Sheriff's dispatcher arrested

Ex-employee accused of improperly using a work computer to check personal information of ex-husband, ex-boyfriend and many others.
Cary Ashby
May 13, 2013


A former Erie County Sheriff’s Office employee was arrested Monday afternoon in connection with improperly using a work computer to check people’s personal information.

Tracy A. Smith, 42, of Wakeman, was arrested without incident at her South Street home. She was charged with improper use of a computer, a fifth-degree felony punishable by six to 12 months behind bars.

“She was a former dispatcher. She was here about six months,” Chief Deputy Jared Oliver said.

Smith is accused of improperly using the Ohio Law Enforcement Gateway (OLEG) computer system to check on “specific people when she had no real law enforcement reason to do so,” Oliver said.

OLEG runs through the Ohio Attorney General’s Office and includes information about people’s driver’s licenses, concealed carry permits, Bureau of Motor Vehicle records and includes the LEADS database.

Smith was granted access to OLEG in January.

“It was brought to my attention by another employee. I requested an audit through the Ohio Attorney General’s Office,” Oliver said.

The chief deputy’s audit covered about three months.

“She had checked on approximately a couple hundred people; some of it was work-related. Some people she checked on were former neighbors, her ex-husband and an ex-boyfriend,” Oliver said.

“She had no reason whatsoever to do that at her residence or (when she was) off-duty,” he added. “OLEG is strictly for law enforcement purposes.”

A few weeks ago, Sheriff Paul Sigsworth fired Smith in connection with violating related department policies.

“She was a probationary employee. She worked full-time for our agency for approximately the last six months,” Oliver said.

After Smith was arrested and transported to the Erie County Jail, she was released on a personal recognizance bond at the request of the Vermilion Municipal Court Judge W. Zack Dolyk.



What?! She was arrested for looking at public documents?


She was arrested for using leads for her own personal agenda. Things that are really none of her business.


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If she worked for the IRS all she would have to do is apologize....whoops!


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Those who know her know that she has never been the sharpest pencil in the box. She has always snooped on people and inserted her nose in other peoples business. This really doesn't come as a shock. I'm kinda surprised the county even hired her considering I hear that she was so bad at her last dispatching job that they would only let her answer phones.


Ummm...I think that's pretty much all dispatchers do is answer phones. I mean, of course they provide the officer's with information but their main job is to answer the phone is it not? And I would say that you, by getting on here and making this comment, are sticking your nose in her business. People make misstakes. Take your punishment and move on.


Yes, but most don't make mistakes that result in a felony charge. In the setup she worked in before, she only answered phones, she was not permitted to dispatch. Now go back to your recliner and sleep, that's what you FF do.


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WOW.. Sounds like "Yawn" couldn't cut it to be a real firemen so now he/she/it feels the need to bash hard working men and women. I live in Norwalk and I appreciate all of the public safety.




@Yawwn ..."I'm kinda surprised the county even hired her considering I hear that she"
You base your comment on hearsay?
Quite interesting.


Only is interesting to you




@Blaze........ummmmmmmm and we could say that by you getting on here and commenting like you just did about the above, we can say that you are sticking your nose in our business, yes? ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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Everyone is entitled to their OWN opinion. So you state yours how you feel about the situation BUT don't go judging someone else when their opinion isn't what you would say or feel. State yours & go about your business. That's easy now isn't it?


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Mine is...and furthermore... This comment section. Is it not available to voice your opinion?, regardless of who does or who doesn't agree? IMO, telling someone to "shut their mouth", only says to me that the mouth may have some clout behind the statement. I know that when I am wrong about a statement, I sometimes shut off to a possible better view...but I may be wrong.


...and thank you sir (Blaze) for serving the community, where ever that may be.




So...attempt to beat a woman to death while pumping gas is a "misdemeanor" yet a few clicks on a keyboard is a "felony"!?!?!? Interesting?? Talk about screwed up priorities! I would want to check who's carrying so as to call them when in trouble because the police sure won't make it in time.


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