look at both sides of the story; this one is too one sided.

Sometimes what 'wasn't' said is where the real story is to be found.

J Cooper

Maybe there isn't any more to the story. Conjecture, rumors doesn't make a story if one doesn't exist.


@J Cooper: if @contango didn't have conjecture and rumors to rely on he'd just be stuck with the facts and an outdated pseudonym. What fun would that be?


@ J Cooper:

How does one ever learn ANYTHING without asking questions?

If you are willing to believe that all the "facts" have been presented to your satisfaction in one article that is obviously your prerogative.

You get the govt. you deserve.


@Contango: Have you asked questions as you so knowingly pontificate in your anonymous comments? Have you called City Hall and asked to speak to Mr. Schlomer about his departure? Or have you simply thrown out baseless allegations disguised as "questions" from the safety of your parents' basement?

swiss family

you just might be on to something... a local scandal... I wonder exactly where he was on November 22 1963 ????????? or did he possible have possession of a craftsmen breaker bar ???? I will leave the insinuations and possibly scandals up to you and Mrs. please AAABBBNNEERRRRR !!! let us know what you uncover, would you please???


What does family name have to do with anything? Are you saying that being born into a particular family qualifies a person to be second in command? Mr. Schloemers previous job experience was fetching coffee for a former Senator. On that basis; I would be over qualified. Overseeing all department heads in the city requires a person who is not going to back down when challenged, and I would think someone who has supervisory experience would be the preferred choice. We have qualified candidates with experience in Norwalk, so hopefully one of them is hired to fill the position.


@TJ: You seem to know him well, though your only beef seems to be with his previous experience and not with the job he's done. Didn't his hiring announcement say he had BWC experience too? And weren't there at least two other jobs? Reads like you're malcontented with more than you know how to handle. IMO you may be less frustrated if you limit your hating to one or two things.

swiss family

are you still upset because they put that restroom too close to your property line at Sofias Park????

believe it

I don't understand why people think his previous experience before taking the job in Norwalk was so terrible, and to say he was just a coffee fetcher is too far from the truth. There was much more to his job than that. As long as he got the job done and did it well, why did it matter how old he was, his last name, his previous experience, etc?


He is leaving for a job he is better suited for... period. If that statement makes me a "hater" so be it. I can't wait to see who is selected next.


@TJ: It's not that statement that makes you a hater, it's a combination of all the previous ones. Perhaps you should heed Thumper from Bambi's advice, "If you don't have something nice to say..."


@ Truckstop:

And on a less than 'cartoonish' note: You wanna practice to - Disagree without being disagreeable.


@Contango: May want to work on your grammar some more. It's delightful to me that I've been able to get under your skin. You don't seem to like being the third, or fourth smartest commenter on the blogs?


@ ThomasJefferson:

Re: "Anyone interested in the position should send or drop off an application at city hall within the next 10 days."

Well, obviously the initial qualification is: "Anyone." :)

Should narrow the field eh?


Poor Dale-he doesn't have Linda Hebert to beat up on anymore.

swiss family

poor do you like the soccer park now, dear???? is it still too close to your unfenced pool????


@Thomas Jefferson is Kaleen Lee?! Oh how ironic! At Thomas Jefferson's estate, Monticello, there is a wooden 'play area' not more than 50 feet off the corner of the house. Obviously our 3rd president liked having playgrounds near his house, perhaps Kaleen should pick a new user name?


Change my name? What for?

Cliff Cannon

@ Thomas Jefferson : " Change my name ? What for ?" Answer: So I could have it. I love Thomas Jefferson so much, as I think I told you. All 3 of my youngest, if boys were to be named " Jefferson Thomas ". Finally, got my boy. Then mom told me what she --REALLY--- thought of my beloved name and..... Oh well, at least I got the J.T. initials.

Always enjoy reading you my friend. Most of all when we disagree :)